Can An Air Fryer Catch Fire?

Air Fryers are popular kitchen appliances and so with that come with many reviews, some of which are negative. Much like any electrical appliances, there are hazards and safety measures you may have to take into account.

Regularly, people believe air fryers are prone to causing fire hazards. But even if they appear dangerous generally, it is very unlikely for an air fryer to catch fire. Admittedly, it is not impossible. Like many other electronic devices, air fryers can also catch fire.

In this article, I am going to talk about whether it is possible for an air fryer to catch fire, what can cause it and how to stop it.

What Can Cause My Air Fryer To Catch Fire?

Generally, like other devices, air fryers can mostly catch fire because of their wrong usage. This could easily be prevented if you firstly familiarise yourself with your air fryer. Below we will discuss the 10 most common ways for an air fryer to catch fire and cause a hazard.

1. Safety Instructions

It may be a silly cause, but unfortunately, a common one of air fryers getting fire is not reading the safety instructions. Commonly, most of us always throw away any instructions given by the manufacturers for any appliance.

Obviously, the instructions were given for an apparent reason, which is our safety. Within the instructions, there is vital information on the use of an air fryer.

For instance, it is wise to check the required voltage needed to use the air fryer. If not, and in case of a mistake, the air fryer may easily catch fire.

2. Washing Incorrectly

Understandably, like any other appliance, especially for the kitchen, it is advised to regularly clean the air fryer. This point is definitely agreeable. Suppose people do not wash the air fryer correctly and regularly.

In that case, it is possible for food particles or crumbs to be stuck on the air fryer’s surface, and then on the next use, they get burned. Also, when cleaning the air fryer, you must not use water on any of the appliance’s electrical components. Otherwise, it can cause a fire hazard.

3. Using Too Much Oil 

Certainly, fried food is all about greasiness and oil. Often while cooking traditionally, it is not uncommon for people to use an excessive amount of oil. Yet, while using the air fryer, it is advised to use only a tablespoon of oil or even none.

After all, most air fryers claim to be oil-free. For instance, specific food such as meat already has fat. Thus, using more than necessary oil could potentially create a fire.

But it is still requisite to grease the air fryer by spraying or rubbing a bit of cooking oil. The food won’t stick or burn by greasing the bottom grates, and there is less chance of a fire hazard.

4. Non-Stick Aerosol Spray Cans

Unquestionably, non-stick aerosol cans are known for causing chipping on the air fryers. Usually, this happens due to the additives and harsh agents that are not friendly towards the coating of the basket within the air fryer.

The chipping could potentially cause food particles and crumbs to stick on the basket and create sticky residue over time. Eventually, like using too much oil, the chipping itself or the sticky residue could cause a fire hazard.

5. Overcrowding The Air Fryer

Sometimes when we have guests, we might get too hasty and overcrowd the air fryer with too many foods. However, that is not advisable. If the basket of the air fryer is overcrowded, the hot air can not circulate freely.

Generally, when this happens, the food is unevenly cooked. But it could also create a fire hazard in the case of a malfunction due to the stagnant hot temperature.

Thus, you would be better of if you would cook your food in portions rather than all together.

6. Stable Surface

A common mistake among many that cause fire hazards is the location in the air fryer’s kitchen. First and foremost, the air fryer should be on a heat-resistance counter and a stable surface.

Otherwise, it is possible to face falls or other leaks and cause either minimal burnings of other devices or even a fire hazard. Especially if the exhaust vent is less than 5 inches away from other surfaces. 

7. Leaving the Air Fryer Unattended

While cooking, it is no secret that we have another thousand more chores to do. However, it is perhaps the most common reason for causing a fire. Whenever you use the air fryer, you should always be watching over it.

Never leave it unattended, especially if you have any children or pets. It is easy to be overthrown, causing burning wounds. In the case of any irregular malfunctions, the air fryer could catch fire while you are away doing other chores.

8. Temperature Check 

Like reading and making sure you use your air fryer correctly, it is necessary to always use the right temperatures for the food you are about to cook. Some foods may need a high temperature, while others require a relatively lower.

Similarly, not all air fryers are the same. So, you should never simply put everything at the highest temperature. If the food’s recommended temperature is not checked appropriately, the air fryer could get overheated and catch fire. 

9. Professional Repairs

Similar to everyone’s rushed usage of an air fryer without consulting the manufacturer’s instructions, many decided to repair an air fryer by themselves.

But no matter how much of a DIY enthusiast you might be, it is not wise to fix a noisy air fryer without professional help.

If you have a warranty used to your full advantage, or if not, still seek out the help of an experienced technician. Otherwise, there is a chance for the air fryer to catch fire. 

10. Unplug When Not In Use

Unfortunately, most of us make a common mistake while using an air fryer or any other electric device is not turning it off or unplugging it. After using the air fryer, we are so enthusiastic about our delicious crispy fries, we easily forget to unplug the air fryer.

Even if it feels unlikely for an air fryer to catch fire when turned off, it is still better to unplug the device when not in use. There is always the chance of a malfunction, which could cause the air fryer to explode and cause a fire hazard.  

What To Do If Your Air Fryer Catches Fire

Here are the three steps that should be taken in case of a fire hazard.

1. Turn Off The Air Fryer

First and foremost, if your air fryer catches fire, you need to turn off the source of the heat. Which is none other than the air fryer itself. Even if the fire seems scary and dangerous, it won’t stop without releasing the heat off of the air fryer.

Thus, it is essential to firstly turn off the air fryer and unplug the device. Although it is instinctive to throw water on a fire, do not in under any circumstances, throw water on the air fryer if it is still plugged and turned on.

Like any other electronic device, it would instead cause a further fire hazard and an electric shock or even get electrocuted.

2. Wet Towel

Indeed, the air fryer will not be usable again. Thus, instead of thinking of your precious air fryer, try to prevent of letting your house from catching fire. To do so, after turning off the air fryer, it would be best to throw a wet towel on the device.

Take a big enough towel to cover the air fryer and dip it into cold water. If the fire is not big already, without any hesitation, throw it on the burning air fryer. As the fire lessens, open the windows to let the heat and smoke leave the house. 

2. Fire Department

In the case of a more significant fire, be sure to call the fire department. Still, turn off or, if not possible unplugged the device and get ready for the emergency call. Firstly though, close all the windows and doors of your house.

Especially in the kitchen or otherwise the room your air fryer is in. Then, get out of your home and call the emergency number and call the firefighters.

Although it is unlikely for an air fryer to create such a significant hazard, it is good to always know how to deal with a fire hazard and what id the number of emergency calls.