How To Fix The Dreaded C6L Error On Your Instant Pot

Instant Pots are a great versatile kitchen appliance to have. From slow-cooked stews to cooking the perfect rice, they can save you time but also money by allowing you to batch cook simple and delicious meals.   

However, they needed to be treated with care. They quite often can alert you to faults and be sensitive if used in the wrong way or not properly cleaned. 

With most errors and warnings, you can decipher the code with the printed manual where it will tell you what the Instant Pot is telling you and how to fix it.

However, if you are a user of an Instant Pot you may be aware of the dreaded C6, C6L, and C6H errors. These errors indicate a faulty pressure sensor which can easily be fixed in most cases.

C6L = faulty low pressure sensor

C6H = faulty high pressure sensor

This could be due to a poor connection within the machine or the sensor that detects the level of pressure is simply not working. Detecting the pressure is important for the Instant Pot to function therefore when this warning code appears it will prevent the Instant Pot from working.

In most cases, you’ll have to remove food from the Instant Pot and transfer it into the oven to finish cooking.

Wait for the Instant Pot too cool before attempting to deep clean your Instant Pot. I have found that this error can sometimes be caused by food which is stuck somewhere preventing the Instant Pot from functioning properly.

Be sure to check the pressure valve during this process to make sure it isn’t stuck. If this still doesn’t fix your Instant Pot then you will need to contact customer support for further instructions.

Every time I have had to contact the Instant Pot customer service team I have found them to be both helpful and efficient. The easiest way to contact the team is using the Instant Pot website.

Here you can contact them via phone or email. I found having the following information ready fast-tracked my experience;

  • A picture of the Instant Pot displaying the C6 code
  • A picture of the product model number/serial number
  • A photocopy of the receipt. If you bought your Instant Pot from Amazon, you can find a receipt on your online account. 
  • A picture of the label on the back of the machine – they may also ask you to remove this label and take a picture of it cut in half; as proof that you can’t sell it on. 

If you take the time to provide these images and information, it is more than likely that you will be sent a new base or a brand new Instant Pot if they decide that the pressure sensor is faulty and unable to be fixed.

To prevent having to deal with the C6 error again, it is important to take care of your Instant Pot. Clean it well after every use and store in a dry uncluttered environment.

Instant Pots come with a 2-year warranty but the wear and tear will differ significantly if you use it every day versus if you use it just once in a while.

Like most other household appliances, taking good care of your Instant Pot will ensure that it continues to function perfectly for a long time.