Can You Microwave a Turkey?

You have probably heard the microwave turkey joke. If not, the question is here for you to ponder.

A conventional microwave can accommodate a small portion of about 10 pounds of amount.

However, a full-grown turkey can weigh several times heavier and much bigger.

Perhaps, there is a way to forego all these hurdles, but how?

Here is a set of methods to navigate this problem and microwave a turkey…

Step 1: What Size Is Your Turkey?

It would be best if you start by determining the size and state of your Turkey.

Your turkey should probably be cooked in an oven and needs warming.

A freshly slaughtered full-grown turkey is a no-brainer out of the question.

Step 2: Chop The Turkey

Chop your turkey into sizeable chunks and pieces that can fit in a regular size bowl in multiple numbers of pieces.

You can now fit your turkey in the normal size microwave without much trouble.

The chopping process ensures that your turkey is in sizeable portions. 

This will be important in heat distribution during microwaving.

Step 3: Place Into A Container

Place your chopped chucks in an oven cooking bag before microwaving.

The pouches ensure even heat distribution and proper heating as you warm your turkey.

The common limitation of uneven heating in the microwave crates is a challenge that you will need to overcome for a successful process and outcome.

Step 4: Setup Microwave

Set your microwave on medium power and allow the portions to heat for ten minutes.

Rotate and reheat as necessary, according to the amount of turkey in your dish.

Conventionally, it is recommended that you allow your turkey to heat for 7 to 9 minutes for every pound of meat.

Step 5: Check The Temperature

Check the temperature of your turkey by inserting a thermometer for every regular heat and turn duration.

You should especially check the interior for even heating and cooking.

The problems that you will encounter at this stage include uneven heat penetration. Regular checks and turns are necessary to overcome this challenge.

Step 6: Cook Until Reaches Desired Temperature

Repeat the twists and rotations until your turkey has achieved the desired temperature.

Ensure that every part is evenly served with heat and warmed in the process.

In standard terms, you will know that your turkey is well heated when the innermost parts of the thighs and wings reach 165 °F.

Step 7: Check If It’s Ready

Consult the microwave manual on the number of repeats and the total duration that you will have to wait for complete cooking.

The manual also has a temperature probe that you would follow while setting and monitoring.

Ultimately, the amount you want to cook is essential to consider as you consult the manual.

So, Can You Microwave A Turkey?

”Can you microwave a turkey” is a common question and a popular joke.

There are essential steps to consider while responding to this question.

The answer is yes. You can microwave a turkey because;

  • You will start by precooking it in an oven, chopping the dish into chunks of regular size, and warming them for 7 to 9 minutes for every pound of your chopped pieces.
  • The chopped pieces can easily fit in a regular microwave and allow steady and even heat distribution.
  • The microwave has a manual that you would use to monitor for even heating and cooking.