Are Vertical Waffle Makers Better?

Waffle makers come in different types, sizes, designs, and models. Although relatively new, the vertical design has gained traction in recent years. But do vertical waffle makers come with any added benefits?

Vertical waffle makers are better than horizontal alternatives, as they come with easy-to-use vertical designs that enable you to make uniformly cooked, perfectly shaped waffles. Besides occupying less space, they prevent overfilling, underfilling, or spilling batter, making them less messy.

The rest of this article will explain the benefits of vertical waffle makers, their cons, and what to consider when buying them. Read on for these and more information on the best vertical waffle makers on the market.

Why Buy a Vertical Waffle Maker?

There are several reasons to buy a vertical waffle maker. Some of them include:

Unique, easy-to-use vertical design: The unique design features a batter pour spout that uses gravity to fill its plates uniformly for consistent, tasty, and perfectly shaped waffles.

Less messy: It’s easy to fill a vertical waffle maker without overfilling, under-filling, or spilling, as well as being leak-proof.

Requires less space: Typical waffle makers lay flat, causing them to occupy more space. However, vertical makers stand upright when cooking, so they require less space, which creates more room for plates, a big bowl of batter, or your coffee. They’re easier to store in confined spaces.

Aesthetic appeal: The vertical design is aesthetically appealing, and by using a vertical waffle maker, you’ll spruce up your kitchen design.

Why Would a Vertical Waffle Maker Not Be Desirable?

Although the upright design comes with its pros, it also has a large disadvantage. For instance, you need to pour the batter into the iron blindly, which might cause you to pour too much batter, causing it to bubble up through the slot.

This leaves a big dough ball that leaves a runny mess once you remove the waffle. To avoid this problem, soften your batter with some milk.

What To Look For in a Vertical Waffle Maker

You want to get the best vertical waffle maker, right? If so, here are some of the factors you should consider to ensure you get the best deal on the market:

Do You Want a Belgian or Classic Waffle Maker?

Belgian waffle makers are designed to produce thick, soft, and fluffy waffles and feature round or square plates that come with deep pockets to trap more syrup or batter. 

Classic waffle makers feature thinner plates and yield thinner, more crispy waffles. Unlike Belgian waffles, they don’t have thick, fluffy interiors. The plates create more pockets, leading to crunchier edges.

What Shape and Size Do You Prefer?

After deciding on the type of waffle maker, you should choose the shape type you prefer. Although most Classic and Belgian waffle makers come in round or square shapes, you can also choose from animals, hearts, sticks, and pops shapes.

Unique Features To Look For

Some of the unique features include special rotary functions for flipping. You might want to select vertical waffle makers with no-drip features to catch any escaping batter and prevent your countertop from getting messy.

You could also check if the available options have interchangeable plates for making waffles or sandwiches.

Number of Waffles You’ll Be Making

How many waffles do you need to make on a typical day or session?

When selecting a waffle maker, you’ll need to determine how many people you’ll serve each session. Since waffles freeze well, choose the model that makes more waffles for busy mornings.

Speed of the Waffle Maker’s Heating Element

Waffle makers heat up and cool down at different rates. For example, some models require more reheat time between batches, while others allow you to cook continuously. Therefore, evaluate the available alternatives’ speed to select the model that can cook the number of waffles you’d require within a given duration.

If you’re in the waffle business, you’ll want to look for a maker that cooks continuously or churns out multiple waffles simultaneously.

Ease of Storage

Unless you’re in business, your waffle maker is highly likely to be used occasionally. Since you won’t use it every day, look for a model that doesn’t take up significant storage space. Although vertical waffle makers generally occupy less space, check for cord winders or built-in cord storage, which come in handy when you need to avoid tangles all over the place.

Preheating Indicators

Some waffle makers come with indicators that chime or light up, depending on whether they’re preheated enough or ready to cook another batch.

Although light serves the same purpose, sounds are more convenient since you don’t have to “babysit” your waffles – instead, you can prepare your favourite toppings as you wait for the waffles to get done. If your preferred model doesn’t have an indicator, you will need to monitor the steam output. Most models stop releasing steam when the cooking is almost complete.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose a maker with nonstick surfaces to avoid the hassles that come with removing the waffles, such as ensuring they’re intact. Besides, nonstick surfaces reduce the amount of oil needed in cleaning.

Some units come with removable, dishwasher-safe plates for faster cleanup, while others come with spillover plates, helping keep messy overflows at bay.

Tip: You might want to use plastic tongs or chopsticks when removing waffles, so as to prevent scratching, which causes the batter to stick, making cleaning difficult.

Adjustable Browning Controls

Some models come with browning controls that allow you to determine how golden or crispy the cooked waffles would be. Uneven browning and undercooked areas can discourage you from making waffles frequently.

To avoid that, select the option with easy-to-use and accurate adjustments.

What Is the Waffle Maker Made From?

The materials used to make the waffle maker determines critical aspects, such as its durability, preheat and bake times, and the ease of cleaning it.

Waffle makers come in four key material types:

  • Cast aluminum: This material is energy-efficient, thanks to its fast preheat and bake times. However, since aluminum is a soft metal, it dents and scratches quickly.
  • Steel: This is scratch-resistant material that is dishwasher safe that distributes heat evenly for uniform cooking. It does have longer preheat and bake times, however.
  • Cast iron: It is highly durable, retains more heat, and becomes nonstick after seasoning, but it needs to be regularly seasoned and has longer preheat times.
  • Nonstick: This material keeps your waffles intact and is easy to clean. However, its coating tends to scratch and chip so you must hand wash it.

The Specs

To determine whether a given model suits your needs, you’ll want to check its voltage rating. Check the cord and plug to ensure the former is compatible with the voltage. It’s also critical to note that most dual waffle makers feature twin cords or plugs and require separate circuits. To do that, you should read the unit’s specifications carefully.

Best Vertical Waffle Makers

If you need a vertical waffle maker that removes the guesswork out of your cooking, here are some of the best options available:

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

The Presto FlipSide Belgian waffle maker delivers well-browned, soft, and crispy waffles. You don’t have to use a separate alarm to alert you when your waffles are ready, thanks to the countdown timer and indicator lights that come with this waffle maker. The nonstick plates are easy to clean, while the flip design allows you to disperse batter uniformly for even cooking. 

Oster 2102601 Waffle Maker

You’ll fall in love with baking, thanks to the Oster Waffle Maker’s batter-pouring funnel that prevents overflow, which could end up messy. You can top off the perfect amount of batter each time without creating a mess, thanks to the accompanying measuring cup.

The nonstick, titanium-infused ceramic coating doesn’t flake or peel, extending its lifespan, and it is also easy to clean, features indicator lights, and occupies less space because of its vertical design.

Oster 2110002 DiamondForce Waffle Maker

The DiamondForce waffle maker features a superior nonstick, diamond-infused coating, making it the longest-lasting option on the market. It comes with a measuring cup, indicator lights, a cool-touch handle, and an easy-open button. The waffle maker is non-toxic, scratch-resistant, and allows easy food release to prevent the batter from sticking from the cooking surface.

Cuisinart WAF-V100

Touted as the best vertical waffle maker, the Cuisinart WAF-V100 waffle iron makes cooking waffles worthwhile. It comes with a batter pour spout, audible alert, indicator lights, and browning adjustments, and it’s easy to operate.

All you need to do is pour the batter into a slot on top and keep it closed until your waffle is cooked. You can also set your preferred crispiness, thanks to the temperature gauge.

This video reviews the Cuisinart waffle iron in-depth: