3 Best Drop Down Door Microwaves

When it comes to convenience and ease of use when cooking your food, then you might have already been looking at using a drop-down door microwave.

The first thing that you need to know about the drop-down door microwave is that they are very easy to clean.

You can simply wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge.

This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the inside of the oven as well.

Drop-Down Door Microwaves come in many different sizes.

They also come in different shapes and designs.

If you want something simple and sleek, then you should consider going for one that comes with a decent handle, and plenty of heating options and blends in with your kitchen decor.


SAMSUNG 1.2 Cu Ft PowerGrill Duo Countertop Microwave Oven w/ Power Convection, Ceramic Enamel Interior, Built-In Capability, 900 Watt, MC12J8035CT/AA, Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, Black

This first drop-down microwave is one that is completely sleek and comes with plenty of smart features that will allow you to control the temperature of your food.

This is great if you are looking for a decent cooking system.

Another feature that this drop-down microwave has is its ability to keep track of how much time you have left on each setting.

It does this by counting down the minutes until the next cycle begins.

This makes it easier for you to see exactly what time you have left.

Another good thing about this drop-down microwave is that it has an auto shut-off feature.

This ensures that you won’t be wasting any energy by leaving the oven on all day long.

This microwave has plenty of room on the inside.

You can cook a small chicken or warm up a cup of coffee, the choice is yours.

This comes with a slim-fry option that will allow you to cook healthy options for your food.

You can easily warm up your favorite dishes with this microwave.

If you are looking for fast and efficient cooking, then this microwave is the best one to have.

It also will fit in with most kitchen backgrounds, especially smaller apartment kitchens.


  • Versatile - with its range of heating options, you can be sure that you'll have the ability to cook any number of dishes including fish, casseroles and vegetables.
  • Easy to Clean - The oven is easy to clean because it's made from stainless steel which doesn't rust. You can remove all the crumbs from the basin of this microwave.
  • Auto shut-off features - This microwave has an automatic shut-off feature so you don't waste electricity. This is a great safety feature if you have children around too.
  • Discreet installation - you can put this one in the drawer and be sure to have plenty of


  • Not suitable for large families - If you're planning to cook for more than four people, then this microwave may not be ideal for you.


This next microwave is extremely futuristic-looking and certainly one for anyone who values appearances over functionality.

This looks like a cooker oven that has come from the future.

It works just fine though, even though it isn't the latest model.

It has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and will heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It also has a timer function that allows you to set the exact amount of time that you need to cook your food.

The oven itself has a wide opening that will accommodate larger items such as roasts and turkeys.

It also has a nonstick surface that will make cleaning a breeze.

This comes with 12 preprogrammed cooking settings that will ensure that you have the perfect meal every single time.

These include things like pizza, lasagna, pasta, bread, cookies, cakes and muffins.

You can use the oven to bake and broil at the same time.

This means that you can create delicious meals without having to switch between two appliances.

You can also choose to use the convection option when cooking.

This will help you get perfectly cooked foods without burning them.

This microwave is very versatile and can handle almost anything that you want to cook.

It will work well in both commercial and residential kitchens.


  • Convection - This microwave lets you cook using convection mode. This will ensure that you get perfectly cooked food every single time.
  • Timer - Set the timer for how much time you want to cook your food. This way you can avoid overcooking or undercooking.
  • Nonstick Surface - This microwave has a nonstick surface which makes cleaning a breeze. This will also make it extremely easy to clean.
  • Easy to use - this comes with a dialing program that will not be too daunting to use, even if you are new to the art of cooking in a microwave.


  • Noisy - While this microwave does come with a built-in fan, it still produces quite a bit of noise. This could become annoying if you live in a small apartment where everyone else might be sleeping.
  • Not suitable for a large family - This one won't be able to handle cooking for more than 4 people.


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If you're looking for a drop down door microwave that's going to look good on your countertop but doesn't compromise on quality, then this is the right choice for you.

This microwave is made from stainless steel and has a sleek design.

It has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet and will heat to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also features an automatic defrost feature so that you don't have to worry about wasting any energy by constantly running the defrost cycle.

This microwave comes with a sliding door function that you can install as a drawer in your kitchen.

This will save you a lot of space and be a really neat little feature.

This is a very easy unit to keep clean.

You only need to wipe off the outside once a week and the inside will stay spotless all year round.

There are many different cooking options available on this microwave.

You can choose between baking, grilling, sautéing, steaming, poaching, reheating, warming, etc.

The controls are very simple to operate.

All you have to do is turn the knob clockwise to increase the temperature and anticlockwise to decrease it.


  • Stylish Design - The Cubic Smart wall oven microwave looks great and blends seamlessly into most modern kitchens.
  • Automatic Defrost Function - No longer waste energy by running the defrost cycle over and over again.
  • Large Capacity - Comes with 1.7 cubic feet of space that will allow you to cook larger meals. This is perfect if you are looking to prepare food for a large group of people.
  • Easy Cleanup - This microwave is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. You can easily wipe away the insides, which is great if you are looking for something that can be wiped away very quickly.


  • Not Suitable for Large Family - This model cannot accommodate more than four people.


This next microwave comes with plenty of presets that will be perfect for cooking up a whole range of meals, and of course a swing door door.

If you are looking for a wide range of foods, then this is the one for you.

You can choose from a variety of preset functions such as bake, broil, grill, reheat, warm and defrost.

This microwave has a capacity of 10 quarts and will reach temperatures of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a versatile appliance that will fit perfectly into any home.

It has a sleek design and comes with a glass panel that makes cleaning much easier.

This is a fairly easy unit to keep clean because there isn't much to get dirty.

You just need to wipe away the exterior and wash the interior once a month or whenever needed.

It is not recommended to use this microwave for anything other than cooking.

It is not designed to be used as a regular oven.


  • Wide Range of Presets - There are numerous preset settings that allow you to cook a huge amount of food at once.
  • Glass Panel - The glass panel allows you to see what you are doing while cooking. This is especially useful when preparing things like lasagna.
  • This comes with a smart defrost function - No more wasted energy by constantly running the program. This will help you thaw out your frozen foods in no time at all.


  • No Oven Option - This is not meant to be used as a normal oven. It is not suitable for baking and should only be used for cooking purposes.


This next microwave really is top-of-the-range, coming with plenty of presets and design features that you can use to cook large amounts of food very quickly.

This can be built into your drawer or kitchen counter, which will definitely help you to save on space, which is very useful if you are cooking in a small apartment kitchen.

This comes with some amazing settings that include a preheat and defrost function.

This will help you thaw out your food quickly, which is great for an impromptu party.

The Samsung Electronics Microwave Trimming Kit also includes a timer option that will let you set how long it takes to heat up your food.

Another feature that is included in the auto shut-off function, which will automatically turn itself off after 30 minutes of non-use.

This is a good choice if you want a microwave that can do a lot without taking up too much room.


  • Easy To Use - This is a simple device that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. All you have to do is wipe away the exterior and clean the inside once a month.
  • Smart Defrost Function - This will help you thaw out your frozen food quickly.
  • Timer Option - Set the time it takes to heat up before you start cooking.
  • Auto Shut Off Function - Turn the microwave off after 30 minutes of being unused.


  • Not Suitable For Baking - This is not meant for baking. It is designed for cooking purposes only.


Next up, we have a microwave that comes with plenty of features, offering the performance of an oven in a compact microwave unit.

This is perfect if you want that top level of microwaving.

Not only is this unit compact, but it is also incredible in terms of performance.

This comes with a stainless steel handle, which will really help you to pull down the microwave when it gets hot.

This will also make it a very durable handle that will not break when you are using it.

It also has a transparent glass panel that lets you see exactly what you are cooking.

This makes it easy to check whether your food is cooked properly.

You can also adjust the temperature easily by pressing the buttons.

This will allow you to control the amount of power and heat that goes into your food.

It also comes with 20 cooking presets that will allow you to warm up a plethora of meals.

This model also comes with a removable tray, so you can store any leftovers in there.

This comes with a large turntable, which is perfect if you want to cook a lot of food for your whole family.

Browning will give you a crispy crust while reheating will keep your food warm until you are ready to eat it.

This is a fantastic appliance that offers all the features that you need from a microwave.


  • Compact Design - This is ideal for those who don't have a lot of space in their kitchen.
  • Inverter technology - this comes with a special heater that allows you to boost defrost your food. This is great if you are trying to warm up frozen foods in a hurry.
  • Removable Tray - Store any leftover food in here.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - Adjust the amount of power and temperature that goes into your food as needed.


  • Does Not Have A Convection Setting - This does not come with a convection setting. If you like to cook with steam or air, then this might be something that you would prefer.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to getting the right drop-down door microwave for you, there will be a few features that you'll want to be looking out for.

First, you should look at how many people use the microwave regularly.

If you plan on having family members over frequently, then you may want to consider buying one that has more than one user.

Here are a few other things you'll want to look for:

How Much Capacity Does It Have?

If you're planning on doing a lot of cooking, then you'll want to get a larger capacity unit.

Most units offer around 2.5 cubic feet of storage space.

What Features Do They Offer?

Look at what features they offer.

Some models will have a variety of settings, such as browning and reheating.

Others will just have a basic set of options.

Look At The Price!

The price will always play a big role in deciding which model you buy.

There are some great deals out there, so do your research before making a purchase.

You might be spending money on features that you don't exactly need.

You'll be needing to think about the amount of cooking that you're doing and whether or not you need the full range of features.

How Durable Is it?

Durability is another important factor.

Look at the materials used to build the unit.

Are they made of metal or plastic?

If you're going to be using this often, then you'll want something that is built well.

There are plenty of microwaves available today, but if you're looking for a good deal and quality, then you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's description.

Does It Have A Timer?

A timer is an essential feature when it comes to cooking.

You won't want to be waiting around for hours for your food to finish cooking. 

With a timer, you can set the time and let the machine take care of the rest.

Most models will have a timer that allows you to set the time, select the type of cooking you'd like to do, and adjust the power level.

Is It Easy To Clean?

Cleaning is another thing that you'll want to look at when purchasing a microwave.

Many models will allow you to clean them easily.

If you find yourself cleaning it too much, then you may want something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Drop-Down Microwave And A Microwave?

A drop-down microwave is one that is often installed into the wall and pulls out much like a drawer.

These are usually found at chest or waist height, unlike a regular microwave, which is mounted higher.

How Much Should I Spend On A Drop-Down Microwave?

Buying a drop-down microwave oven is a major investment.

We would recommend that you spend at least $500 for a decent microwave, as anything lower than that price, then you will suffer when it comes to quality.

How Does A Drop-Down Microwave Compare With An Oven?

Drop-down microwave ovens are very similar to traditional ovens.

Both cook food by heating up water molecules inside the food.

However, drop-down microwave ovens tend to heat food faster than traditional ovens.

This means that you'll get better results.

So, What’s The Best Drop Down Door Microwave?

Overall, we would say that the Panasonic is the best drop-down microwave if a larger capacity is what you are looking for, and, the Samsung Electronics MA-TK3080CT Microwave Trim Kit really stands out for having the most features.

However, when considering size, features, use, quality, and brand the overall top pick for me is the Samsung MC12J8035CT Convection Microwave because...

  • it's advanced timer system (you can time multiple dishes at once).
  • it's auto shut off which saves over cooking and wasting energy.
  • the large size means you can cook everything inside you'll need to.
  • it has a slim fry option for healthier cooking.
  • it's stainless steel build makes it easy to clean.

So, for sure if you want an overall all round drop down door microwave with high quality, good price, and all the features then this is your best choice...

Samsung MC12J8035CT Convection Microwave

SAMSUNG 1.2 Cu Ft PowerGrill Duo Countertop Microwave Oven w/ Power Convection, Ceramic Enamel Interior, Built-In Capability, 900 Watt, MC12J8035CT/AA, Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, Black
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