3 Best Broiler Pans Revealed (20hrs of Research)

Best broiler pan

Are you tired of your favorite dishes turning out greasy and are looking for a less fatty method of cooking that won’t leave you feeling bloated?

Then a broiler pan is a perfect addition to your kitchen and a must-have for anyone looking to make a healthy change as it allows you to cook your food without fat or oil being used, lock in more nutrients, and eliminates the need for unhealthy cooking styles like frying.

Which should make your final product healthier and with more of the foods original nutrients still in tact in your final dish according to a PudMed.gov study.

With copious broiler pans on the market, how can you find out which is the best one for your kitchen?

Based on that research the conclusion is that these are the top 3 choices...


The General Electric OEM Broiler Pan for Range/Stove/Oven is manufactured with premium materials for durability and exact fit. 

The deep bottom pan safely catches the fat, resulting in healthier meals for you and the whole family! 

The non-stick finish means that you don’t have to grease your food with fatty butter or oil and is also ideal to clean. 


  • Easy to maintain! This pan is easily cleaned and built to stand the test of time for your broiling needs.

  • This GE broiler pan includes the grill and bottom pan to ensure that all the fat and grease is caught for a healthier meal and to aid the cleaning process. 

  • This General Electric broiler pan is non-stick for your convenience.


  • Pan may be smaller than you were expecting so check the sizes carefully before ordering.


Whirlpool 4396923 Genuine OEM Premium Boiler Pan and Roasting Rack For Ovens – Replaces many parts, including 1156577, 3401F012-23, 3413F006-13, 4378383P, 84378383, AH971245

The Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan is designed to drain juices away from food and help prevent splatter and smoke during broiling. 

This broiler pan holds food above the grid to allow air to circulate completely around all surfaces during the cooking cycle.

Multifunctional! This set includes a black porcelain roasting rack, a metal grid, and a black porcelain broiler pan.


  • No tools required for installation with this broiler pan!

  • This pan includes specified ridges and splatter protection that will keep your oven clean. No need to worry about causing a mess in your oven! 

  • Created with over 100 years of history in American appliance manufacturing. 


  • Complaints of warping have been noted with this pan.


This Granite Ware Roaster and Broiler set is made of carbon steel construction for strength and durability.

Porcelain is fused to the steel at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit producing a non-porous, inert glass surface that is naturally non-stick.

This set includes a roasting and broiler pan, providing excellent heat distribution for a more even cook! 


  • Easy to clean. This set is dishwasher safe for your convenience! 

  • The porcelain surface is naturally nonstick and contains no harmful chemicals. 

  • This broiler pan is safer and much more environmentally friendly than disposable foil pans. Choose reusable over disposable for a more sustainable lifestyle. 


  • May chip after significant use but most pans do.


No products found.

Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan is made from high-quality porcelain on a steel grill base that is built for durability. 

Multifunctional! The Range Kleen BP106X is suitable for use in an oven or on an outdoor grill and is perfect for fish, meats, and vegetables.

This USA made set is safe for use for up to 1025 degrees Fahrenheit and has OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality.


  • Use this broiler pan on the go!  Perfect for camping, boats, select toaster ovens, and outdoor grills too.

  • The grate of the grill allows fat drippings to drain away from meats and fish.

  • Great for cooking, broiling, and baking! The options are endless. 


  • May not be suitable for all dishwashers.


No products found.

The Wilton Non-stick Broiler Pan Set is made of steel for durability with a scratch-resistant,  non-stick coating for easy release and quick cleanup.

This two-part broiler pan set comes with a removable slotted broiler sheet that sits on top of the lower pan.

It's designed to drain fat and grease from your favorite meat and fish dishes.

The broiler sheet has high, easy-grip handles for your safety and to help lift away finished dishes.


  • Easy to clean and maintain properly! All pans are dishwasher safe, but the best results come from hand washing in warm soapy water.

  • This pan set comes with a 5-year warranty! 

  • Non-stick for your convenience. No need to cook with copious amounts of oil or butter that make your food more greasy and fatty. 


  • May be harder to clean and maintain than you'd anticipate. 

Best Broiler Pan Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider when buying a broiler pan, but it mainly comes down to the material and durability of the pan itself.

You’ll want a broiler pan that is easy to clean and maintain to ensure that you can keep it in the best condition possible to ensure that it stands the test of time.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be tempted into buying lower quality cookware, let alone a lower quality broiler pan.

Cheaper quality materials can lead to problems, such as chipping and warping, and you’ll soon regret not investing in a better quality pan. 

Save your money in the long run by making sure that you’re happy with the material and quality of the broiler pan that you buy! 

Check out the features below before buying your new broiler pan.   


Something important to think about when purchasing a broiler pan is the material that it is made out of. A few common materials used for broiler pans are listed below.

Although all of these materials can handle the task of broiling well, they are made with specific properties that suit particular recipes or foods the best.

The material can affect the heat distribution of a pan, as well as the weight, and longevity of the product.

Steel, for example, tends to be a better conductor of heat but is typically harder to clean than porcelain.

Therefore, you should always consider what you intend to be cooking with the broiler pan and make sure that the material of the pan is suitable for that purpose.

It is likely that you’ll pick a material that you have experience with, and that you know you can maintain well.

However, it is important to do your own research when it comes to choosing the best material for your broiler pan as it is largely down to personal preference and what is likely to be the most durable choice.  


Something to take into account when buying a new kitchen pan is the durability of a product, as it is likely that you are buying a broiler pan in the hopes that it will become a kitchen essential that you use regularly if not on a daily basis. 

A good indication of whether a product is durable or not is to check the product reviews.

If a customer feels dissatisfied with the product or customer service they experienced, then they are likely to write that experience in the product reviews section. 

Therefore, you should always check the product review section before buying a product to make sure that you cover all bases by doing your own research. 


A large factor to consider is the maintenance of your broiler pan. Depending on the manufacturer and pan that you choose, you will need to make sure that you choose a broiler pan that is easy to maintain.

Whether you prefer to wash your dishes in the sink or the dishwasher, you should check the product details to find out whether the broiler pan is dishwasher safe or fine to be fully submerged in water. 

You’ll want to clean the broiler pan after every use to ensure that you maintain it properly for years to come and also so it is clean and ready to use the next time you want to broil a dish.

If you don’t want to waste time scrubbing your broiler pan at the sink, investing in a broiler pan that’s dishwasher safe might be more suitable for you.

You could have the best pan in the world but that will only last as long as you take the time and make the effort to maintain and clean it thoroughly every time you use it. 

Even when you can do without dishwasher safe cookware, your safest bet is to read some user reviews before buying your piece to ensure you get one that’s easy to clean and maintain.

A broiler pan is designed to make your life easier to achieve healthier meals, so make sure that you choose one that suits you and your lifestyle well, not one that makes it more difficult!


Something to think about when buying any kitchen pan is the size of it (see the best size for lasagna pans here).

Ask yourself, how many people are you likely to be cooking for when using this pan, and is it going to be big enough to feed the whole family?

Once you’ve gauged the number of people you can go from there. 

It is also important to mention that before you buy a pan, you should make sure of the dimensions that would fit into your oven.

To avoid disappointment, it would be ideal to measure your oven’s dimensions first, and then buy a pan whose size would comfortably fit into it.

Make sure that you read the product description carefully, and if in doubt of the broiler pan’s dimensions you should check the manufacturer’s website for them.

Multifunctionality & features 

Although this is a less essential factor, when it comes to looking for a broiler pan, you should weigh up how multifunctional it is as an addition to your kitchen.

For instance, lots of broiler pans come in a set with two or three additions that can be used for a variety of purposes such as baking, cooking, and of course, broiling. 

Buying items that are multifunctional for your kitchen allows you to save money and get the most out of your investment.

A multifunctional product is often better value for money and also saves space when it comes to overcrowded cupboards, too.

Many broiler pans feature unique splatter guards and other protection mechanisms that make the pan easier to clean and maintain.

As we’ve mentioned, many people prefer and like pans that are multifunctional. Make sure that the pan you’re researching contains specific features to aid the cleanup process and that you’re happy before you click ‘buy’.

Intended use 

The intended use and type of food that you intend to cook is another important factor to consider when purchasing the best broiler pan for you.

If you think that you’ll mostly be using your broiler pan to cook meat the majority of the time, we recommend that you buy a broiler pan that comes with a grill-style rack or has a grate with wide slits.

This is because open, wider slits allow the drippings of fattier proteins, such as meat, to pass through them easily, which is the main reason that makes broiling a healthier cooking method! 

Nonstick finish

Something to consider is whether you want a broiler pan with a non-stick finish.

Nonstick pans can allow for cooking with less butter or oil and can be much less time consuming to maintain and clean as the finish means food is less likely to stick to it.

However, nonstick broiler pans in general can be quite controversial. Although some people swear by nonstick, others prefer to steer clear.

Whichever side of the debate you sit on when it comes to nonstick, these types of pans can be known for flaking after significant use.

That being said, you can get your hands on a high-quality nonstick broiler pan if that’s the finish you desire, so take this into account when making your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best broiler pan?

The best broiler pan is likely to change between individuals as well as depending on how many people you cook for usually.

If you have a larger family, for instance, you might find a larger broiler pan to be a better option than someone just cooking for themselves.

However, the main point is that you’ll want a durable pan that can stand the test of time. 

You’ll also want a pan that is easy and convenient for you to clean regularly, ensuring that you maintain it and it is ready to use the next time you plan to cook with it.

If a pan is a hassle to clean, you might find yourself reaching for it less, and thus, it decreases in value for money. 

Do you leave the oven door open when you broil a dish?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of oven that you have in your kitchen.

A general rule of thumb is that you leave the oven door open when broiling in an electric oven, but closed to broil in a gas oven.

This is because a gas oven broils at a higher temperature, which can cause more smoke. If you leave the oven door open when you’re broiling a dish, the smoke can end up in your kitchen.

By closing it you allow the smoke to escape through the vent instead of out into your kitchen.

An electric oven, however, needs the cooler air in the kitchen to keep it from shutting down when it gets too hot. I

f you close the door when broiling in an electric oven, the temperature will cycle. This will increase the risk of an uneven cooking process, meaning that you could be left with food that’s half done and burning simultaneously. No one wants that! 

How do you clean a broiler pan?

This is subject to change depending on the specific pan you bought and the material that it is made out of. 

You should always clean a broiler pan in accordance with the cleaning instructions that the manufacturer recommends.

Generally speaking, warm soapy water will be sufficient to clean and maintain your broiler pan nicely.

How you clean your broiler pan will also differ depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. If your broiler pan is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer is likely to tell you that it is.

So don’t put it in the dishwasher unless you absolutely know that it is safe to do so.

If in doubt, always check the product description of a product or the manufacturer’s website to find out.