Why You Shouldn’t Boil Water in a Deep Fat Fryer

You can use your deep fat fryer to fry a wide range of foods with different kinds of oil. Deep fat fryers usually use a high smoking point to fry foods, with vegetable oil as an example, up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although a deep fat fryer works perfectly with oil, we can’t say the same for water. Many people wonder whether they can boil water in the deep fat fryer the same way they do with oil, and although some will tell you that it’s perfectly safe to use it, they can’t say that for sure.

In this guide, we would look at why you should not boil water in a deep fat fryer.

Can You Boil Water in a Deep Fat Fryer?

No, you can’t. Although it seems like you can, you actually shouldn’t use your deep fat fryer to boil water. Putting water in a deep fat fryer to boil is extremely damaged and there’s a good chance that it would lead to a serious injury.

Some people also use boiling water to clean the deep fat fryer, although there are other ways you can clean your deep fat fryer without water. It is very hard to control or regulate deep fat fryers because of their high smoking points, and so if you use water instead of oil, different unforeseen circumstances can cause your deep fat fryer to be damaged or cause harm to your skin.

As a deep fat fryer is meant to be used to cook oil, it’s best to use it for its sole purpose, rather than trying to boil water with it.

Deep fat fryers can’t handle low temperatures like that offered by boiling water, and since water and oil don’t mix, there’s a lot of damage that can be done.

In general, you can’t boil water in a deep fat fryer.

Will Boiling Water in a Deep Fat Fryer Cause Damage?

Yes, it would. Two ways boiling water in a deep fat fryer can cause damage, not only to you but to your fryer appliance.

Boiling water in a deep fat fryer can cause it to mix with oil, and this can cause personal injury. If you don’t clean your deep fat fryer properly after boiling water, and it would be hard for you to know if you dried all the corners, adding hot oil into the fryer can lead to an explosion.

This is because deep fat fryers cook at an extremely high temperature with oil, and it would even be hotter than boiling water. When water touches this oil, the extreme temperature of the oil changes the water into steam. So, if the water is a lot and so is the oil, rather than just a little steam, it can cause an explosion.

This would lead to really bad burns on your skin. Even if the water isn’t enough, it can still cause the hot oil to go flying around, and this would harm your skin either way.

On the other hand, boiling water in a deep fat fryer can cause your appliance to also be damaged. Deep fat fryers are usually cooked with temperatures much higher than the boiling point of water, which is 100 degrees Celsius.

Some deep fat fryers might not even have options for 100 degrees Celsius, and this can cause the water to boil out.

If you’re boiling water with the deep fat fryer and you leave it unattended, the steam will boil out all over the floors, causing hot water to be on the floor. You can burn your feet or slip on them and burn other parts of your skin if you don’t see it, causing a worse injury.

Apart from this, boiling water with a deep fat fryer can cause all the water in it to completely evaporate. This is because deep fat fryers work way faster than any other kind of appliance.

If no water is left in the deep fat fryer and you don’t know, the heating element will get too hot and burn out, completely damaging your appliance. This can also lead to a fire and worse accidents.

What is a Better Way to Boil Water?

The best way to boil water is with a kettle, either an electric or a stove kettle.

Since an electric kettle is created to boil water, there would be no risks of damage as long as you handle the kitchen appliance properly.

If you don’t have an electric kettle, another method to boil water is with a pot or a stove kettle. Any kitchen equipment that you use should be thick. With a thicker pot, there would be a low chance of accidents happening, and you should also cover it with a lid, to prevent water from boiling out.

When boiling water in any appliance, don’t put too much, because when water boils, it bubbles, and it can spill out of the container. It’s also more efficient to boil water at a higher temperature.

When boiling water, do so with the kitchen equipment that is meant for boiling water, and not a deep fat fryer. A deep fat fryer is designed to be used with oil, and so you can cause a lot of harm and damage the appliance if you use it for the wrong thing.

Instead, boil water properly, and avoid using your deep fat fryer under any circumstances.