Microwave Pancakes: How To Guide

Do you want to prepare pancakes yet you don’t have a stove?

If you have a microwave oven, you’re in luck. You can go ahead and prepare the microwave pancakes.

The preparation process only takes a few minutes.

You’ll need a plate or mug during the preparation process, let’s do this…

How to Prepare Microwave Pancakes

You’ll need to follow the following steps if you want to prepare the pancakes using a plate:

Step 1

Mix all the ingredients. The most common ingredients include milk, butter, eggs, and wheat flour.

You’ll whisk the milk and eggs in a bowl. You’ll then add the flour progressively and ensure the mixture is smooth.

The batter will progressively become thick.

Ensure there are no lumps, and you can add some milk if need be.

By ensuring the batter is thick enough, the mixture won’t be all over the place.

If it becomes too thick, you can go ahead and add some milk.

Step 2

Brush the plate you’ll use to prepare the pancakes with some butter to ensure the pancakes won’t stick to it.

The coat should be thick.

You can add more butter if you like.

You can also use margarine, a non-stick cooking spray, or olive oil.

Step 3

Pour some of the pancake mix onto the plate after applying butter or margarine.

The size of the pancake will be dependent on the size of the plate.

If the pancake is huge, it’ll take more time to prepare.

Step 4

You’ll insert the plate in the microwave and let the pancake cook for at least 60 seconds if your microwave has a rating of 800W.

If the pancake seems runny after 60 seconds, you can heat it for 10 more seconds.

In this case, there is no need for a grill, which means the pancakes won’t have a brown colour.

If you overcook the pancakes, they will be hard and dry.

Step 5

You’ll repeat the steps above if you want to make more pancakes.

Place the pancakes onto a clean plate after they’re well cooked.

If the cooking plate is still greasy with some margarine or butter, you’ll pour the batter onto the plate and cook it for 60 seconds.

If not, you should apply more margarine or butter.

Ensure the pancake is well cooked, and it won’t be runny.

You can cook as many pancakes as you need.

You can serve the pancakes with any syrup of your choice.

How Do You Serve Microwave Pancakes?

You should adhere to the following steps as you serve the microwave pancakes:

Step 1

After the pancakes are well prepared, you can apply some toppings.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can apply syrup or sugar.

You can also add chopped nuts and fresh fruit. Spread the pancake with some butter.

The meal will be simple but nutritious.

For a healthier experience, you can consider using toppings such as cheese or ham.

You can also prepare some bacon using the microwave and apply it as toppings.

To prepare the bacon, you need to place paper towels on the plate.

You’ll then place the bacon strips on the plate and place one of the paper towels on top.

Within three and a half minutes, the bacon will be ready to eat, and you can place it on top of the pancakes as toppings.