Microwaving Brussel Sprouts: How To Guide

As a kid, my mum always loved cooking with me by her side.

This was way I grew up enjoying cooking and with time, it became my hobby.

I love cooking a healthy meal that my husband and kids will enjoy.

With time I’ve learned that taking care of family is among the most important things in this world.

I don’t know about you, but i enjoy cooking fresh, tasty food for my family and friends.

I guess this is the reason why I get many visitors over the holidays and weekends.

As advice to you, it’s important to eat a healthy side dish and fresh brussels sprouts have always tasted good for me.

If you microwave the Brussel sprouts, they will maintain their flavor and delicious texture.

If you have picky eaters, they will enjoy this meal.

They are straightforward to make and you can do it in just ten or less minutes.

Microwaving brussels sprouts

You can microwave brussels sprouts.

However, many sprout recipes involve boiling, pan-frying, or roasting, but you can microwave steamed brussels sprouts quickly and easily.

How to microwave brussels sprouts

Step 1: Cut off the stems, then slice the sprouts in half

Step 2: Prepare your steamer.

For steamers, you can find microwave steamers in some kitchen stores.

However, I use a DIY steamer because it comes with a microwave-safe bowl plus a lid and its BPA-free

Step 3: You will add inch water into the bowl and set a microwave-safe colander

Step 4: Microwave for 3 minutes on high.

For me, my sprouts come out looking perfect when I microwave them on high for 3 minutes.

However, you should note that microwaves vary

If you are microwaving brussels sprouts for the first time, I suggest you experiment to find the recommended time.

I suggest you be checking every minute to the point that a paring knife can easily cut the sprout in halves without resistance

Step 5: Once you are done microwaving your sprouts, they should still be vibrant green and bright.

You can now toss the brussels sprouts with some salt, pepper and butter and you can serve your family or friends and watch them enjoy

I would like to share my time-saving hack with you where you can start by chopping off the stems of the brussels sprouts and slice them in advance.

You can then refrigerate them in an airtight container to the day you will be ready to steam them.

This way, you will be able to prepare your sprouts in 7 or less minutes.

Brussels sprouts nutrition

Maybe you probably know this but brussels sprouts grow on a stalk.

However, they will arrive in the produce section when they are cut free.

Sprouts are rich in nutrients as they contain vitamin A, C and K.

They are also rich in minerals such as folate, iron and calcium.

I prefer microwaving my sprouts so that their nutrients don’t leach out as they would when you boil them.

That’s How To Cook Brussel Sprouts In The Microwave

I love staying healthy and one way I do that is by eating fresh vegetables.

I strongly recommend that you be trying this diet with your loved ones.

Also, keep in mind that you always save them for later use if you have any leftover brussels sprouts.

You can chop them and use them with goat cheese. Moreover, you can sprinkle them on green leaf salads.

While microwaving brussels sprouts for the first time, keep checking every minute to ensure they are well steamed as microwaves come in different types.

To enjoy your sprouts, remember to toss them with some butter, pepper and salt.

I advise you to prefer microwaving sprouts instead of boiling them as they will tend to lose their nutrients if you boil them.