How To Use Your Egg Cooker In 3 Different Ways

How to Use Egg Cooker
Looking for a great way to have breakfast? Look no further than an egg cooker! With one of these handy devices you can save yourself a whole lot of time cooking with very minimal preparation.

Of course, if you are used to standard ways of cooking your eggs such as in a saucepan or frying pan, an egg cooker may seem like a bit of an alien concept for you.

If this is the case, never fear! Here’s how you can use an egg cooker, in addition to a few different ways that you can experiment with your new handy device.


General Guidelines

Most egg cookers work the same!

To use an automatic egg cooker, fill up the cooker with water in accordance to the instructions on the product you’re using.

Then put the amount of eggs that you plan on cooking into the device. Then you can activate the settings that you need and wait until they’re done.

How to Use Egg Cooker

Poached Eggs and Omelettes

So you’ve decided that today is a day for a poached egg or an omelette! You will be pleased to know that you can cook both of these in an egg cooker.

First of all, make sure that you choose the correct tray that comes with the cooker, then get it all greased up with your fat of choice – usually oil or butter.

Now it’s important to mention that egg cookers generally come with two different trays, with one that’s got little sections where you can poach the eggs and another one that is flat that you use to create omelettes.

Once you have found the right tray you will then need to ensure that you add the perfect amount of water into the tray for the cooking process to take place. The cooker itself will generally specify this, showing a line where you will need to fill it up to.

Check your manufacturer’s guidelines for more information. Once you have done this you can then pour the eggs into the cooking tray that you’ve chosen.

Of course if you are planning on making an omelette you will need to prepare it as you normally would – whisk it thoroughly and add your fillings, then pouring it into the tray.

Add the cover onto the cooker and then turn the machine on – this will then begin to cook your eggs as needed. You will need to check if you need to turn the machine off yourself or if it will shut off automatically.

Finally you can then get rid of the lid and empty your eggs onto your plate. You now have a delicious omelette or poached egg!

Boiled Eggs

The other thing that you can cook in an egg cooker is a boiled egg – either soft, medium or hard boiled!

To begin with, add the amount of water that you need. This will largely depend on the number of eggs that you plan to cook and how you want them to be done.

The manufacturer’s instructions will usually give you a guideline of how this works, but as a general rule you are going to need less water for soft boiled eggs.

Then you will need to get a pin and pierce a tiny hole in the biggest part of the egg. This is what will prevent the egg from cracking during the cooking process.

Once you have done this, you can then put the eggs into the egg holder, making sure the pierced part is facing upwards.

Put the cover on the device and then set it to operate. Again, monitor the cooker as not all of them will automatically turn off.

Once you’re done, take the effs out of the cooker then put them into cold water before you peel the shell off.

How To Maintain and Clean Your Egg Cooker

Cleaning a standard automatic egg cooker is simple.

First of all you should check the instructions given by the manufacturer, as there will be different guidelines depending on the maker of the device. Here are some general rules to follow, however.

First of all, make sure that the cooker is totally switched off before you attempt to clean it. You should clean it when it’s cool in order to avoid any injury.

You cannot put an egg cooker in a dishwasher – this is important to remember. It is fairly easy to wash the cooker though – it’s often just a matter of putting the components into a bowl of hot water and mild detergent and scrubbing as you usually would.

To clean the main part of the device, get a wet cloth that isn’t rough as this will damage the surface. Put a tiny bit of oil (which oil is best for steak?) on the cooker after you’ve cleaned it, or you can mix some water and vinegar and apply that instead.

For the sake of your own safety, make sure that you don’t put the base of the boiled into the water, and don’t submerge the cord in water. This is incredibly dangerous – electricity and water do not mix!

So long as you follow these instructions, your device should last for a number of years before you need to get it replaced.


If you’re bored of cooking your eggs in the conventional way, you’re sure to enjoy the quick and easy cooking of using an egg cooker.

With one of these devices you can create delicious eggs in no time at all – saving yourself a lot of time and trial and error.

You can use them to make all sorts of eggs, such as poached eggs, omelettes, and boiled eggs. So long as you follow the instructions correctly, you will be pleased to get incredible results!

Breakfast has never tasted so good.