5 Best Cloth Napkins (Everyday and Special Events)

Best Cloth Napkins

If you make the switch from anything disposable to something re-usable, you’re going to reap the rewards.

Replacing ordinary paper towels with cloth napkins can be a great investment, saving you money in the long run.

They’re not only good for your wallet- they’re great for the environment too!

Using cloth napkins reduces deforestation caused by paper manufacturing so these guilt-free pieces of fabric can add a touch of elegance to your dinner table and give your home a more luxurious look whilst saving the planet. 

Although switching napkin material seems like a small change, the more people that make the switch, the bigger the impact it has on the planet. 

If you’re looking to get your hands on some cloth napkins, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the perfect set isn’t always straightforward as you’ll need to consider the material, the style, the color, and how much you're willing to pay based on how often you'll use them.

Here's the top pick cloth napkin...


Our favorite cloth napkins overall is this pack made by Utopia Kitchen.

They come in a pack of 12, meaning there are plenty of napkins for the whole family, plus more!

This makes this multipack perfect for festive dinners with the extended family as well as weddings and other large gatherings.

These napkins measure 18x18 inches, which is the normal size for an ‘average’ napkin.

The equal measurements of these napkins help to create a stylish and uniform look.

These dinner napkins have been handcrafted to a high-quality standard, cut and sewn with care, and completed with a neat and generous outer hem.

These napkins come in a wide variety of different colors too, from crisp hotel white to vibrant orange.

Also, thanks to their color-safe design, the vibrancy won’t fade as long as they’re washed on cool temperatures.

The napkins are constructed from a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend.

This is an ideal construction for dinner napkins as it is super-absorbant, soft to the touch and quick-drying.

The materials used to make these napkins are hotel quality. This is thanks to the way that the polyester-cotton blend is tightly weaved.

This causes liquids to bead and sit on the surface of the fabric for a short time instead of soaking it up immediately.

This is what makes these napkins great at resisting stains. .

Of course, these napkins are 100% reusable as they are machine washable, making them convenient and easy to maintain.

This 12 pack is also extremely budget-friendly, making it affordable for most people.


  • Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester - a strong and absorbent blend

  • Pack of 12 napkins, perfect for large gatherings and events

  • 12 color options available, from neutral to vibrant

  • 100% reusable and machine washable

  • Stain-resistant technology makes cleanup easy

  • Budget-friendly 


  • Not every napkin is completely square, but all work great and look good regardless


If plain white “hotel-style” napkins sound too clinical and plain, consider spicing up your napkin game by incorporating patterns and colors.

Getting your hands on this multipack of cloth dinner napkins by Ruvanti is a great place to start.

Much like our Top Pick, these Ruvanti napkins also come in a multipack of 12.

This makes them ideal for festive celebrations, Thanksgiving get-togethers, and much more.

These napkins measure 20x20 inches, providing a large and uniform shape.

The napkins have been professionally tailored with care and precision, even including mitered corners and a generous thick hem.

They’re also eye-catching thanks to their vibrancy and design.

This pack comes in a choice of 2 patterns; multi-stripe or salsa-stripe.

Both options are colorful, loud and eclectic which can instantly add a touch of character to your dinner table setup.

These napkins are made from 100% pure cotton.

This construction is pretty hard to come by in affordable cloth napkins, as it is a more luxurious and expensive option compared to a blend with polyester or microfiber.

100% cotton napkins are soft to the touch, super-absorbant and provide a light and fluffy feel.

The construction of these napkins has been specially designed to be washed over and over again, without the risk of color runs or fading.

They’re even suitable for machine washing, providing that it is set to a low temperature.

However, they should only be washed with similar colors to prevent any possible mishaps. 


  • Made from 100% pure cotton, allowing for a super-soft feel

  • Multipack of 12- perfect for large gatherings and events

  • Colorful striped patterns help you to stand out from the crowd

  • Machine washable on low temperatures

  • Anti-color fade technology


  • Aren’t very absorbent on their first use. To get around this, wash your napkins before using them for the first time. 


Next up is this multipack of polyester dinner napkins from VEEYOO.

These napkins are the most affordable on this list, making them perfect for those on a smaller budget.

The reason for their attractive price point is that they’re constructed from just polyester, rather than a blend with cotton, which is a cheaper material though still surprisingly soft.

They’re soft to the touch and have been carefully cut and hemmed for added durability.

The napkins measure 17x17 inches, making them the perfect size for any event. 

These napkins come in a choice of 30 colors! Including neutral, vibrant, and multiple shades of popular colors.

This makes these napkins ideal for a color-schemed event, such as a wedding.

What’s more, VEEYOO has also created a matching tablecloth collection, so your napkins can match your whole setup.

This may be particularly appealing to cafe and restaurant owners too.

The manufacturer claims that these napkins are stain and wrinkle-resistant, and many.

Of course, these cloth napkins are 100% reusable which promotes sustainability and can save you money in the long run.

The napkins can be machine washed on a cool, gentle cycle. You can even iron them if you like, but make sure the heat remains low. 


  • Choice of 30 colors, from neutrals to vibrant

  • Made from 100% polyester, making them a cheaper option compared to cotton napkins

  • Soft to the touch with a durable and generous hem

  • Suitable for low-temperature machine washing

  • Matching tablecloths available


  • As they’re made from polyester, some reviewers have reported that these napkins are prone to slipping if you place them on your lap.


These cloth dinner napkins made by Urban Villa are a great option for those who want to avoid solid block colors.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Urban Villa offers their super-soft dinner napkins in a huge variety of colors and patterns. 

There are a whopping 15 design options, including multi-colored gingham in an array of color combinations.

They measure at 20x20 inches, making them perfect for any occasion, including BBQs, dinner parties, and celebrations.

These napkins are made from 100% cotton, which is the ideal material for napkins.

This is because it’s soft and comfortable yet great at absorbing liquids and spills.

The manufacturer boasts that these cloth napkins are durable and wrinkle-resistant, making them ideal for everyday family use.

They’re reusable and machine washable, meaning you’re saving money on disposable paper towels and doing your part to save the planet, too.

Ensuring that they’re washed with only cold water, these napkins are made for longevity.

Even after multiple washes, the color of these napkins won’t run or fade.

Also, compared to similar napkins on the market, this multipack from Urban Villa is pretty affordable. 


  • Made from 100% pure cotton which makes these napkins soft and absorbent

  • 15 design options to choose from; including gingham, multicolor, or block color

  • Measures at 20x20 inches, perfect for events

  • Durable and wrinkle-resistant

  • Machine washable on low temperatures without color run and fading


  • Despite the anti-wrinkle technology, some reviewers still found that they were having to iron their napkins after every wash


Last but certainly not least on our list of cloth napkins is yet another product made by Ruvanti Kitchen.

Unlike our second pick, these cloth napkins are made from premium quality linen.

These napkins measure 18x18 inches, a perfect size for the dinner table or large events and gatherings.

They’re soft to the touch yet firm enough to be shaped and folded into elegant designs.

These napkins have been professionally tailored with mitered corners and a large hem.

Much like most of the other napkins on this list, these come in a multipack of 12. 

The construction of these napkins has been specially designed to be washed over and over again, without the risk of color runs or fading.

They’re even suitable for machine washing, providing that it is set to a low temperature.

However, they should only be washed with similar colors to prevent any possible mishaps.

These napkins come in a choice of 10 different colors, with a generous mix of lights, darks and neutral colors.

They’re even safe to be washed in a machine, just be sure to wash them at a low temperature only.

They shouldn’t require ironing, but if you choose to iron them, make sure the heat is on the lowest setting possible.

Even after multiple washes, the color-safe technology will prevent any spills or fading. 


  • Made from a comfortable poly-cotton blend

  • Super-absorbant and 18x18 large size

  • Color-safe technology prevents color fade and spill

  • Safe for machine washing on low temperatures

  • Multiple colors to choose from, including darks, lights and neutrals


  • The quality is subjective. 
  • Some colored napkins are thinner than other colors

Best Cloth Napkins Buying Guide

Before making the switch from disposable paper towels to reusable cloth napkins, there are a few things that you should consider.

You’ll need to take into account what they’re made from, how absorbent they are, how they look, and much more. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect choice.


The material of your cloth napkins can make all the difference. For example, cloth napkins that are made from 100% cotton tend to be softest and warmest to the touch, making them ideal for dinner napkins.

However, if they’re made from pure cotton, you should expect to pay a little more for the higher quality material.

Cotton is also the best material for preventing wrinkling. So if you’re not a huge fan of ironing, consider getting your hands on some cotton cloth napkins.

Polyester and cotton blends are also becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their durable design and cheap price point.

However, it’s a good idea to note that polycotton blends don’t feel as luxurious as pure cotton, so you get what you pay for when it comes to material.

Linen is also a popular option and usually the most expensive, but linen requires lots of ironing as it’s not very wrinkle-resistant. 


Possibly the most important factor to consider when choosing cloth napkins is the absorbency.

You’re going to need napkins that are capable of catching spills and mopping up messes.

Consider looking for soft napkins that have plenty of surface area for your guests to use as they eat. This will ensure that they enjoy their meal, rather than wear it. 

While being absorbent is great, there’s no use in having a great dinner napkin that holds stains.

To prevent unsightly staining, opt for napkins that specify that they’re stain-resistant and machine washable.

This will improve the longevity of your napkins, saving you more money in the long run.


As you can tell by our list, cloth dinner napkins can come in an array of different colors, designs, and patterns.

If minimalism is your thing, consider buying crisp white “hotel-style” white napkins.

If this sounds a little too basic for you, you’re in luck. You can get cloth napkins in pretty much every color to match any occasion or table setup.

Gingham is becoming increasingly popular, as well as embroidered napkins with attractive detailing or even monograms.

Before making a purchase, consider where you plan to use your napkins and how the color and style of them can be incorporated into your space. 


The inevitable spills and drips that occur during dinner make us wash the napkins after each use, and it can lead to wear and tear.

Try to keep an eye out for consistent stitching and clean hems, and avoid linens with loose threads or visible raw edges.

To find out more information about a napkin’s durability, we recommend reading customer reviews before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Cloth Napkins?

Reusable cloth napkins are used to clean up messes or wipe your hands and face while eating.

They are usually made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two, and come in all different colors and designs to suit your style or the occasion.

They can be reused and washed many times to help reduce waste. They are ideal for holidays, weddings, dinner parties, and other special occasions.

Cloth napkins are little luxuries that make an essential part of a dinnertime presentation at home. 

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To Cloth Napkins?

Cloth napkins last longer-  Cloth napkins are not a disposable item.

Unlike paper towels, they cover way beyond one spill and can even last beyond one meal, even a very messy one.

Even used to the maximum capacity, cloth napkins can be tossed into the laundry basket before being machine washed.

Anything that can be reused instead of throwing it away is going to have a positive impact on the environment.

Cloth napkins are cheaper-  For an average family of 4, each using one paper towel for 3 meals a day, one roll would last 13 days.

However, with the prices of cloth napkins starting at just $1 a napkin, you’re going to notice some savings eventually.

Cloth napkins also eradicate the need to head to the shops for emergency napkins, saving you time, fuel, and money. 

Cloth napkins look better- Trading disposable paper towels for cloth napkins can add a stylish and luxurious look to your home or special occasion.

Cloth napkins look professional and expensive, especially when folded and crafted to make attractive designs.

Also, cloth napkins can be embroidered to add extra elegance to a wedding or party.

Cloth napkins are also compatible with napkin rings, so you can personalize each napkin for each guest.