Can you Microwave Ice Cream?

When I forgot to take the ice cream from the freezer I was left with a real predicament as ‘a pack of hungry kids’ were due in my kitchen in the next few minutes.

Ideally I would have placed the ice cream in the refrigerator for around thirty minutes in order for it to soften sufficiently to serve.

However, as that option was no longer available i had to act fast.

When in doubt, microwave

Although I had never attempted to soften ice cream in the microwave previously,

I knew from experience that it was possible to soften frozen butter so it should be O.K. to use a similar process with ice cream.

I began by realizing that there would not be much room for ‘trial and error’ as ‘error’ would leave the ice cream as an uneatable, liquid mush.

How To Microwave Ice Cream

Step 1: Place Tub In Microwave

Had I been able to get the ice cream out of its ‘tub’ I would have used a heat-proof container.

However, as I had just removed the one litre pack from the freezer, I was unable to free it and place it in the preferred dish.

With the clock ticking I decided to take the plunge and place the whole litre tub in the microwave.

Step 2: Cook On Low Wattage

Clearly, the control of the power of the microwave would be crucial to a successful softening of the ice cream.

I considered my experience with butter and decided to set the power level to around thirty percent which I hoped would not be too high.

Step 3: Set The Timer

In this case, timing was of the essence, too long a burst and the ice cream would be liquefied so caution was the watch-word.

I set the timer for 5 seconds and pressed start.

On removing the tub from the microwave it was clear that the process was not complete so I returned it and hit the start button for a further 5 seconds.

Once again the ice cream was still a little too solid so back in again for one last time.

As the timer moved down to 2 seconds I hit ‘Stop’ as I feared a melt-down.

Removing the tub from the microwave once more the consistency of the ice cream was now perfect for ‘scooping’.

Can You Microwave Ice Cream?

Yes, you can microwave ice cream,

I was able to prove that ice cream can be softened in a microwave but care needs to be taken to avoid a disastrous overheating.

Low power and short bursts will help to avoid turning the ice cream into ‘cream’.

I should add that my joy at extracting my self from a tricky situation was soon extinguished when I realized that I had not got any cones to contain the soon to be scooped ice cream.

Luckily, I remembered I had half-a-dozen ramekin dishes in the cupboard and was able to provide a satisfactory treat for the troupe of children who entered the kitchen moments later.

Their excitement at receiving their mid-morning treat was my reward for having been able to extricate myself from a very difficult situation.

I should add that it is not a good idea to refreeze ice cream that has been softened in a microwave as large amounts of ice crystals may form within the ice cream during refreezing.