Are Dehydrators Keto Friendly

Thinking about using dehydration as a technique to help you preserve keto-friendly foods? Wondering if a dehydrator is a keto-friendly appliance? I’ve got good news!

A Dehydrator could be a great addition to your kitchen to help you stay on your keto diet. It can give you even more control over what you are eating and allows you to be more creative within the confines of the keto-approved ingredients.

Drying or dehydrating food preserves more of the nutrients in the food compared to high-heat cooking and so it could help maintain a high intake of micronutrients in your diet.

Also removing the water content and drying out vegetables and fruits that are low-starch and low-carb lets you add new textures to your diet without having to compromise your ketosis. 

Dehydrators are perfect for making your own keto versions of crisps, snacks, crackers, jerky and powders that often have added sugar or flour in the pre-made versions available in the supermarket.

You can make large batches of your favourite snacks or make powders to add to smoothies or soups. Dehydrated goods have a long shelf life and so you can have snacks and ingredients ready to go whenever you are in need of something to eat.  

Best Keto-Friendly Dehydrator Recipes

Below are some of my favourite keto-friendly recipes that require a dehydrator or dehydration techniques.

This demonstrates the ability of electric dehydrator as well as the possibilities when it comes to dehydrated foods and the keto diet.

Keto Cucumber Chips

Who would’ve thought you could make cucumber crispy?

Dehydrated cucumber can be a spicy or sweet dried treat packed full of flavour it’s the perfect keto-friendly snack over other more conventional vegetable crisps.

Courgette / Zucchini Crispy Chips

Similar to the cucumber chips, courgette/zucchini chips are a great keto-approved snack and making them at home means you can avoid any preservatives or additives they may add to premade versions.

Why not use this method to also crisp up and give a new texture to your courgette noodles?!

Beef Jerky

Most beef jerky in supermarkets have added sugar or seasoned with other high-carb flavours.

Making your beef jerky at home with a dehydrator means it can be a completely zero-carb snack. This method could also work if you want to make other types of meat jerky.

Dehydrated Cauliflower Popcorn

Avoid the grain on your next movie night and make this cauliflower popcorn instead. Cauliflower is a great carrier of flavour and has a great texture once dehydrated.

Keto Fruit Roll-Ups

Make your own sugar free, low-carb fruit leather that will satisfy that urge for something sweet while allowing you to be in control of the portion size and ingredients. 

Seed Crackers

Having homemade keto crackers in the cupboard can make a quick meal or a satisfying snack when topped with avocado or cheese. 

Dehydrated Bone Broth

If you are making a large batch of bone broth, instead of storing it in large containers and taking up space in your freezer, why not try dehydrating it to powder?

It then acts as a homemade bone broth stock powder that can be added to any stock or soup with full comfort that you know exactly what has gone into making it.