Do Over the Range Microwaves Vent Well?

Yes, An over-the-range (OTR) microwave vent well as it is mounted above the stove. This device is famous for saving space, but it doesn’t suit all kitchen designs.

Therefore, if you are contemplating whether to have an over-the-range microwave or not, I would advise you to check the common pros and cons of these units below.


Saves Space

The primary reason why I opt for the over-the-range microwaves is that they save counter space.

A mounted microwave can offer you impeccable extra space if you own a compact kitchen with limited preparation space.

A huge microwave may not fit your kitchen’s look even if you have ample counter space.

One of the space-saving alternatives you should think of is mounting the over-the-range microwave below the countertop.

Suppose you have the ideal cabinet structure and microwave. In that case, you can place specific microwaves in the lower cabinets.

This way, you clear the counter space and ensure that the microwave is easily accessible to short users.

Multipurpose: It Works as a Hood Vent

An over-the-range microwave incorporates the traditional features of a hood vent and cooking features of a microwave.

Most over-the-range microwaves in the market can be configured to circulate air via a filter back into the kitchen. Also, they can be designed to vent outside.

The circulating option comes in handy in kitchens where venting outside is expensive, challenging, or not an option.

It Ensures You have a Single Cooking Zone

The perfect kitchen layout comprises the sink, the fridge, and cooking appliances in a triangular formation.

You might lose the highly regarded triangle shape by failing to place the microwave above the stove.

Thanks to an over-the-range microwave, the microwave and stove will be in a matching vertical placement.

With this, you will have the ideal cooking area and the practicality your kitchen needs to function properly.


Inconvenient for Short Users

Should you mount the over-the-range microwaves at the required height of about 13 inches above the cooktop, short users will have a challenging time using these appliances.

Besides making it hard to prepare food, this height makes the microwave cleaning process a nuisance. Your kids might also need to use a stool to reach the microwave.

A Hood Vent is Aesthetically Attractive

You can quickly elevate your kitchen with a statement hood. Although it’s a typical farmhouse kitchen design, it suits virtually all styles.

It is pretty hard for an over-the-range microwave to offer the same fantastic feeling you would get from a spectacular hood accompanied by a tile.

Cooking with a Microwave Above the Stove is Tricky

Based on how low a microwave sits, some tall pots may not fit well to your over-the-range microwave.

For example, placing a pasta arm above the stove may be impossible or challenging with a microwave above.

As a result, it is essential to think about the kitchen as a whole when planning a revamp. All the decisions you make have effects on other kitchen elements.

Should Over the Range Microwave be Vented Outside?

A professional over-the-range microwave installation can be thrilling. However, you might not get the services you need if the installation is not done right.

Some shoddy installers don’t take the time and effort to go through the pre-installation guidelines, such as managing venting in your over-the-range microwave exhaust.

Does your installer know how to vent your over-the-range microwave outside? Should the microwave be vented outside?

In general, it is worth noting that no law necessitates your over-the-range microwave to be vented outside.

OTR Microwave Venting Options

The over-the-range microwave has features you might be accustomed to.

It comes with lighting for your range below, microwave oven convenience, and a vent to remove steam, smoke, and odors from the cooking surface.

When venting your exhaust fan, you have two options: You can either vent outside or recirculate the air.

Should You buy an Over the Range Microwave for Your Kitchen?

After going through the pros and cons of an OTR microwave, I hope it’s not easy to determine if this appliance suits your kitchen.

The space-saving benefits are irrefutable, but that might not be significant in your kitchen.

You can opt for a hood vent if you have adequate room to place the microwave and make the best out of it.

On the other hand, choosing them over the range microwave would be wise if maximizing preparation space is your primary goal.

Does an OTR Microwave Vent Correctly?

Yes. However, you need to assess the microwave’s coverage area if you cook frequently. Remember that the small exhaust fan filters the air and recirculates it into the kitchen area.