White vs. Silver Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances can be the source of great joy and frustration when furnishing your home. There are many decisions to consider, with color being one of the most important. White and silver are among the most popular colors of appliances that most people consider.

Silver (stainless steel) is the best choice to make for longevity when selecting the color of kitchen appliances for your home. The look is timeless, it is easier to keep clean, and they continue looking new for much longer with proper care. 

In this article, I will explain why silver is the better choice by discussing the materials it is made from, the upkeep necessary to make it look nice for longer, and how the aesthetic of kitchen appliances can add to the value of a home. Read on to learn more!

Pros and Cons of White and Silver Kitchen Appliances

White Kitchen Appliances


  • They do not show fingerprints easily.
  • They tend to be cheaper than other colors.
  • White is a neutral color.


  • They show food spills easily.
  • They can be considered dated.
  • There are many different shades of white appliances.

Silver Kitchen Appliances


  • Some food stains are less noticeable.
  • They are very easy to clean.
  • They can make your kitchen look more upscale.


  • Fingerprints show up very easily.
  • If you don’t use the right cleaning products, you can damage stainless steel.


Gone are the days when stainless steel was the only option for silver kitchen appliances. There are now significantly cheaper alternatives. And in recent years, many kitchen appliance companies have invested time and resources into improving white kitchen appliances. 

Are White Appliances Much Cheaper Than Silver?

White kitchen appliances are not dramatically cheaper than silver anymore. While silver appliances cost much more in the past, increased production and less expensive materials for silver kitchen appliances have caused them to go down in price.

Better materials, attention to design, and a recent surge of interest have made white kitchen appliances more desirable than they were in recent years. In turn, this has made them comparable price-wise to their silver counterparts.

White Appliances Are Best If You’re On A Budget However, Will They Hold Their Value?

White appliances have not retained their value in recent years, according to many real estate agents. Silver appliances will hold more value over time than white appliances.

Recent trends have changed towards having open kitchens that guests often see or spend time in when they are visiting someone’s home. This trend has led to people wanting more modern-looking kitchens, and in 2022 colorful appliances have made a resurgence. 

Nonetheless, white appliances have not regained as much popularity and are strongly discouraged by some real estate experts. Although in the past two years, white kitchen appliances are becoming more popular again.


When considering which appliance color to choose, one of the important factors is cleaning. There are several factors to consider, with dirt and fingerprints being among the most important.

Which Color Appliance Shows More Dirt?

White appliances show more dirt. Because white is such a neutral color, it tends to show dirt and food residue much more than other colors of appliances. You need to constantly clean white kitchen appliances to keep them looking bright and new.

Which Color Appliance Shows More Fingerprints?

Silver-colored appliances show fingerprints much more than other colors. Stainless steel, aluminum, and faux steel appliances all show fingerprints. If you are hoping to avoid seeing fingerprints and grease, then a white kitchen appliance is a better choice for you. 

You can add specific finishes to silver kitchen appliances to avoid seeing fingerprints. But as a general rule, most materials that make silver kitchen appliances show fingerprints much more than white kitchen appliances.

Which Color Appliance Is Easier To Keep Clean?

Silver-colored appliances are easier overall to clean than white appliances. Silver appliances tend to show more grease and fingerprints. However, they are somewhat effortless to clean with the right products. Food doesn’t stick to stainless steel or aluminum compared to other materials. 

You may check the product label for cleaning suggestions. Depending on the amount of real silver used in the appliance, you may need to use non-corrosive cleaning products.


When deciding which color to get for your kitchen, the number one factor is the overall aesthetic of your home. You may wonder which goes best with the color of your walls. Does silver look better in an open floor plan kitchen? Is it easier to match silver or white if you plan to repaint the walls or retile the floors?

When Deciding on Appliances Does the Color Matter?

The color does matter when choosing your kitchen appliances. The color can affect the overall kitchen aesthetic, the resale value of your home, and how much cleaning you will need to do for proper upkeep.

Which Color Goes Best in the Kitchen?

Most real estate agents and home decor experts will tell you that silver is the most versatile color for kitchen appliances. Silver kitchen appliances have retained their popularity for over 20 years. 

They look good with just about any color of paint, and they are often the focal point of a kitchen. There is still a sense of luxury tied to the silver color, and it helps open up a room with its sleek aesthetic.

What Other Things Could You Consider When It Comes to Aesthetic With These Appliances?

Another critical factor to consider when deciding between silver and white kitchen appliance colors is finish. There are various options for a finish for white or silver appliances. The finish can make a big difference in how the appliance looks relative to decor. 

Other factors that many homeowners may consider along with aesthetic include:

  • the colors you choose
  • where the appliance is
  • how much light enters the room.

Is the White Consistent Across All Appliances, or Do Different Manufacturers Do Different Whites?

Different manufacturers make different shades and finishes of white kitchen appliances. While white appliances may look similar, they can vary. And even a slight variation in shade or finish may cause your appliance to clash with another. 


Silver has been the most popular choice for kitchen appliances in recent years, and this should continue for some time. While other options are gaining popularity, and white has regained popularity, silver kitchen appliances remain the consensus choice in kitchen appliances for homeowners and realtors alike. 

If you are planning on selling your home soon, you might want to consider the popularity of the color to appeal to new buyers. Because most people prefer silver kitchen appliances, this would be your best chance of increasing the value of your home if you are buying new appliances.