Air Fryer Beeping – Here’s Why & How To Fix It

Air Fryers are popular kitchen appliances and are a great way to cook things such as chicken, chips and vegetables. They like any other appliance can often crop up with errors and problems, one of which is beeping.

An air fryer will beep to warn a couple of things the most popular being the timer, the air fryer has heated up or there is an error code. Some of the common fixes are to unplug it, turn it off, check the cable and check the interior for loose components.

In this article, I am going to talk about what causes an air fryer beeping, what to do and how to fix it.

What Should I Do If My Air Fryer Starts Beeping?

Due to their being a number of reasons why your air fryer is beeping I decided to put together a list of the most common ways to stop it from beeping, or at least long enough to get a good look at it and work out what is wrong.

Here are a few important things you can do, the moment your air fryer starts beeping:

1. Unplug It

The first DIY measure we would recommend is unplugging it. 

Apparently, any digitally operated mechanical equipment has tendencies to underperform at any given time, the air fryer is not left out. Fortunately, the unplugging technique has reportedly worked out for most equipment malfunctioning. 

As soon as the air fryer starts beeping unusually, your first go-to guide should be to unplug it immediately. Unplugging it can save it from being overworked or developing a more serious problem. 

Over the years, there has been technological advancement on how air fryers are manufactured, and most have been built to be fully digital operation compared to the old limited dial air fryers.

If you own a recent air fryer, unplugging it is a good fix to start as soon as an abnormal beeping begins. 

In addition to an immediate unplugging, it is important to wait for a while so the air fryer’s system can reset itself. You can wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you try plugging it in again.

2. Stop Using It

If you have implemented the aforementioned strategy and the beeping sound continued, then stop using it. Deep cooling or heating electrical equipment can explode or develop a serious issue when overworked. To avoid further damage, simply put it aside.

However, before you stop using it, have a close look at the power cable to ensure there isn’t any damaged area, and also make sure it was initially plugged the right way. 

If this has been ruled out, then putting it aside is a good strategy of forestalling further damage, pending when you’ll have an expert look into it. 

3. Have A Look At The Fuse

Even though some air fryers come without a fuse at the plug, for those that have a fuse: sometimes a faulty fuse might cause an air fryer to start beeping.

Most air fryer plugs without screws barely have a fuse, while those with screws have obviously been dismantled for the insertion of an appropriate fuse. 

Do note that the fuse-check is just to rule out the possibility of having a bad air fryer and not for you to work on it. While it’s stored away, have a knowledgeable technician look at it for fixing. 

Why Is My Air Fryer Beeping?

Most air fryer users can relate to this unusual beeping it makes when it’s faulty or in an error mode. A few factors can be responsible for the sudden beeping of your air fryer, read below to find out why.

1. Normal System Indicator

Not all beeping is a sign of breakdown. Timing is one of the important features an air fryer works with.

For instance, your air fryer might beep two to three times every five seconds (depending on the brand), to indicate that the food is ready.

The time factor is configured based on how it was manufactured and the type of food you are preparing. 

Also, the air fryer can beep multiple times because the temperature or duration you set is not within its permissible range. A too-low temperature or too-high temperature can prompt beeping.

2. The Fan 

Most recent air fryers are built with an operational fan that is as loud as a vacuum cleaner while it is functioning. It’s the most important feature that helps to prepare food in the air fryer.

However, it can be so loud to the point of beeping due to excessive usage or functioning at a low temperature. 

Some air fryer models have a quieter functional fan while some are excessively loud and a little fan malfunction causes beeps. All in all, a normal rotating fan-sound with occasional beep is normal. 

3. Error Code

Setting a wrong program or pressing an inappropriate button can cause the air fryer to display error codes while being used.

The air fryer always beeps when they are an error code display. Some air fryers display error codes as soon as you plug them in even without pressing a button, this can cause immediate beeping even before the operation. 

Aside from beeping while displaying error codes, the air fryer beeps normally when you press a button.

For instance, before you begin cooking, there are beeping sounds that remind you to choose a cooking option for your food, even after you start it. 

4. Loose Or Stuck Internal Component

If an issue of loose or stuck internal components arises, an unusually loud sound occurs while it’s beeping.

A tightened part of your air fryer might be loose if the sound is unusual, e.g a loose fan can come with a fluttering sound and also beeping earlier than the usual expected time. 

A stuck button can cause an air fryer to beep uncontrollably. While this might not be a direct cause, it presses itself and makes the system display error codes which lead to constant beeping till it’s unplugged or made to cancel the error codes. 

5. Constant Plugged-In Mode

An air fryer can also beep while it is not in use. Some air fryers blink and beep as soon as you plug them in for usage.

The beeping occurs within an average time frame and acts as a reminder that the air fryer is on or that you are yet to choose a cooking option. 

How To Stop My Air Fryer From Beeping?

There can be a number of causes for why an air fryer is beeping and a couple of ways in which you can stop it beeping.

1. Reboot To Clear Error Codes.

Air fryer beeping is mostly caused by error codes. Most uncontrolled beeping that occurs in an air fryer requires checking out by: 

  1. Taking a look at the display screen to see the type of error it’s showing.
  2. Checking the air fryer’s manual for similar error code fixing. 
  3. Using the guide to see if you can clear it, almost all error code issues are usually solved and simplified by manufacturers in their manual. 
  4. In the absence of a manual, search online for a digital copy of your air fryer’s model and read carefully to fix error codes.
  5. If the above doesn’t work, then unplug the air fryer from the power source. 

Most times, unplugging resolves most air fryers error code related malfunctioning except if there is an internal part that is faulty. Unplug it for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then plug it back in.

Also, if an air fryer begins to beep as soon as it’s plugged in, try pressing the Cancel button, then Start again by setting a new operational program. 

2. Pay Attention To The Electrical Connection.

This should be carefully looked at. Unplug the air fryer and take a look at the plug and power cable, check if there is any loose or spoilt area in the cable and the plug.

Also, check behind the air fryer for any abnormal positioning of components (don’t do this on a hot air fryer).

Sometimes loose parts and stuck buttons are the main contributory factors of air fryer beeping. For loose parts, try tightening with an appropriate too (that’s if you are up to it). For stuck buttons, clean any debris around it, and punch mildly for it to come up again. 

Do note that fixing a beeping air fryer isn’t complex. However, if you have applied one or two aforementioned fixes and it isn’t working, consider getting a new one or taking the old one for repairs.