Are Instant Pots Noisy? – What You Need To Know!

Several kitchen appliances make our day-to-day lives so easy and peaceful. One such invention that humankind witnessed during the 2010s is the Multi-Functional Electric Pressure Cooker sold by the name “Instant Pot .”

It was one of the top-selling products sold in Amazon’s Prime Day sales event during 2016-2018 because it provided a variety of features, and the most important one was it was less noisy! However, this appears to be true to some extent.

Instant Pots are pressure cookers designed with safety valves that open to release excess pressure. This release produces a hissing sound, and this sound is an expected feature in all pressure cookers that are way noisier than instant pots. However, if these sounds persist, it might pose a problem.

You might wonder if it is safe to use the Pots when it starts making noticeable noises. Of course, you can! This article provides you with all the necessary measures that you could take to make sure your Pots are safe to use. Keep reading to see how!

Are Instant Pots Noisy?

Instant Pot is the most popular multi-cooker brand, and it does pretty much everything! It offers a lot of functions.

The Instant Pot has a multitude of utilities such as: 

  • Pressure cooking, 
  • Sauteing
  • Steaming 
  • Warming, etc. 

It acts as an all-in-one utensil that helps speed up the cooking process. 

Instant pots are generally silent during the process of cooking. They will occasionally generate the hissing sound which is nothing to be concerned about.

If the Instant Pot continues to hiss for an extended period of time, there is likely a problem with the sealing element of the Instant Pot. However, it is recommended that you begin troubleshooting right away when the hiss prolongs for a longer time.

While cooking, Instant Pots doesn’t hiss out the steam through the safety valves like many other modern stovetops and non-electric pressure cookers. Instant pots have built-in feature like vents which allows the excess steam to escape quietly.

Some of the instant pots tend to make little noise only when pressure build-up at the end of the cooking.

How Noisy Are Instant Pots?

Noise can be a significant factor when it comes to practicality. One of the main concerns of a lower-quality product is that it makes more noise than its better-manufactured rivals. Instant Pots have proven to be one of the best home appliances in the market. Instant Pots can be utilized to cook varied cuisines with tranquil noise. 

However, there are some factors that we need to caution you about. That:That is when youryour Instant Pot starts to make certain noises continuously. Instant pots can make unpleasant noise only when there is some discrepancy with either the instrument itself or the way you place it.

Instances like: 

  • High-pressure build-up
  • Inadequate liquid in Instant Pot
  • Gasket not seated properly
  • Faulty valve
  • Overheated instant pot.   

Every noise is distinct for each problem that an instant pot creates, which can help you distinguish the reason for the fault.

Some of these noises are discussed below:

1. Hissing

In all the pressure cookers, including the instant Pot, a hissing noise is a usual and expected feature. A hissing sound begins when the pressure inside the cookware builds up and the safety value lifts. The lid of the Instant Pot is designed to reduce this excess pressure (produced in the form of steam) by releasing it, so the food can cook properly. 

Naturally, the Instant pot can survive high-pressure cooking without hissing, but it does not rule out the possibility of it happening. It will hiss a little at the end because it is programmed to release pressure faster than a natural release. The noise isn’t loud and shouldn’t cause concern. It’s perfectly natural. 

Be that as it may, it be a problem if the hissing continues for a long time.

2. Beeping

The beeping bing sound begins in the instant pot only when it starts to overheat. This can cause irreparable damage to the Instant Pot, so it is advised to give the Instant Pot IP a little time to cool before you use it again and so you can avoid it from overheating again. 

Instant Pot has a quick-release button, a safety feature that helps to cool it down. When your Instant Pot starts beeping, stop the task quickly and press the quick-release button on the pot to release the steam and enable the pot to cool down.

Various reasons can contribute to the overheating of your Instant Pot. One can be if there isn’t enough liquid inside. This is why you should make certain that you never add anything lower than the recommended amount of liquid.

3. Rattling

The Instant Pot produces a rattling type of noise when it starts to shake. This can be a dangerous situation. 

Pressure cookers normally start shaking only when there is too much pressure built inside of them. This happens when the valve is faulty and isn’t able to release enough pressure. It is suggested to stop any process being carried out and try to release the pressure inside.

Can You Prevent The Noise?

The immediate step to take is to identify the cause of the problem. It can be as simple as the lid not seated properly or that the parts are damaged or faulty. It is advisable to double-check your Instant Pot before using it.

It is suggested that you immediately begin troubleshooting by using the user’s manual as a reference. Once you find the problem, resolve it, and you’ll be able to stop your Pot from its excessive hissing. 

Here are a few of the steps you might choose to prevent the noise:

  • Checking the valves, lid and making sure it’s all sealed properly before cooking  
  • Reducing the temperature when necessary
  • Reducing the pressure when necessary
  • Sealing ring or gasket not rightly placed, which can cause a steam leak
  • Adding enough liquid while cooking dishes and recipes
  • Sealing rings should be changed every six months if you’re using your Instant Pot regularly, as they tend to stretch out and become worn out

The above-mentioned tips can make your use of Instant Pot far less noisy and are very silent compared to other appliances.

How Noisy Are They Compared To Other Appliances?

Pressure cookers used to be known for their distinct hissing sound, which raises your noisy experience in the kitchen. This is because of the steam which escapes through a single aperture of the appliance. Instant Pot serves as a solution to this and helps you enjoy a less noisy kitchen experience.

Instant Pots have vents that act as a special valve that helps release the steam quietly, which is a relatively new invention for pressure cookers; who knew they could be entirely silent? 

As we discussed above, it may make a series of beeps when it is overheating.  

Some produce a gentle hiss while they’re cooking, as excess steam leaks out. They can also produce beeps if they have an onboard timer. The beep sound symbolizes a caution sign that alerts you when your Instant Pot overheats. Nevertheless, the noise produced by Instant Pots is far lower than other kitchen appliances.

Are Smaller Instant Pots Quieter?

Every electric pressure cooker on the market is virtually silent. As mentioned above, they makenoise only when the steam is released through the safety valve at the very end of the cooking cycle. The sound it produces does not depend on the size of the Pots, as it has to do with the release of pressure from the valve.

The smaller instant pot holds the upper hand as it is:

  • Quiet
  • Portable
  • Safe

Smaller Instant Pots are much easier to carry and use while traveling or on vacation.

How Long Does The Noise Last?

The Instant Pot does not displace, bounce around, or produce any noise, except when it occasionally releases steam from the safety valve. The release of steam from the Instant Pot causes hissing noise and lasts till the pressure is released. 

The beep sound produced when the Instant Pot is overheated vanishes once you end the cooking process and press the quick-release button.


In conclusion, the noise produced by Instant Pot is both common and uncommon. The noise mentioned determines whether or not instant Pot should be generating noise. As mentioned in thisthis article, hissing is a familiar noise produced by instant Pot; any other sound like unanticipated beeping or rattling might be detrimental. 

Instant Pot is one of the most popular models on the market today, as it is very:

  • Quiet
  • Quick
  • Safe

Furthermore, double-check on the newly bought Instant Pot to avoid noise caused due to faulty appliance.  Read the guide above carefully to learn more about this and resolve any issues that may arise.