What’s the Best Kitchen Appliance Brand?

When you’re deciding which brand to go with for your kitchen appliances, you’ve got a lot of different parameters to take into account. According to our friends at Home Improvement Dude, you can’t go wrong if you go with quality, and I’ll have to agree of course. But this begs the question – what exactly is quality, and how do you idientify it?


GE appliances have a long reputation as one of the best household names in kitchen appliances. GE is associated with reliability, quality, and timelessness. Their dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators are known to last a long time, not break down quickly, and generally require minimal maintenance. They rank in the top 10 for most reliable appliances on consumer reports

The GE brand is mid-tier price-wise. They have different choices depending on your budget, but they won’t break the bank like some of the high-end choices might. There’s also a set of smart appliances, so GE is a good option if you want smartphone-controlled technology for your devices. 

The GE dishwashers and ovens offer different cycles or settings and are relatively quiet machines. They also provide low-energy and water-efficient models to meet the current standards for appliances and save you money in the process. 

The dishwashers last a long time and are on par with other names of similar quality. The ovens are also top quality and are available in both gas and electric. 

The refrigerators offer various temperature control settings and even have individually controlled drawers. They are designed well and look very attractive for the price point. GE refrigerators are some of the most reliable and offer up-to-date technology.

Overall, GE has a name for consistency. However, there have been some complaints about their customer service department. These issues mainly relate to difficulty scheduling appointments, which isn’t unique to the GE brand. 


KitchenAid is another brand with a long history of making reliable, solid kitchen appliances. They aren’t the most innovative products, but they have a reputation for providing excellent utility with relatively minimal problems.

The dishwasher is probably the best of their kitchen appliance line. Newer models feature a third rack on top, which can come in handy for smaller items that you want to squeeze in with the rest of your dish load. 

KitchenAid ovens make very efficient use of their space. They often have some of the highest capacities, and the ranges are also efficiently designed. Overall, the reviews for the oven ranges are good, though some do complain that the design isn’t as attractive as other comparable brands.  

The refrigerators are also a reliable choice. They aren’t the fanciest on the market, but they provide a good, long-lasting product and have many affordable options consumers can choose.

Some complain that the technology hasn’t improved as quickly as KitchenAid’s competitors. There isn’t smart technology on their devices, and some mechanics aren’t quite up to par with other brands in the same class. They also tend to look a bit dated due to lack of changes over the past decade.


If you want reliability and overall customer satisfaction, LG should be one of the top choices on your list. They consistently get excellent reviews, they have plenty of models to choose from with up-to-date, innovative technology, and they provide outstanding value for your money. Their refrigerator and range are at the top of a recent JD Power customer satisfaction report. 

While LG is not a budget-friendly option, they aren’t the highest-end choice either. And the quality product you get is worth the extra money. 

LG is constantly inventing new products and models, which means you’ll get the most up-to-date technology when you buy their new products. The additional capital you spend will be noticeable, but so will the fun and valuable features.

The oven ranges have interesting features like included air fryers, oven lights with sensors that are activated by touch on the front of the oven, and smart technology that allows you to control the stoves without walking over and touching them.  

The dishwasher has comparable technology and great mechanics. Their proprietary quad wash has four arms to ensure the most efficient cleaning possible. There is an adjustable third rack, and they boast a 60% water spot reduction with their drying.

Along with innovation come potential setbacks, and LG has been known to have its fair share of recalls and issues with new products. But overall, they make top-of-the-line products with some of the most unique and modern features and are a reliable brand with many loyal customers.


Samsung is a company that has earned a reputation for having an extensive list of appliances for every household. They have budget-friendly options and offer high-quality luxury appliances with some of the most up-to-date technology. Their products earn rave reviews from customers, and they’re also at the top of JD Power’s customer satisfaction list.

Their refrigerator line offers a variety of options, including a four-door model that is a friendly alternative to many of the standard single or French door models. There’s also some unique, built-in smart technology like a tablet attached to the door.

They have fantastic dishwashers, as well. They have a trademarked water wall technology that uses a high-pressure “wall” of water to get your dishes extra clean. While this technology is impressive, there have been complaints about how loud it is. 

The stoves are an affordable and decent option for their reliability. They have an attractive aesthetic, and overall, both the range and oven work well. One complaint related to the oven is that it can have problems reaching certain high temperatures. But overall, Samsung oven ranges get great customer reviews. 

The biggest drawbacks for Samsung are availability of the appliances and the lack of service professionals when needed. 

According to many customer reviews, supply chain problems and staff shortages have affected Samsung noticeably more than their peers. Their technology is good. However, at times, some errors could easily be corrected, like the refrigerator having a built-in tablet but not being accessible with your smartphone.


Whirlpool is another kitchen appliance manufacturer with a longstanding name in the business. They produce fantastic all-around midrange options and are among the most reliable kitchen appliances on the market. One of the best things about Whirlpool is its extensive product catalog.

Whirlpool has myriad options for refrigerators. Whether you’re looking for French doors or fridges with top or bottom freezers, they make them. They have smart technology for convenience and to save energy. Many consider Whirlpool refrigerators to be some of the best available. 

Whirlpool ovens also offer the latest technology. They even have voice commands. Many of us lead busy lives, so this is a great tool for juggling multiple responsibilities. The oven is activated by both Hey Google and Alexa. The oven ranges get excellent customer reviews and seem to have fewer problems than their competition. 

Whirlpool dishwashers are also very reliable machines. They also have one of the largest selections of sizes and products. They even offer magnificent portable devices for households that cannot have one built-in. They have a variety of price ranges, with some of the most affordable for the quality. They’re a little louder than some of the competition, which is one slight drawback.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher and Paykel make top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. They’re considered a luxury brand, so this is not an option if you have a strict budget.  

One of the best features of their ovens is that they offer an oven range that has half-gas and half-induction burners. The half-gas, half-induction model is a great option because you can choose which kind of energy you want to use depending on the type of cooking you want to perform. 

The refrigerators have vertical columns inside, and you can get them with French doors or a single door handle if you prefer. They come in white, stainless steel, or custom finishes to match whatever decor you desire.

Their dishwashers are 24” (60.96 cm) wide and come in various finishes and styles.

Their most unique is the double drawer option that allows for more effortless organization. The advantage of this feature is that you can run two different wash cycles depending on the dishes. The dishwashers are Energy Star-certified.

One of the drawbacks with Fisher & Paykel is that they don’t have a huge catalog of options. For example, they don’t have a 36” (91.44 cm) oven range or dishwasher option, which happens to be the most commonly requested size for most brands. 


If you’re serious about cooking, Bluestar is a brand you’ll want to consider. 

They design their products to serve as the very best for cooking performance. The range offers the highest BTU in the business at 25,000. The high BTU directly correlates to the efficiency of the oven range. They also provide a convection oven combined with the gas range. They have a wide range of grill top options, and you can get French doors for the stove if desired.

Their refrigerators provide the best option for the most serious cooks. One line of refrigerators they offer has a slide-out compartment designed for a chef’s pan. And all of the shelves are metal, which helps keep things cold and is easier to clean.

For customizing the color of your kitchen appliance, Bluestar is the best. They offer a staggering 1000 color options from which to choose. There are ten different trims that you can choose from as well.

While Bluestar offers excellent cooking appliances, they don’t provide the full lineup of kitchen appliances. So if you wanted everything to match in your kitchen, this would not be an option with the Bluestar brand. They do, however, make a 24” (60.96 cm) dishwasher panel. This panel fits most dishwasher brands. 

As for tech-savvy, this brand doesn’t have any devices with smart technology. Instead, Bluestar caters to a more classic functionality that mimics industrial style cooking.


Viking is perhaps the most well-known luxury brand of kitchen appliances. Their oven ranges are their flagship products. They offer various styles and functions and are considered a top-of-the-line option for home cooks. The newer designs are eye-catching and will add a sense of luxury to your kitchen.

The ranges come in both gas and electric. They are designed to imitate professional ovens and therefore don’t have a clock installed. These are top-of-the-line ranges with the technology and durability to impress even professional chefs. However, they do have some smart technology available with the ability to watch the temperature from your phone.

One drawback of Viking appliances is that the dishwashers and refrigerators have caused many problems for customers for a long time. This is something to pay attention to when considering purchasing a Viking appliance. 

Issues with the thermostat and other electronic features seemed to be relatively common. They developed a reputation for not having reliable refrigerators, but management has focused on improving them over the past few years. Still, it’s something to consider as recent online reviews report that these issues are still occurring. 

Mostly, though, when it comes to oven ranges, Viking gets mostly favorable reviews.


Bosch makes outstanding all-around products, be it household appliances or amplifiers and speakers. For this article, though, we’ll focus on their awesome kitchen appliances. 

They have great smart technology, up-to-date design features, and exceptional dishwashers. They have various pricing options to fit all kinds of different budgets, as well.

Bosch has a wide range of options to choose from for all of its kitchen appliances. They have a good selection of models, sizes, and smart devices. Their devices go through intensive quality checks before being sold to stores to ensure the most reliable products possible. 

Bosch has a reputation for having one of the most reliable service teams in the country. If you have a problem with any of your appliances, the support team is remarkably easy to get a hold of and has better bioavailability than many of the other brands.

One of the downsides of Bosch appliances is their availability to order. It is tough to find a mid-tier option available to buy in the current market like some comparable brands. Also, the oven ranges are not one of the better options available. They have some issues with the cooking ability and do not rival other luxury brands we have mentioned. 


Miele is a top name in luxury kitchen appliances. Although a bit more expensive than some of the other brands on this list, they produce top-of-the-line products designed to last a very long time. 

The dishwashers are among the most expensive on the market. However, the mechanics are unparalleled, and it washes and dries better than most of the competition. Several cycles are available, and all of them live up to what they are supposed to do. They can be a little louder than some of the competition, but not obnoxiously so. They have innovative technology, and one model even opens after three knocks of the hand.  

Miele refrigerators are also some of the best you can choose. They have top-of-the-line technology, including a door that opens to touch rather than pulling a handle. Their steel is world-class and matches all of the other Miele appliances. The lighting inside is fantastic and does well whether your fridge is empty or a bit more crowded. One drawback is that all the shelving is plastic, which may feel a little cheaper than other options.

Miele has improved their oven ranges and now is one of the best oven manufacturers in the business. They have several options available, and they are all up to date in their look and technology. Miele produces some of the best oven ranges available, and they offer these with a consistent design to match other Miele appliances you own.