Microwaving Salmon Step By Step

Being a busy mum, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to prepare fresh, healthy meals for my children, family, and friends.

One of our firm family favourites is salmon due to its incredible versatility.

Did you know that you can microwave salmon?

Below, I’ll take you through the process, step by step so you can enjoy delicious, fresh microwaved salmon with minimal effort.

Step 1 – Prepare and season

The first thing you need to do is give your salmon fillet a good rinse and pat dry with some kitchen paper (see how long Salmon lasts here).

Next, you should choose your seasoning of choice – I recommend just salt and pepper to really compliment the delicate taste of the fish.

You could also use a squeeze of lemon to really set off the fresh, refreshing taste.

Place the fillet on a microwave-safe dish and cover with plastic cling-film.

You can then place the dish in the microwave and set the timer for around three minutes.

If you’re cooking for a larger group, and depending on the size of your microwave, you could cook up to four salmon fillets at the same time, meaning even less stress and worry when it comes to preparation and timings.

Step 2 – Checking on the salmon

After the three minutes are up, grab your dish with a kitchen towel to ensure that you don’t scald yourself.

Use a fork and carefully break away some of the flakes in the center of the fillet to ensure it’s cooked through.

If the flakes are still bright and fleshy in colour, the fillet needs to be returned to the microwave for another minute or so.

If the flakes are pink and hot to the touch, the fillet is ready.

If the fillet does need additional cooking, keep checking on it for every 30 seconds or so to prevent the fish (you might also enjoy cooking pike) from drying out.

Step 3 – Serving the fish

What’s great about salmon fillets is that it’s so versatile, depending on who you’re serving.

If I were to serve this to my children, I’d accompany with some chips and peas or other green vegetables.

However, I also really enjoy cooking new and exciting dishes for my friends.

If I were serving salmon on an evening celebrating with friends, I’d make some chilli mayonnaise to be smeared across the fillet, cook up some buttery, garlic oil baby potatoes, and other seasonal vegetables.

I’d also serve some crisp, fruity white wine alongside my salmon dish to truly bring all the delicious flavours together.

Enjoy Your Microwaved Salmon

Many people still don’t realise how quick, easy and safe it is to cook salmon in the microwave.

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming at all.

As I’ve demonstrated above, it’s an incredibly versatile fish to cook with endless possibilities when it comes to accompaniments.

When hosting an evening or occasion with family or friends, it’s wise to choose the main focus of the dish well – and salmon is one of the most stress-free and delicious stars you can choose.