How To Make A Fried Egg In The Microwave?

Spending time in the kitchen is one of my favourite hobbies. Cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your family is one of the satisfying things you can do.

I always enjoy seeing my family smile over the food I have made.

However, I faced some challenges recently when trying to make a quick egg breakfast without all the mess of frying and I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Obviously, the traditional and common way to cook eggs is on the stove. However, there is an easier way you can cook eggs: using the microwave.

It’s not obvious how you would fry an egg in a microwave therefore I saw it fit to share my finding with other kitchen lovers on the process…

Is it possible to make a microwave over easy eggs?

Yes, you can make an over-easy egg in the microwave.

However, you don’t have to flip the pan’s sunny side on the surface, making it easier to prepare your eggs.

It is essential to know what an over-easy egg is before making it using the microwave.

An over-easy egg is when you fry eggs until the egg white start to show, but the yolk remains yellow and runny.

Since microwave heat is not bottom-directed, the egg top cook without flipping the egg over.

How to make microwave fried eggs

The closest thing you will get to a pan egg is a microwave egg recipe without frying it.

It is an easy process, and it takes not more than a minute! The microwave-fried egg recipe is among the first recipes I learned as a university student.

When frying eggs in the microwave, you will need to be careful.

You should always use a fork to pierce the yolk a few times to break the skin, then cover it.

I discovered that the eggs tend to splatter inside the microwave if I skip this step when frying my eggs. Follow the below steps to fry eggs in the microwave.

What you need

  • Fresh eggs
  • A sheet of paper towel
  • Microwave safe cup or bowl
  • Cooking oil

You should select the right microwave power to have the correct timing power. The standard cooking time for a microwave egg is 1 minute.

Step 1

Swirl cooking oil in the cup or the microwave bowl.

Step 2

Crack the egg into the cup of the bowl and use the fork to break the yolk. You can add some spices or ingredients like onions, tomato sauce, and salt.

Step 3

Cover the eggs with a paper towel. Covering will prevent intact eggs from popping when microwaved.

Step 4

Place the bowl in the microwave and set the oven to full power for 1 minute.

Step 5

Turn off the microwave and wait for another 1 minute for the fried eggs to settle.

You can serve reheated microwaved fried eggs on a buttered toast with some crispy bacon (thaw your bacon first).

If you forgot to add tomato sauce when cooking, you can add them before serving. I like to add a few drops of pepper sauce or tomato ketchup to jazz it up.

Tips for microwave fried eggs

If your microwaved eggs are not as satisfying as you wish, you can add about 10 seconds to the overall cooking time.

However, you should not overheat your eggs in the microwave since the final colour and taste will not be good.

If you wish to have a softer yolk, you should reduce cooking time to about 40 to 45 seconds.

I don’t advise frying eggs in the microwave for less than 40 seconds due to food poisoning risks.