How To Fix An Air Fryer That Is Not Heating Up

It’s no secret that an air fryer is an incredible kitchen appliance that allows for versatility and healthy meal options. However, like all kitchen appliances an air fryer can become damaged, most notably you may find that the air fryer isn’t heating up as expected.

If you find that your air fryer isn’t heating up there’s a couple of things you can do to try and get it working again, this includes; ensuring the air fryer is plugged in, ensuring the lid is closed and locked, ensuring the food inside the basket isn’t stacked etc.

In this post, I’ll be explaining in detail the troubleshooting methods you can implement if your air fryer isn’t heating up and what to do if you don’t manage to resolve the problem when following this guide.

Is the Air Fryer Plugged in Properly?

Before trying anything else, you will want to pause for a brief moment and step back. When any electric kitchen appliance is not functioning as it normally does, the first thing to double-check is its power cord. It might sound elementary, but it could save you a lot of stress. 

You should make sure the cord is fully plugged in on both ends: in the air fryer and in the power outlet. Some air fryers come with a detachable cord, so this step should not be overlooked. As well, you will want to check your power outlet carefully, maybe even testing it with another appliance. 

There is also the possibility of an electrical overload if too many gadgets were plugged in and functioning at the same time. If so, you should unplug everything from the power outlet before resetting the breaker in its appropriate position.

If the outlet is operational and the cord is plugged in well, a damaged wire could be the issue. If your air fryer cord has burned by accident, even slightly, it might render the whole appliance unsafe and faulty. 

Is the Power Off?

Another quick time-saving solution to consider is bringing your attention to the air fryer’s power button. Some are more hidden than others, for example under the machine, and you potentially forgot to even turn your appliance on. 

If you are unclear on your air fryer’s features, you can consult your instruction manual. It will detail how to correctly turn your specific product’s power on and off.

Some devices only require to be plugged in to turn on, while others have more complicated controls to get familiar with from the start. 

Is the Lid Closed?

A situation where your user manual will also be beneficial is when comes the time to put the lid on your air fryer or to secure the frying basket in your machine. Each one has its own specificities and you need to get to know them.

Some air fryers have been designed with extra safety features. You might have to lock the lid in a precise way before the fryer can start heating up. It is also possible that you will have to click the basket in position carefully to ensure that the cooking cycle begins.

Cooks sometimes get upset at how complicated their new appliances are, but we have to remember that air fryers have been developed partly to provide a safer option to deep fryers. People normally adapt quickly, though, learning how to lock and start their beloved air fryer without skipping a beat.  

Is There too Much Food in the Basket?

We all love to cook the most food we can at the same time, whether in a pan on the stovetop, in the oven or in an air fryer. After all, who likes to repeat the same task over and over? The results of trying to cook too much at the same time are usually less than satisfying and, in addition, they cause issues to your air fryer. 

By packing your basket with food, you prevent the proper functioning of the appliance. In fact, the air circulation necessary to the air-frying process is restricted by the device’s contents. To heat up the air fryer to the desired temperature, excellent airflow is required.

When you use an air fryer, it is recommended to cook your food in a single, uniform layer to get the best, equally crunchy results. Filling the fryer more than that can cause it to heat up inconsistently or, even, not at all. If this seems to be the case for you, you should take out the frying basket and remove some food before trying again.

Unfortunately, if you have overpacked the basket on a regular basis, you might have provoked irreparable damage to your appliance.

Are the Settings Adequate?

Have you tried everything suggested and your air fryer is still not working? The settings could be to blame here. Some cooks have reported that choosing a device’s lowest temperatures can, on occasion, cause confusion.

Indeed, the temperature you have set might be so low that your appliance appears not to be heating up at all. If you think that might be the reason behind your air fryer’s lack of heat, you can stop your machine and try cooking your food at a higher temperature.

In summer, it can be particularly hard to tell if your air fryer is getting hot; it could be the issue you are experiencing.

In terms of settings, as well, it is essential to verify that you are using the right unit of measurement, i.e. Celsius or Fahrenheit. This will have a major impact on your ability to feel the food getting warmer.

For example, 200 Celsius equals 392 Fahrenheit, while 200 Fahrenheit is only 93 Celsius. It is always a good idea to double-check your recipe before blaming your air fryer for not being hot enough.

Is the Heating Element Damaged?

Let us hypothesize that you have read through all the tips described and that, still, your fries remain frozen in the frying basket. While there is no need to panic just yet, it is fair to say that the situation has gotten rather serious.

Unfortunately, a key component of your air fryer, the heating element, might be damaged or broken. The best way to deal with that issue is to call the company manufacturing your appliance. By talking with a customer service agent, you will most probably be able to confirm the condition of your air fryer and its heating element.

You might hang up with a solution, especially if your appliance is still under warranty. To prevent this situation from ever happening, however, you should always refer yourself to your air fryer’s instructions to know exactly how to cook with and clean your device. Taking good care of all its parts helps keep it operational way longer.

Specific Air Fryer Problems

There are two popular air fryers currently on the market which have heating problems.

Both of these issues have been well documented as well as the different troubleshooting methods specific to these models which may help you further if your struggling to get your air fryer to heat up when following the methods above.

My Ninja Air Fryer Won’t Heat Up

Some air fryer models, such as the Ninja’s, need to preheat before you can cook your food in them. The company explains that, prior to putting your ingredients in the fryer, you should wait for your unit to reach the desired temperature through its preheating stage.

This step can take a few minutes, so you have to be patient. After three to five minutes, most appliances will signal that they have attained the correct temperature, usually by beeping. For Ninja air fryers, the food should be added only then, rather than at the very moment you turn the machine on.

My Philips Air Fryer Won’t Heat Up

Air fryers like Philips’ models also have their particularities. If you do not select a cooking cycle and your chosen length, your air fryer might refuse to do its job. Again, for safety reasons, there are units that require you to pick a cooking time before starting to heat up.

While there may exist air fryers that allow for the heating to begin without a determined length, some simply will not. This might be the case for yours and you should definitely go through your manual before waiting in line for the customer service to answer the phone.

What To Do If Your Air Fryer Still Wont Heat Up?

If you’ve followed the troubleshooting methods above and still find that your air fryer wont heat up it’s likely a fault which needs looking at by the manufacturer.

At this stage you’ll want to check two things;

  • Is your air fryer still in warranty.
  • Are there any product recalls for your air fryer.

If your air fryer is still in warranty then you’ll want to contact the store you purchased the product from as well as the manufacturer and ask about getting a replacement.

If your air fryer is out of warranty you could contact the manufacturer and explain the problem, however, it’s likely they’ll charge you to repair the appliance. In this case, the cost of the repairs is likely to be higher than purchasing a new air fry entirely.

If there is a product recall for your air fryer you should be able to return it for a replacement or a refund.

This recall may or may not be related to the heating element, however, the focus of this recall is on safety as it’s likely this air fryer has been reported to have a problem which has affected multiple people who own this appliance.

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