How Much Do Panini Makers Cost?

With a high-quality panini maker, you don’t have to leave the house any time you want these crispy, delicious sandwiches. From turkey or bacon sandwiches to swiss, strawberry, and brie, there’s a lot you can explore when making a delicious panini sandwich.

A panini maker is a great kitchen appliance that you can use to enhance sandwiches to delicious creations. But, since most people don’t know much about panini makers, they expect them to very expensive.

If you’re confused about how expensive panini makers are and if you should purchase one, we’ve prepared a guide to help you out.

How Much Are Panini Makers?

The cost of panini makers depends on the features that the panini maker has and the brand. These appliances can go as high as $500, which are the commercial panini grills that have high performance and can be used to cook different sandwiches.

But panini makers can also be as low as $16, and these are the space-saving and compact appliances which you can use to cook sandwiches within a few minutes. Although panini makers are a great invention and fit a wide range of budgets, there’s still the question of whether you need to spend the extra money.

If you decide to buy a panini maker, you should consider the following factors:

1. The Price

Panini makers come with different prices, and so you should invest wisely when you’re purchasing one. Be confident that you want to spend money on the panini maker, and don’t purchase an unnecessarily expensive one.

You should also choose a panini maker based on your budget and not based on flashy designs.

While the expensive ones seem like they offer lots of great functions, you might not need them and might end up spending money for no reason. So, don’t sacrifice high-quality for expensive panini makers. Apart from the price, three other factors should influence your purchase. They also affect the price.

2. The Cooking Surface Space

You also have to look at the cooking surface space of the panini maker that you’re buying. Those with larger surface spaces, especially commercial panini makers, are usually more expensive than compact panini makers with small surface spaces.

If you’re making paninis only for yourself and your family, then a smaller one will be more economical than a large one.

Panini makers also take up a lot of space, so ensure you have room for it in your kitchen so it doesn’t get stuffy. You can measure your counter space and choose a panini maker based on this. There’s no point in spending lots of money on a panini maker if you don’t have room for it.

3. Durability and Style

Stylish and high-technology panini makers are no doubt more expensive than the basic ones but ask yourself whether you need the former. You can purchase those with cast iron plates which are non-stick and easy to clean, but they are usually costlier than those with a different composition.

Panini plates in the makers also come in different shapes and sizes, so don’t purchase something that you don’t need for a high price.

4. Heating Capacity

The heating capacity of panini makers also differs from one to another. Since some use more heat than others, they can take a lot from your electricity bill. Don’t purchase something that gives off a lot of heat if you don’t want your electricity bill to spike up, especially if you’re buying it for your personal use.

Those that have a large heating capacity also have higher prices than those with lower heating. Basically, like all other factors, don’t purchase what you don’t need.

Panini makers have a wide cost range, and so those that have low budgets can go for the brands between $16 and $50, while those with higher budgets can purchase panini pressers that cost $100 and more.

What Brand of Panini Maker is More Expensive?

There are different panini maker brands that you can choose from, and they all feature different prices. Some of the most popular brands include Cuisinart, Breville, Brentwood, Hamilton Beach, Ovente, and more, and they offer prices based on their sizes and features.

When these brands make smaller panini makers like the Brentwood Compact Dual Sandwich Maker, they cost as little as $20. But, for larger appliances that are ideal for restaurants like the Waring Commercial Compact Italian-Style Panini Grill, you can spend as much as $500.

The most expensive panini maker brand is Waring, and this is because they mostly make commercial grills than individual ones. Their panini makers can go as high as $800 because they are usually massive and made for restaurants and cafes that sell panini sandwiches. The makers in this model usually include wide cooking surface spaces, high heating capacity and they are highly durable.

If you’re running a restaurant or you cook for commercial purposes, you can go for the Waring panini makers. But, if you need a panini maker for your family and yourself, cheaper choices are better.

What Panini Maker is Cheapest?

For those buying panini makers for household and personal use, smaller and cheaper ones are the best. Cheaper panini makers usually have a smaller surface area and less heat, so you don’t have to worry about the heating bills. This doesn’t mean that they will be of low quality because they are cheap – you can purchase highly durable and stylish panini makers for a lower price.

As for the cheapest panini maker brand, there is the Brentwood brand. They can go as low as $15, and the smallest one can double as a sandwich maker. Brentwood is also a great brand with non-stick panini makers, so you don’t need a commercial model to make delicious paninis.

So, if you purchase cheap panini makers like this, you won’t be getting low quality for a low price. It will also fit perfectly with your budget since the price is so low. Since you might not make paninis as much as you make normal sandwiches for yourself, a cheaper one will be better.

What is the Difference between the Expensive and Cheaper Panini Makers?

Since the price range difference between expensive and cheap panini makers are wide, there’s no doubt that there will be wide differences between them.

The main difference between expensive and cheap panini makers is in the size. With the cheap panini makers, you can cook only one or two sandwiches at a time, but with the expensive ones, especially those being used for commercial purposes, you can cook many sandwiches at a time.

Another major difference is the heat settings. You can’t expect a cheap and small panini maker to have a high heating capacity, especially since it’s just making one sandwich for one person. They usually have low heat settings, like the Brentwood $15 model. But, something like the Waring panini maker which is used for commercial purposes has a wide range of heat settings with 208 volts of power that can’t only make sandwiches but also grill meats and vegetables.

Expensive panini makers usually come with other accessories and features like a removable drip tray, heat-resistant handles, indicator lights, and cast-iron plates for even better heat distribution.

If you want to enjoy things like this, expensive ones are a great choice. But cheap panini makers don’t usually come with accessories and features like this.

Whether you buy something expensive or cheap, it’s best to purchase one that is economical instead. This means that the panini maker should have a reasonable price but come with great features regardless of the price. In summary, a good panini maker will give you great value for your money.

The amount that you spend on a panini maker will depend on your budget and needs, and so when looking out for a great panini maker to give you delicious meals, consider the different factors before choosing.