Does Feta Cheese Melt?

I can describe feta cheese as brined cheese curd made from goat or sheep milk. Feta cheese comes in different forms such as the wheel, block and crumble.

It contains high moisture content, meaning it has a low melting point.

Moreover, feta cheese has high acid content and lots of calcium. Does this affect how it melts in the microwave?

Does Feta Cheese Melt?

The answer to this is no, feta cheese does not melt.

However, the cheese curds soften and become gooey. Feta cheese will not melt the same way stringy cheese like mozzarella and cheddar does.

When you heat feta cheese, it becomes creamy and soft.

I realized that feta cheese does not liquify but instead, the curds retain their shapes but the texture changes significantly.

What’s the reason behind feta cheese not melting?

I realized that cheese containing high acidic contents will generally become stringy the moment you heat it. therefore, it will get very soft and won’t liquify fully.

Feta cheese does not melt since the acid in the cheese dissolves the calcium which holds the cheese together.

When you heat acid-based cheeses, the protein bonds tighten and release water.

When the water evaporates, water left inside the cheese is not enough to make the cheese liquify completely.

Instead of liquifying, the protein in the cheeses solidifies more and this is why feta cheese does not melt but retains its shape when heated.

What to consider before microwaving feta cheese

Before melting feta cheese, below is a list of things I compiled that you need to know before you melt feta cheese in a microwave.

  • Ensure the feta cheese is at room temperature before heating it. It will help the cheese have a head start before it reaches its melting point. However, don’t let fresh cheese stay at room temperature for more than 2 hours.
    • Ensure you crumble feta cheese into tiny pieces to give the heat time to permeate fast for heating.
    • Begin with medium heat so as the fat doesn’t separate and doesn’t turn the cheese clumpy.
    • If you wish to make feta cheese sauce, sprinkle a pinch of starch like corn or flour to prevent the proteins from clumping.
    • To reach smooth sauce texture, stir constantly.

    It’s easy to melt feta cheese in a microwave. It would help if you used a microwave-safe container, used medium heat, and added a splash of acid or water.

    To create your desired consistency, nuke for 15-second increments while stirring.

    How long will it take to melt feta cheese

    It depends on the amount of cheese you want to melt and the temperature you need. This will determine the length you will need to melt feta cheese in a microwave.

    To melt feta cheese effectively, I advise you to crumble the feta cheese into tiny pieces instead of heating large blocks of feta cheese.

Can you melt feta cheese?

The answer to this is no, feta cheese does not melt in the way typical cheese does.