Is It Safe To Put A Fork In The Toaster When Your Toast Is Stuck?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you are making toast in the toaster, and it gets stuck?

This has happened to most of us.

Most of the time, the first thought that comes into your mind when this happens is to use a fork to get it out.

However, this may not be the safest thing to do, here’s why…

Is putting a fork in the toaster safe?

No, putting a fork in the toaster is not safe.

The coils in the toaster typically carry electrical current.

Therefore, when you jam a fork inside the toaster, it may touch the coils, causing an electric current to pass through the form.

Naturally, the currents will head towards the ground, using your body as a path. The electric shock you will experience will not be attractive.

Is it safe to put a fork in the toaster if it is unplugged?

The answer remains the same; it is still not safe. Jamming a fork in the roaster, even if it is unplugged, could pose a threat to your life.

When you put a fork in an unplugged toaster, it causes the thin element in the heating system to break or bend.

Subsequently, when you turn on your toaster, it will zap you. The fork may also damage other elements within your toaster. This may cause your toaster to stop working altogether.

So how can you remove toast stuck in a toaster?

Below is a step by step guide on how you can get stuck toast out of the toaster without endangering yourself;

Step 1: Unplug or switch off the toaster from the switch

The first thing you must do is to switch off the main switch of the toaster. You can also unplug the toaster completely.

Simply switching it off using the toaster button will not do the trick as the current will still be passing through it.

Step 2: Look for a blunt wooden object

For the removal task, you will need a wooden object. This will protect you from getting zapped. It would also be wise if you went a step further and ensured that the object is blunt. Even if it is not metal, any sharp object could damage the thin wiring system within the toaster.

Step 3: Open the crumb tray

Once you have your blunt wooden object, you can not open the crumb tray. Doing this will prove very beneficial for the process.

Step 4: Push the toast out

Once the crumb tray is open, you can push the toast out from the bottom. Doing this will make the toast come out effortlessly.

Take Note

However, if you have a higher model toaster, the above process may not prove fruitful. In this case, you will need a butter knife instead of a blunt wooden object.

With the butter knife, gently poke into the edges of your toaster.

This will cause the toast to loosen up and pop up instantly. It is worth noting that you need a butter knife, never a fork.

So, Is It Safe To Put A Fork In The Toaster?

The steps mentioned above are straightforward, and they will get the work done without damaging your toaster or injuring you.

Note that a toaster is not a device that you can play around with. Therefore, do not try experiments on it.

If you are not sure about what you are doing, it would be best to see professional assistance instead of creating a mess, damaging it, and hurting yourself.