OXO Softworks vs OXO Good Grips – Which Is Best?

If you’re researching storage containers then you’ve likely seen the OXO brand.

These fancy-looking containers are a huge hit on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok and are fantastic for storing food.

However, there are two OXO container models available; Softworks and Good Grips.

Both models looked very similar online so I decided to buy a range of each to really look at the difference between the two in person.

I found that OXO Softworks has softer, more round edges which can result in wasted storage space when compared to OXO Good Grips. The plastic used on the OXO Softworks containers is also thinner at 2.8mm compared to 4mm on the Good Grips.

It’s important to note that despite both containers being made by the same brand (OXO) the lids are not interchangeable.

As such finding and sticking with the correct model is going to be essential.

What’s The Difference Between OXO Good Grips & OXO Softworks?

OXO Good Grips and OXO Softworks containers are incredibly similar in design, shape and size. As such it can be very easy to confuse the two.

That being said there are a couple of small differences that may help you decide which container design is right for you.

Plastic Thickness

The OXO Softworks containers have roughly a 2.8mm plastic thickness with a rim at the top where the lid sits.

Meanwhile, the OXO Good Grips have a 4mm plastic thickness which is the same from the top to the bottom of the container (no rim at the top of the container).

Despite this, the opacity on the OXO Good Grips is significantly higher than the OXO Softworks.

While both are very clear, when you put the OXO Good Grips and OXO Softworks side by side you can see significantly clearer through the Good Grips containers when compared to the Softworks.

This is surprising given the increased thickness but does make me believe that the plastic used on the Good Grips containers is of a higher, more refined quality.

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Container Edges

The container edges on the OXO Softworks are significantly softer and more rounded when compared to the OXO Good Grips.

OXO Softworks on the left and OXO Good Grips on the right.

This was my biggest concern since it left gaps where the straight edges met but the corners didn’t when putting two OXO Softworks containers next to each other.

The Lids

The amount of space the OXO Good Grips container lid takes up inside the container is slightly smaller when compared to the OXO Softworks.

This means that despite both of these containers being labelled as a 1.1l the OXO Good Grips containers can fit slightly more when compared to the OXO Softworks.

However, that’s not the only difference when it comes to the design of the two container lids.

The OXO Softworks containers use a more square ‘POP’ button with soft edges that reflect the design of the container itself.

Meanwhile, the OXO Good Grips containers all use a circular ‘POP’ button design regardless of the shape of the container.

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Design Stocklists

Certain stores, stock certain designs.

I’m not entirely sure how this is calculated, and when questioned about it OXO themselves have never really explained.

However, on the whole, you’ll find that OXO Softworks is stocked at;

  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Boxed

Meanwhile, OXO Good Grips containers are stocked at;

  • OXO
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Home Depot
  • Dillard’s
  • Create and Barrel

As such it may be important to consider where you shop most often so you’re able to quickly and easily pick up additional containers when you need them.

Why I Chose To Use The OXO Softworks In My Kitchen

I initially chose to go with the Good Grips design, since I liked the more square edges a lot more than the softer edges.

However, I was unable to get the Good Grips containers in a jar design easily online or in-store locally.

Then I worked out that Softworks was generally sold at a 20% discount compared to Good Grips (likely due to Softworks being roughly 50% thinner and therefore using less plastic).

As such I decided to choose OXO Softworks over OXO Good Grips.

All that being said, the difference between the two designs is incredibly minimal.

As such unless you’re super particular about a specific feature I suggest picking a design and sticking with it.

Can You Use OXO Softworks and OXO Good Grips Interchangeably?

Placing the OXO Softworks and OXO Good Grips containers next to each other doesn’t look ‘too bad’.

There is some movement if you try to stack an OXO Softworks container on top of an OXO Good Grips or vice-versa given the lid and base design differ.

That being said, stacking each design on top of one and the other is possible.

Sadly, however, the lids between OXO Softworks and OXO Good Grips are not interchangeable.

As such, I highly recommend picking one design and sticking to it throughout your kitchen or storage needs.