Are Chipotle Bowls Microwave Safe?

If you live in the USA and order fast food, certainly you have eaten out of a chipotle bowl. 

And maybe you ordered some guacamole, fried rice and grilled vegies in your chipotle bowl and decided it was too much for one sitting and will keep it for later and then re-heat it in the microwave.

But is this microwaveable safe?

Well, they are made of plant fiber and restaurants opt to use them as they are disposable yet hold the food inside well and retain heat.

Although it is made of plant fiber, this paper bowl is not good for use in the microwave. 

A discovery was made that bowls similar to the ones used by Chipotle contain polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that potentially links to a series of harmful health outcomes and it means that this packaging material is not compostable and environment friendly.

So no, a chipotle (barbacoa vs carnitas) bowl is probably not 100% microwavable safe.

And here's why else you shouldn't put these bowls in the microwave...

The Materials of A Chipotle Bowl

Chipotle bowls are coated with wax and plastic lining that can easily melt when heated.

Avoid leaving the bowls out at room temperature for long.

Try to transfer your leftover to a ceramic bowl though inconvenient to avoid cross contamination. Have your health concerns first.

How To Reheat Chipotle Food Safely

Transfer your food to a glass or ceramic platter to reheat any leftovers and then microwave it.

Make sure the container is marked as "microwave safe" and does not contain metal lids, glue, or other materials which can leak toxins into your food.

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FAQS About Microwaving Chipotle Bowls

Q: Are chipotle bowls microwave safe?

A: Chipotle bowls are to be used for fresh foods only. If you have to heat leftovers then transfer your food to a ceramic dish. Though, if you lack the ceramic option then separate fatty foods or toppings.

Q: Is it dangerous to put a chipotle bowl in the microwave?

A: Chipotle bowls have aluminum lids, ensure they are removed. Metals should not be used in microwaves. For this reason and the others mentioned in the article you should not microwave Chipotle bowls.

Q: Is microwaving a chipotle bowl bad?

A: Yes, it can be potentially dangerous due to the aluminum lids that don't react well with the microwave and the materials may contain toxins.

Q: Is microwaving a chipotle bowl toxic?

A: Chipotle bowls are made of plant fibers with PFAs that are harmful to human health when microwaved. 

Q: What happens if I microwave a chipotle bowl?

A: Chipotle bowls are made of wax and plastic linings that when heated leech chemicals to food.

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