What to Substitute for Chipotle?

Chipotle introduces an exclusive earthy flavor to your dish thanks to its smoky heat. Suppose you fall short on this spice, worry not since there are available replacement options that are just as effective.

Read below to understand your best alternatives for a richer flavor.

1. Ancho Powder

Since it is a smoked poblanos pepper ground up, ancho powder is a suitable substitute for chipotle. It can be used in place of chipotle in the same proportions.

Ancho is a way sweeter pepper than chipotle powder in terms of spice flavor, and it lacks most of the heat.

If you don’t like spicy dishes or want to make your meal a little less spicy, ancho powder is a fantastic substitute.

It can also give your dish a fruity aspect, with some people comparing the aroma to raisins.

If you use this alternative in a dish, make sure to use the same amount for chipotle powder.

Being a moderate option, you may gradually increase the amount of this spice in your food depending on the extent of heat you prefer.

2. Crushed Red pepper

Mixing this spice with some of the tastier but smokier spices on this list, such as ancho powder or smoked paprika, can help you create a delicious alternative to the original.

You might want to use a bit less of each spice when mixing it. You can obtain smoky crushed red peppers depending on where you buy your peppers.

If that’s an option, you’ll get a lot of similar taste experiences as chipotle powder, but it’ll be a little hotter.

3. Smoked Paprika

The chipotle powder can be replaced with paprika, a simple and commonly accessible spice. You can get paprika with the level of heat you choose.

It ranges from sweet to sour or even hot. When substituting the chipotle powder, you can use any paprika. When replacing chipotle powder, use equal amounts of paprika.

Smoked paprika is the ideal substitute because it covers both critical flavors found in chipotle powder.

If you don’t have chipotle powder at hand, you can make a liquid smoke by mixing spicy chili sauce with paprika. This can also significantly improve the flavor of your food.

On the other hand, hot sauce is highly acidic, and many people may not take it. Paprika can cure your problem in supposed amount you are not a spice fan and can tolerate modest heat in your food.

Paprika can be an alternative spice combination in mild recipes such as vegetable salads or stews.

4. Chili Powder

An ordinary chili powder may suffice as a chipotle powder alternative. In reality, the chipotle powder is used in various chili powders.

Chili powders are made out of a variety of peppers. When replacing the chipotle, use a proportionate amount of chili powder in your recipe.

It will act best as a substitute spice if it has a smokiness. Chili powders are available in a variety of heat levels. You should be able to select one that you desire.

Chili powder is sometimes just crushed cayenne chilies with no other ingredients. If you purchase the powder from a different source, you should consider testing it.

5. Cayenne Powder

Cayenne powder increases the spiciness of the dish. The heat level of these peppers could be ten times that of chipotle.

To get the additional heat while keeping the smoky flavor, look for smoked varieties of this pepper.

To replace it, you might want to add a little less of this spice to your recipe. If you make an exact replacement, it may become too hot.

You will need to taste the dish to ensure it has the proper degree of heat. Cayenne peppers are renowned for their health advantages.

These include more energy, a reduction in hunger, and essential vitamins.

6. Pasilla de Oaxaca

As the name suggests, Pasilla peppers are primarily grown in Mexico’s Oaxaca province. They can also be found in a few Asian places, but they are pretty rare.

Due to its smoky flavor, it can be an excellent alternative for chipotle. That smokiness you experience from consuming this chilly is unusual.

It has a higher heat content when calculated using heat parameters.

7. Chocolate Habanero

The next chipotle alternative on the list is chocolate habanero. Although fruitiness is present in habaneros, the chocolate habanero has a more earthy and smoky flavor profile.

Thanks to the chocolate-like combination, its earthiness isn’t as strong as chipotle, and it’s not as hot either. It qualifies as a gentler alternative to chipotle, nonetheless.


Chipotle is a hot seasoning that brings a smoky flavor and heat to any dish. It’s a must-have item for everyone who enjoys cooking Mexican and Asian cuisines.

Gather a few packets and store them in an airtight container. However, if you run short of chipotle powder or dried chili when making a meal, the replacements mentioned earlier may help you relax.

A few of them are standard components that you may already have on hand.