Air Fryer Making A Rattling Noise – Here’s Why & How To Fix It

Without any doubt, the popularity of Air Fryers has increased compared to previous years. It is gradually becoming an appliance that adorns millions of kitchens across the world. Its ability to crisp food without oil, heat up, and cook a wide variety of foods has made it a choice of many.

However, amid the positives, there is a constant complaint from those who use Air Fryers – the noise.

Air fryers can make a rattling noise when in use due to debris within the base, having a part or component loose, or it may simply be the air fryer mechanism working. This can be prevented by thorough cleaning, making sure nothing is loose before using it and placing your air fryer in an open area.

In this article, everything you need to know about the rattling noise of Air Fryers will be explained. So read on, and feast on the information you’ve been craving for.

What Should I Do If My Air Fryer Makes A Rattling Noise?

Air fryers making a rattling noise is a fairly common thing, however, you should look and investigate it carefully.

Before going to what you should do when your air fryer is making a rattling noise, it is important to note that Air fryer making noise while in use is not an unusual thing and should not scare you. Why?

This is because of the mechanism of operation of air fryers. Air fryers come with a fan that is used to push small items around the cooking compartment easily and aside from that it produces a sound as it spins to circulate hot air. Sometimes this noise can be up to around 60-65 Decibel.

Now that we are clear on that, let’s move on to what you should do when your air fryer sounds weird.

If your air fryer is faulty and makes a noise that is way above 65 decibels, that is disturbing and a sign that something is wrong somewhere.

How Much Noise Do Fully Functioning Air Fryers Make?

The noise level of air fryers can vary depending on the specific model and brand. However, most sources agree that the average noise level of an air fryer falls between 55-65 decibels.

For context, 60 decibels is comparable to normal conversation noise. A quiet office environment is around 40-45 decibels. A dishwasher operating is around 50-55 decibels.

According to tests done by Consumer Reports, the noise levels of various air fryers ranged from 40 decibels (very quiet) up to 60 dBA.[source:]

Some individual user reviews and brand specifications have measured air fryers in the 65-70 decibel range under heavy use or when cooking large batches of food. However, most models seem to average around 60 decibels or less during normal operation.

Quieter air fryer models tend to be those from premium brands like Cuisinart and Breville, which have noise levels in the 55-60 decibel range. Larger, higher powered air fryers may be a bit louder in the 60-65 decibel range.

So in summary, most air fryers produce noise comparable to normal conversation at around 55-65 decibels. The average is likely 60 decibels or less. Quieter options are available from premium brands for those seeking minimal noise. But generally, air fryers are considered quite quiet small kitchen appliances.

Here is a detailed table of reasons why an air fryer may make a rattling noise and potential fixes:

Reason for NoiseFix
Loose or misaligned parts inside the basket or base of the air fryer. Parts may have shifted during shipping or cleaning. CatchyFindsGourmiaCheck that all parts are securely in place and nothing is loose. Tighten any screws.
Debris or food stuck in the fan or heating element. KitchenSeerThoroughly clean the air fryer, especially base and fan area, to remove any debris.
Worn out or damaged fan or motor. TopFoodInfoContact manufacturer for support or replacement part if under warranty. Replace fan/motor if out of warranty.
Wire or temperature probe dislodged inside. RedditInspect inside and ensure all wires and probes are securely in place. Reattach if needed.
Loose base, bearings or roller blades. TopFoodInfoEnsure all internal components are securely fitted and tighten any screws or fasteners. Replace defective parts if needed.

So once your air fryer makes an unusual noise, two things should be done

  • Unplug it
    The first thing you should do is unplug it. After unplugging it, check the inside of your fryer to be sure nothing is moving around your fryer, as things could get stuck in the air fryer while it is operating.

If you see anything obstructing the air fryer heating element you can take it away and normally your air fryer should be functioning normally.

  • Stop Using it
    If after unplugging and searching your air fryer, you still can’t find anything hindering the heating element, then you should stop using it. This is mostly due to loose parts within the casing of your fryer.

Now at this point, your next decision is totally at your discretion, and you should bear the consequences of it. You may decide to continue using it if it does not affect your fryer’s cooking efficiency.

On the other hand, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement or repairs as the case may require.

Why Is My Air Fryer Making A Rattling Noise?

The Mechanism Of Operation

As said earlier, the way an air fryer operates is hugely responsible for the rattling noise it produces. The fan is an essential component of an air fryer as it keeps internal components cool.

An air fryer uses intense heat to cook and as such needs a fan to constantly push hot air around the cooking compartment. This powerful fan rotates at a very great speed and so generates noise along the line.

So hearing your air fryer make some noise should cause panic. However, you have to be sure the noise is coming solely from the fan because anything other than that can be a reason to worry. In this situation, it is best to get a technician to take a look at it or you contact the manufacturers.

Loose Components

Most of the time noise greater than that produced by the fan of the air fryer is a result of a loose component. Even if the tiniest component is loose it can cause a rattling noise.

You have to switch it off, clean, and inspect the interior of the fryer to tighten any loose element. In a situation no loose components can be seen, your best bet is to inform the manufacturer.

Air Fryer Model

While the first two reasons stated earlier are the primary cause of Air Fryer’s rattling noise. It is also important to note that the model of your air fryer can also determine how much noise it makes. While we have some quieter air fryers some are the complete opposite.

Although most air fryers wouldn’t make noise beyond 65 decibels, individual experiences have proven that this is not always obtainable. Some make a greater noise.

So if you have an air fryer that makes quite a loud rattling noise, try to find how much noise the model makes before taking any measure. Most manufacturers would have the info on the product description.

Aside from these three reasons, specks of dirt can also make your Air Fryer make a rattling noise. When you don’t clean your Air fryer well consistently this might let dirt accumulate. This affects the operation of your Air Fryer, forcing the Air fryer to put in more work to cook food and in the long run make more noise

Loose Debris

Another factor of rattling noises within an air fryer can be caused by loose debris with the base of the air fryer. This can happen over time from smaller components and crumbs from food building up.

This can be caused by small chips falling through the basket, crumbs from breaded items or just simply oil clogging up into clumps over time.

Once the air fryer is in action and the air starts to circulate this can cause these small parts to move around, bounce of the edges of the air fryer inside and cause a disturbing noise.

How To Stop My Air Fryer From Making A Rattling Noise

Many come up with acclaimed solutions to the rattling noise of an Air Fryer. However, these are black hat methods that might eventually be detrimental in the long run. Aside from the fact that these methods are black hats, there is no guarantee that these methods will work for every model of an air fryer.

Does that mean there is no solution to the rattling noise of an air fryer? The answer is NO.

Below are three possible solutions you can adopt to solve your air fryer’s noise issue.

Tighten Loose Part

Once your air fryer is making the annoying rattling noise, the next thing to do is to check and tight any loose parts.
You can do this yourself and if you aren’t comfortable with that you can get a technician or contact the manufacturer.

Get Another One

Yes! Just get another one.
If you feel the noise from your air fryer is unbearable and after carrying out an investigation you still can’t point out any malfunction.

Maybe it is high time you dumped that air fryer and get a quieter one. Just as we have an air fryer that makes noise more than usual we also have super quiet models. You can get one of them to stop the stress of a noisy air dryer.

Get a Technician

Sometimes the reason your air fryer might be making rattling noise might go beyond a loosed part or any other reason. It may be because your air fryer is now faulty and as such the noise is just one of the malfunctions your air fryer may be showing.

Do not attempt to repair a faulty air fryer yourself except you have in-depth knowledge of how air fryer’s work.

Clean Thoroughly After Each Use

One of the most important parts of making sure your air fryer is in good standing before and after each use make sure it has been cleaned out of loose debris, dirt and old oil.

This way you can make sure that there are no major loose parts that many cause more noise than is expected.