Freestanding vs Integrated Fridge – Which Is Better?

Deciding whether to get a freestanding or an integrated fridge is a common dilemma for many home appliance buyers. Both fridges come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The refrigerator you decide to settle on can change your kitchen’s whole look and layout. Freestanding fridges are more affordable, can be placed anywhere, and are …

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Can Fridges Explode?

A fridge is one of those home appliances that work hard, mainly because it works almost non-stop throughout its lifetime. That may lead you to wonder if a fridge can explode, maybe from overworking. And if it does, how bad can the explosion be, and will you have enough time to react? Fridges can explode. …

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Are Fridges Waterproof?

The purpose of a fridge is to make our goods or beer chilled to preserve them or relieve our thirstiness. How do we explain the phenomenon of the refrigerator being waterproof and still getting wet or, better, “iced” right on the inside? Now, are fridges waterproof to begin with? Fridges are waterproof based on the …

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