14 Best Glassware Brands in the World Ranked!

The glassware industry has grown exponentially over the last decade, and nowadays, there are some fantastic glassware brands out there. Some of the most prolific can put a hole in your pocket, but many affordable brands with excellent quality products are suitable for every budget. 

Here are 14 of the best glassware brands in the world that you can easily find on Amazon: 

  1. The Libbey Glass Company 
  2. La Rochere Glassware 
  3. Luminarc 
  4. Kilner 
  5. Marquis by Waterford 
  6. Anchor Hocking Glassware 
  7. Kingrol Glassware 
  8. Duralex 
  9. BenShot USA 
  10. Scandinovia 
  11. Le’raze Glassware 
  12. Bormioli Rocco 
  13. JoyJolt 
  14. Toyo Sasaki 

I will explore each of these glassware brands in detail below so you can find the best glassware brand for your budget. 

1. The Libbey Glass Company

Established in 1818 by William Drummond Libbey in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, Libbey Glass Company has headquarters worldwide, including: 

  • Toledo. 
  • Mexico. 
  • The Netherlands. 
  • Portugal. 
  • China. 

Libbey has a family of brands, including: 

  • Crisa in Latin America 
  • Royal Leerdam in Holland 
  • Pyrorey in Mexico 
  • Schönwald in Germany 
  • and many others 

Their glassware is unrivaled, with all-around fantastic reviews and products appropriate for every occasion. 

Consistent with their name as a household brand, their prices are very affordable. Their most popular item on Amazon is the Libbey Classic Can Tumbler Glass (Set of 4)

The reviews are raving, with this particular item rated at 90% 5-star from over 3,000 reviews. With such affordable prices for such fantastic quality, The Libbey Glass Company simply cannot be beaten. 

2. La Rochere Glassware

La Rochere Glassware was established in 1475 – so they know a thing or two about glass production. 

Inspired by French history, they produce unique items which signify their influence in the glass production industry. 

They produce ornaments, architectural glass, and housewares. 

One of their most famous products is the iconic Bee Glass – which has proven extremely popular. For a set of 6 iconic La Rochere Napoleon Bee Tumblers on Amazon, the price is extraordinarily reasonable.

Their customers are seemingly delighted with their products, with consistent 5-star ratings all across the board.

3. Luminarc

Luminarc sells stylish homewares and kitchen wares. Their glass collection includes beer, wine, cocktail, and spirit glasses for all budgets.

They’re well known for their creativity and chic trends. Their jugs and decanters, glass storage containers, and tumblers are also very popular with consumers.

Their most popular item on Amazon is the Luminarc Perfection Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 12). They have an 85% 5-star rating from over 2,200 reviews on this product, making them one of the most popular glassware brands among Amazon customers. 

4. Kilner

Kilner was first established by John Kilner back in 1842. Owned by the Typhoon Homewares Group, their bestsellers include consistent crowd-pleasers like their: 

  • Classic Canning Jars 
  • Breakfast Jars 
  • Unique Spice Jars 

Their main focus was the production of glass bottles and jars – but it wasn’t long before they invented the original Kilner Jar. 

With its distinctive design and long-lasting functionality, the Kilner Round Clip Top Jar is still popular today. You can find it on Amazon for the bargain prices and its high ratings might surprise you. 

With over 1,600 happy customers on Amazon, the Kilner Jar comes highly recommended. 

5. Marquis by Waterford

Marquis by Waterford (est. 1783), originating in Waterford, Ireland, is one of the most prestigious glassware companies globally. They’re famous for producing one-of-a-kind, handmade crystal glassware. 

They ship internationally and have stores worldwide, so they’re widely known by glass consumers everywhere. They currently have stores in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Waterford – but their website has a classic interface with ease of online shopping available. 

They have a vast portfolio of traditional and classic glassware pieces, including: 

  • House decor 
  • Lighting and chandeliers 
  • Ornaments 
  • Luxury crystal glasses 

One of their most popular items is the Markham by Marquis Double Old Fashion Set (4 pieces), with a reasonable price not normally found among brands of the same quality.. 

They also have champagne flutes and various styles of wine glasses for every occasion. 

They are rated very highly and come recommended by customers who insist on high-quality products. Their Amazon rating is 4.8 out of 5, with 86% 5-star reviews. 

6. Anchor Hocking Glassware

Anchor Hocking is famous for functional glass products, exclusively American-made. 

They produce pantry products such as: 

  • Cooking wares 
  • Food storage 
  • Drinkware 
  • Kitchen essentials 
  • Water bottles 

Tough Tempered Glass makes its appearance here, so all of Anchor Hocking’s cookware is bound to last for a long time. 

With sales happening around the clock on their website, prices at Anchor Hocking are very budget-friendly.

They have a dedicated page on Amazon, with its most popular product: The Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon (3.78 L) Heritage Hill Jar (set of 2)

With high reviews of 4.6 out of 5 for over 2,300 ratings on the Heritage Hill Jar, it’s worth taking a look. 

7. Kingrol Glassware

Kingrol is hailed as one of the most affordable (but still stylish and functional) brands in the United States. Their water glasses are chic and romantic and come highly recommended by consumers. 

Their most popular item on Amazon is the 6-pack of Kingrol Romantic Water Tumblers – at a bargain price for a vintage-style glassware set. 

Additionally, they come with recommendations by Amazon Choice – which is a reliable sign that they must be good. 

8. Duralex

Since 1945, Duralex has been producing high-quality tempered glasses. They invented the glass tempering process, so they have inevitably become an international household name.

Made in France, their glasses are known as the “original French tumblers.” 

They are:

  • Chip-resistant 
  • Very durable 
  • Easily stackable 
  • Microwave-safe 

They also sell storage solutions, bakeware, and kitchen supplies. 

Their most popular set on Amazon is the Duralex Picardie 18-piece Drinking Glasses and Tumbler Set

9. BenShot USA

Coming to you with original “bulletproof” glassware, BenShot is a father and son company producing some of the finest glassware products in the United States. 

Based in Wisconsin, the prolific shot glass was their first product – and paved the way for them to become a household name. They produce mainly glasses and customized gifts. 

BenShot also regularly gives back to the community, and they have collaborated with more than 500 charitable organizations in the US so far. 

As well as a website, BenShot also has a dedicated landing page on Amazon, with a 98% positive rating. 

Their most popular product, the Original BenShot Shot Glass, with a real bullet, is reasonably-priced and has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 for over 3,600 reviews. 

10. Scandinovia

Scandinovia is famous for unbreakable tableware, with glasses for all occasions. Their products are high quality, dishwasher safe, and affordable. 

They’re currently only available on Amazon, with a range of colorful and eclectic glassware that has proven very popular with customers. 

The Scandinovia 13 oz (384 mL)Unbreakable Premium Drinking Glasses (set of 6 and BPA free) come at a fair price and have an 88% 5-star rating and raving reviews. 

For everyday use, you can’t go far wrong with Scandinovia. 

11. Le’raze Glassware

Le’raze is famous for its kitchen and dining equipment. They sell a range of glassware products that never fail to impress. 

Their style is effortlessly chic and classic, and their glassware has fantastic reviews all around. 

Their most popular set on Amazon is the Le’raze Set of 18 Durable Glasses and includes rocks glasses, juice glasses, and heavy base cups for any beverage.

Customers say the glasses look and feel very chic and are great for everyday use. 

12. Bormioli Rocco

Famous for table and kitchenware, containers, and jars, Bormioli Rocco has grown exponentially from its original site in Italy. 

Their brand is internationally recognized, with offices in: 

  • Spain 
  • Italy 
  • Germany 
  • France  
  • New York 
  • Hong Kong 

They deliver to over 100 countries and have won awards for their products.

They have a growing presence on Amazon, with their most famous piece being the Bormioli Rocco set of 4 Romantic Water Glasses. With over 900 customer reviews, it has a 4.6-star rating, making it a reliable and well-accepted brand among customers. 

13. JoyJolt

JoyJolt is famous for its barware, with all kinds of cocktail, wine, beer, whisky, and shot glasses on offer. They also sell stylish coffee glasses that will certainly make your morning better. 

Their highball glasses are also effortlessly classic and sold in many colors. JoyJolt has over 300,000 happy customers, so it’s safe to say their glassware is of exceptional quality.

One of their most popular products is the JoyJolt Caleo Collection Glass Coffee Cups. They’re double-insulated and come as a set of two, with an elegant design that makes your morning Joe more pleasant. 

14. Toyo Sasaki

Toyo Sasaki is Japan’s biggest glassware manufacturer. Established in 2002, they utilize the latest technology in glass production. 

They have offices all over Japan, but their glassware can easily be purchased online through Amazon. 

Their glass tumblers are great for everyday use and are dishwasher compatible. One set of 6 Toyo Sasaki Stackable Tumbler Glasses can be a perfect hit in your pastries with their sleek design and their contemporary style.