How To Clean Copper Chef Pans Inside

If you love cooking as I do, you must have sourced the best cooking appliances and utensils for your kitchen.

One of the most used cookware in my kitchen, especially for breakfast meals, is the frying pan.

At first, I used a typical non-stick aluminium pan before I learned about the hygienic benefits of copper pans.

The pan is also durable as I have used it for three years, and it is still in good condition.

In this article, I will share some of the tricks for cleaning the inside of a copper chef pan.

How to Clean Copper Chef Pans Inside

Clean the Copper with Soap and Water

Before you proceed to Polish your copper pan, you should gently wash it with soap and warm water.

Since copper cookware items are lined with tin or stainless steel, you should use a soft sponge to avoid scratching the materials off.

Polish Your Pan Regularly

Since metals like Brass, copper and silver get tarnish due to exposure to water and air, it is advisable to regularly polish your copper pan with a copper cleaner to keep the tarnish at bay.

You can easily find a copper cleaner online or in a nearby store, or you can make homemade cleaner using readily available materials, as explained below.

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

The lemon juice and baking soda cleaner is very effective and does not damage your pan’s surface.

To make this cleaner, combine baking soda with lemon juice and stir until well mixed.

Use a soft clean cloth to apply the mixture and buff in a circular motion.

The last step is to rinse the pan with clean water and drying it.


Ketchup is also a very effective copper cleaner because the tomatoes in it contain an acid that cleans off the tarnish.

Apply ketchup on the inside of your copper pan and use a clean, soft cloth to rub it in circular motions.

Rinse and dry the pan.

Lemon and Salt

Cut a fresh lemon in half and apply table salt on the cut section.

Rub the cut section with salt on the inside of your copper pan to remove the tarnish. Rinse and dry.

Vinegar and Salt

Mix vinegar and table salt to make a paste and apply the paste on the surface.

Buff using a clean and soft cloth, then rinse and dry.

Don’t use the Dishwasher and Abrasive Products

Dishwashers can discolour your copper pan as they use harsh detergents.

This means you should also not use abrasive products when hand-washing your copper utensils.

Don’t be fooled by the advertisements that market these products as copper-safe.

Never Heat a Dry Copper Pan

Though this applies to any metal pan, copper is more prone to damage, because it contains tin or stainless steel lining.

This makes copper cookware the perfect choice for low and slow cooking.

Don’t Use Steel Wool on Copper

If you use steel wool to clean your aluminium cookware, you may be tempted to use it on your copper pan.

It is not advisable to use steel wool on copper as it might remove the coating.


If you want to clean your copper clean without damaging it, you should:

  • Clean the copper pan with soap and warm water before polishing
  • Polish the pan regularly (you can use copper cleaners or use homemade cleaners, like ketchup, lemon juice and baking soda mix, lemon and salt, vinegar and salt).
  • Don’t use the dishwasher or abrasive products
  • Don’t scrub with steel wool
  • Don’t heat a dry copper pan