Can you Microwave Parchment Paper?

Yes, you can typically microwave parchment paper but only if you have the right type of parchment paper which is suitable for cooking which I discuss further down this page. 

Parchment paper is simply a silicone-covered paper which the pulp that makes the material goes through a process in sulfuric acid or zinc chloride that helps in enhance heat resistance of the material and the nonstick properties.

Here's how to tell if your parchment paper is microwave safe..

Types of parchment papers

Parchment paper exist in two different types. It is possible to purchase the regular kind and the unbleached kind. 

Here is how you can differentiate the two.

The standard white paper. With its appearance, it is clear that the product has gone through some form of bleaching.

To make the process faster and easier, the product is treated in chlorine giving it the colour.

Brown parchment paper which does not go through the bleaching process.

Explicitly made for people who have the anxiety of using products that might have the capability to melt out harmful chemicals to the food.

Although there are two different types of parchment papers, it does not affect microwaving and hence considered to provide food safety by many reputable research departments.

How to know if the parchment paper you have is safe for microwaving

It is normal for any person to seek assurance when it comes to product purchase.

To have complete certainly on the product, then check on the packaging that comes with it. There will be certain information about microwaving. Be sure that the information shows if it is safe or not.

The second way to be sure about this is by visiting the company’s website where customer service offers a question and answer.

Here you have the ability to know more about the product and answers to any concerns that you have.

Finally, you can search through the government food safety resources and check whether the product has been cleared for public use and the safety measures.

In addition, they have a team of experts ready to answer questions pertaining a specific product.

How to safely use parchment paper in microwaves

Knowing that a parchment paper can be safe in a microwave is not information enough to make sure that it will be in good use.

However, safety in use will assure you put yourself in lesser risk as microwaves can put homes in potent danger.

Here is what you have to consider when microwaving using the parchment paper...

When placing the parchment paper make sure you do not put it too close to the heating part. 

Remember although it is heat resistant, when you put it in the right heat source it can catch fire. It is still paper and you have to consider the position of the heat element of the oven.

Be keen with the recycled heat products.

Check if the products are okay for microwave use since you may not know the material added during recycling.

Do not put any paper material in the microwave without knowing the status they pose.

Remember that ignorance is no excuse for tragedy. Stay safe first.

So Is Parchment Paper Microwave Safe?

Yes, but only if you have the right type of parchment paper which is suitable for cooking which is easily checked by looking at the packaging it came in.

If you don't have the packaging then check the manufacturers website.

Parchment paper is a conducive and cheap way to microwave your food. 

As much as they come in different types, they come with a guarantee safety measure. 

They do not pose any health risk which is an added advantage for the customer.