Are SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable? – Here’s What You Need To Know

SodaStream is a leading brand among many soda makers, with different kinds of SodaStream bottles boasting a variety of specs, sizes, and varieties.

The bottles come with the SodaStream drink maker, which amazingly allows you to create your custom sparkling water or carbonated beverage. Then, the machine dispenses the drink into their bottles, which have been designed to fit perfectly with the drink maker.

SodaStream bottles have a tight seal that prevents carbonation from leaking out of your bottle and come in different designs, sizes, or types. In this guide, we would be answering some questions you might have about SodaStream, specifically whether it’s interchangeable.

What Are the Different Types of SodaStream Bottles?

SodaStream has different types of bottles in its selection, and they all differ from each other in terms of size, material, and designs.

Many of the SodaStream bottles come in different colours, including red, orange, green, and yellow. Although the colour doesn’t influence the durability or quality of the bottle, you can pick based on your personal preferences.

Although there are some dishwasher-friendly bottles, most of them have to be washed by hand, using soap and water. You can fill the bottle with soapy water through the small opening, leave it for a while and then rinse it.

When choosing a SodaStream bottle, you have to decide the machine it’s compatible with, the size, and how you would maintain it.

  • Default Plastic SodaStream 1 Liter Bottles

This is the most basic SodaStream bottle that you can find, made of plastic and with the typical 1-liter size. The size can carry a good amount of soda to keep you for a long time, so you won’t have to refill it regularly.

Although this isn’t the highest quality SodaStream bottle in the series, it is BPA free so this assures that there are no harmful compounds or chemicals in the plastic. It is compatible with most soda machines.

  • Plastic SodaStream 0.5 Liter Bottle

For a smaller sized SodaStream bottle, you can choose the one that comes in 0.5 liters. The smaller bottles would be ideal for those who want to reduce their soda intake and for children. It’s also a brilliant way to trick yourself into thinking you drank an entire bottle of soda when you only got half.

It is similar to the 1-liter bottle above. The plastic 0.5-liter bottles can be bought in packs of two, so you spend less money and can buy more bottles for your soda machine, especially if you’re sharing the machine with friends or your family.

  • Stainless Steel SodaStream Bottle

The stainless steel SodaStream bottle is another type, and as the name implies, it is made of stainless steel. This material assures you of durability and hypoallergenic friendliness. Stainless steel doesn’t rust easily and can last for a long time under heavy use.

It maintains its shape after a long time, unlike plastic. The stainless steel SodaStream bottle cap and bottom are made of stainless steel, while the middle is made of BPA-free plastic. Apart from the Crystal and Penguin soda machines, this SodaStream bottle is compatible with all other machines.

  • Secondary Version Stainless Steel SodaStream Bottle

This is also made of stainless steel, but the design is a bit different from the previous one. This SodaStream bottle is slimmer and more stylish than the previous one, but its compatibility with soda machines is limited.

It is only compatible with the Play, Source, and Power models of SodaStream. It isn’t compatible with the One Touch machine like the plastic models.

  • Stainless Steel SodaStream 0.5 L Bottle

If you want to reduce your soda intake but also want a stainless-steel bottle, you can go for the stainless-steel Soda Stream 0.5 liters bottle. It is just as stylish as the other bottles, except that it holds less soda.

  • Carbonating Plastic SodaStream Bottles

SodaStream also has different kinds of carbonating plastic bottles, and what is unique about them is that they might be made of BPA plastic, but they are also dishwasher safe. It’s not advisable to use your soda maker machine in the dishwasher, but the bottles are usually had to clean properly with your hand.

So, regular soda drinkers would benefit from having a SodaStream bottle that can be cleaned with the dishwasher. The plastic won’t melt under high temperatures when used in a dishwasher because it’s stronger than normal plastic bottles.

  • Glass SodaStream Bottles

SodaStream also makes glass bottles apart from the plastic and stainless steel, and although they last longer than the plastic versions, which is three years, they can’t be used by children because they can break when dropped.

The glass bottles also have a 1-liter or 0.8-liter capacity, and they can be used in a dishwasher. Glass is less likely to be broken or bend under the heat of a dishwasher. 

The sparkling water machines are compatible with different kinds of bottles.

·         The 0.8-liter Glass SodaStream Bottles can be used with the Penguin and Aqua Fizz makers.

·         The 0.5-liter carbonating plastic SodaStream bottles are compatible with One-Touch, Splash Play, Power, Fizzi, Genesis, and Source makers.

·         The 1-liter plastic SodaStream bottles can be used with Fizzi, Genesis, Source, One Touch, Splash Play, and Power makers.

·         The 1-liter carbonating plastic SodaStream bottles are used with the One Touch, Genesis, Source, Power, Fizzi, Jet, Source, and Cool sparkling watermakers.

Are SodaStream Bottles All the Same?

No, they aren’t. Since we have already explored the different kinds of SodaStream bottles that you can use, it’s evident that they aren’t all the same. The bottles can either be plastic, glass, or stainless steel and also come in different sizes.

SodaStream bottles also differ in color and have different features. The main reason why these bottles are different is the machines they are compatible with. While some are widely compatible with all SodaStream machines, like plastic bottles, others can only be used with certain machines. There are different types of SodaStream machines, used to make sparkling water or soda.

The main SodaStream models include Aqua Fizz, One Touch, and Fizzi. Plastic SodaStream bottles are compatible with One-Touch, but not stainless steel. Before buying any SodaStream bottle, you should consider the different factors like how much soda you drink and which machine you’re buying. You also have to look at how often you would use the bottle.

So, in conclusion, SodaStream bottles are different, and you have to find one that meets your needs rather than buying the first one you see.

Why Not All SodaStream Bottles and Machines Are Compatible

Although SodaStream has different kinds of bottles and machines, not all of them can be used with each other. The reason is that they all differ in their design and construction. Some SodaStream machines have a carbonate nozzle design that can only be used with particular bottle openings, and so you can’t use an alternative bottle with it.

An example of this kind of machine is the Aqua Fizz, which has a closing apparatus that locks in the glass carafe bottle. The lower opening of the glass SodaStream bottle would be locked and if it doesn’t lock, it won’t carbonate.

Apart from this, you might not be able to use some of the SodaStream 0.5L bottles with particular machines because they are too small. You might decide to hold the bottle to the nozzle with your hand, but this is unsteady and would require you to be very careful if you don’t want to make a mess.

Are SodaStream Bottles Interchangeable with Other Brands?

The answer to this question is that it depends. If the question was whether all SodaStream bottles are interchangeable, the answer will be no, because some of the machines are designed to be used with one specific type of bottle. The main plastic bottles you get when you buy SodaStream machines can be used with other types of machines.

SodaStream bottles can be interchangeable with other brands if the latter’s bottles can fit into the carbonation nozzle. If yes, then you can use it normally, although you would have to watch it closely to make sure the water does not overflow.

SodaStream bottles have a particular design that fit in their machines and the carbonation that you need. If you’re using another brand’s bottle, you would have to calculate when to stop the bottle from overflowing and how much carbonation is best.

Also, some customized soda machines only fit bottles of a particular shape, size, or height because of how the carbonator nozzles were designed. This approach is followed to prevent customers from buying other kinds of bottles and using them with their machines. You would have to purchase the brand’s bottle to use the machine properly.

You would have to figure out the bottle that matches your machine, even if it’s not a SodaStream bottle. If your SodaStream machine accepts different kinds of plastic bottles, you can look for high-quality bottles that would make your machine seem more stylish and also last for a long time.

You might need to use another bottle if your SodaStream bottles have run out. But, SodaStream bottles are perfect for SodaStream machines, because they have predetermined measurement lines that make them easier to use. You can also use your SodaStream bottle for other soda machines, although you also have to check if it fits.

Here are some compatible soda makers and SodaStream bottles. If these SodaStream bottles can be used with these machines, this means that you can also use their bottles with your SodaStream machines.

·         The DrinkMate machines can be used with SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinders.

·         SodaStream bottles work with AARKE machines because SodaStream first mass-produced their carbonators.

·         KitchenAid machines are compatible with SodaStream.

·         Some SodaStream bottles also work with Soda Siphon.

Benefits of Using SodaStream Bottles for SodaStream Machines

There are few differences between SodaStream and other kinds of bottles. As expected, SodaStream has some advantages over alternative bottles. Even SodaStream manufacturers state that you should use recommended bottles with their machines.

Here are the advantages of using SodaStream bottles for their machines, and not alternatives.

Easy Use

It’s very easy to use a SodaStream bottle with a corresponding machine because the bottles have markings on the exterior, which indicate how far you should fill with cold water. With the help of the markings, you don’t end up overfilling the bottle with water. If there’s too much water, it would completely overflow once you add carbonation.

This would affect your carbonation quality and also cause a big mess. But with the SodaStream bottle, the markings allow you to leave a small space on top for the extra carbonation to collect. It would reduce the pressure on the bottle and reduce the risk of damage.


When you use a SodaStream bottle with the corresponding machine, you are also protected by the warranty. This is the same as using SodaStream bottles for other kinds of machines. But, DrinkMate would not void your warranty even if you use a SodaStream bottle with their machine.

Although SodaStream machines are highly durable, they can still suffer or break while you’re using them. If they break, SodaStream would replace it because they manufactured it. But if they didn’t manufacture the bottle you’re using, you can’t claim a warranty.


Using a non-SodaStream bottle for a SodaStream machine is also hard and risky because the former doesn’t have the design that the latter needs. The SodaStream bottles are designed to fit perfectly into the carbonating nozzle, and there is also a snap that would keep them in place during the carbonation. This makes using non-SodaStream bottles difficult – you won’t know how to keep them in place.

You can also find a water bottle or container that fits right with the carbonating nozzle of your SodaStream machine. For most SodaStream machines, you can’t even carbonate without locking the bottle, so you won’t be able to interchange the bottles with another brand. Even with this, it’s a good safety measure that protects you.

If you find a bottle that fits perfectly with your SodaStream bottle, you can place it in the machine and carbonate the water. But you should leave some space on top when making your drink so that it won’t overflow or damage the machine. After using an alternative bottle for your machine a few times, you’ll become good at measurements and preventing overflows.

But if your alternative bottle doesn’t fit with the SodaStream machine, you would have to hold it while making your drink. The upside here is that you get to monitor the process to see if it’s going well, and you know when to add fizz to the water.

Interchanging SodaStream bottles with other brands might be tricky, but if you find one that fits perfectly, you can use it. Keep in mind that you might make some mistakes at the beginning, especially with the lack of measurement, but it would be easy to get the hang of it.

Why You Might Need to Replace your SodaStream Bottle

If you’re thinking of interchanging your SodaStream bottle with another brand, it might be because of particular reasons. For one, the SodaStream bottles have an expiry date because of the pressure that carbonation places on the bottle. After going through carbonation a couple of times, the bottle becomes damaged by heat and less durable.

If it reaches the expiry date, you might need a new bottle. And if you don’t have any SodaStream bottles around, you can look for other bottles that can fit.

If you use the glass SodaStream bottles and they unexpectedly break, you would also need an alternative bottle to keep your soda. Regardless of the damage that the bottle suffers, if you have a good, non-SodaStream alternative, you can easily interchange it with the SodaStream bottle.

Are SodaStream Accessories Interchangeable with Other Brands?

Apart from the bottles, you can also purchase certain accessories from SodaStream. These accessories don’t usually affect the durability, quality, or capacity of the bottles. They only add some sort of extra function or aesthetics to your SodaStream bottle.

For instance, you can buy extra caps for your SodaStream bottle, especially if you misplace the caps that the bottle came with. It’s also a helpful accessory if your bottle is used by kids because they can misplace caps very easily.

Also, the SodaStream slim bottles allow you to purchase an insulating sleeve at extra cost. The sleeve is removable, so you can remove them when putting the bottle in the machine, and then you can put it back once it’s done. The sleeve would keep the soda cold throughout the day.

SodaStream accessories can be used with other brands, and vice versa, as long as it fits. For instance, you can use the sleeve for the SodaStream slim bottles on similar bottles from other manufacturers, like the AARKE bottles since they were first mass-produced by SodaStream. They might also be compatible with some DrinkMate bottles.

As for the bottle caps, you can also use them with similar brands like DrinkMate, AARKE, KitchenAid, and Soda Siphon bottles. If you can find the right fit for your non-SodaStream bottle, you can use the accessories perfectly.