Can You Put a Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer? Is it Safe?

Can You Put a Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small convection oven that can be placed on your kitchen counter. Although it can cook almost anything you prepare in an oven, its primary appeal is how little oil it consumes (a teaspoon). You can obtain crispy veggies, wings, and fries using an air fryer that you would never have thought you could get at home, much less without a deep fryer.

You can use any heat-resistant container that you could also use in an oven. Thus, containers meant for the oven should also be OK for the air fryer. This comprises ceramic, silicone, glass, and metal containers. The glass bowl you want to use might not be as heat-resistant as you believe, since some glass cookware is weaker and lower quality than others.

Broken bits of any of these products are the last thing you want to include in your meal. To determine whether a new dish is safe for your air fryer and what particular temperature it can endure, it is always a good idea to read the handbook and instructions for every new dish you acquire.

 Can You Put a Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer? 

Yes, a steel bowl can be used in an air fryer. However, ensure it is oven-safe or sure it is before air-frying it. In this manner, you can be sure it can control the heat your air fryer produces. Additionally, ensure that it is the proper size and that none of its components touch the heating elements. Stainless steel is already well-known to many people.

Stainless steel  is an excellent container material for exceptionally safe, oil-free fryers. Both are incredibly heat- and corrosion-resistant and robust and have no smells, scents, or other food remnants, making them safe for eating. There is a large selection of oil-free fryers made of stainless steel nowadays. Before making your choice, review all the operating guidelines and safety measures to get the most out of your purchase.

Using a steel bowl in your air fryer has a few significant advantages. Steel is a reasonably potent substance. It can sustain high temperatures without breaking or shattering. Therefore, this indicates. The fact that air fryers frequently cook at high temperatures makes it a fantastic selection. Steel is also an excellent heat conductor. This implies that it will heat up swiftly and uniformly, guaranteeing even cooking your food. This is another essential advantage, since uneven cooking might result in less than a delicious dish. Therefore, think about utilizing a steel bowl if you want an air fryer that delivers a challenging and even frying surface. You won’t be let down!

Types of Steel Bowls

Stainless steel, considered an alloy with a high melting point, is safe to use in ovens because of its components. It’s crucial to choose premium clad-stainless cookware if you intend to use your stainless-steel pans in the oven. This is because stainless steel of inferior quality frequently cannot be used in ovens. Stainless steel bowls vary depending on grade, weight, and core material, which are discussed below.


The stainless-steel grade is very important. There is a reason why the 300 series is used to create the majority of stainless-steel cookware. It will last much longer and is corrosion-resistant. It’s crucial to remember that stainless steel will last for a very long period, so making a more significant initial investment might help you receive the cookware you’ll need for a very long time. For the most excellent corrosion resistance and the toughest cookware on the market, make sure the cookware is 18/8 or 18/10 stainless. It will also last the longest while maintaining its form and polish.


While you don’t want a pot so heavy that you can’t move it, stainless is heavier than aluminum and should have a lovely weight. It should be substantial even if your stainless steel has an aluminum or copper core. There are several situations where heavier pans are appropriate. Because the pot is heavier, it can endure heating better and is less prone to distort or alter form. Because the maker employs more layers and materials, it is less prone to develop hot spots or burn food.

Core Material

Given how long it would take to cook with all stainless, you probably wouldn’t want it. Multi-clad pots, on the other hand, provide many layers of material to boost heat conductivity while ensuring you retain all the advantages of stainless. Due to its quick heating times, aluminum is a popular core material; copper or a mix of both are other options. This makes cooking much more efficient by reducing weight and preheating times. The layers at the pan’s base are referred to as the “core.” The heat will take a bit longer to raise the pan’s edges with more economical setups, since they utilize layers on the bottom.

With “cladding,” the layers are uniform from side to side, enhancing your ability to regulate the temperature. Clad cookware may require a higher initial cost, but it will perform better unquestionably. The pan’s performance will increase with the number of layers of aluminum or copper used, but you may need to increase your budget to make room for it. The price will increase even further if copper is chosen for the core or cladding. Again, your investment will increase if your cladding is thicker and your materials are more expensive.

Risks Associated with Using Steel Bowls in Air Fryers

The air fryer’s heat will likely melt any artwork or paintings displayed in the stainless-steel bowl. As a result, a piece of art or painting might contaminate your food. The likelihood of heavy metals leaching into subsistence is another possible hitch to stainless steel. This is more likely to happen if acidic things are cooked for a long time using a stainless-steel pan. Iron, chromium, and nickel are all possible components of stainless steel; the latter has little nutritional value for the body. Additionally, nickel has been related to harmful health consequences in certain persons, such as sensitization and allergic (contact) dermatitis.

Tips for Using Steel Bowls Safely with Air Fryers 

You must first confirm that the steel bowl is oven-safe if you intend to air-fry something in it. It must thus be constructed from a material that can endure high temperatures, such as glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. If your air fryer lacks one, you may use a steel bowl instead of a non-stick frying basket.

Spray a steel bowl with cooking oil spray before using it in the air fryer. Following that, you may air fry your meal in the bowl following the air fryer’s directions. Steel bowls can become hot during cooking, so observe your food. Use a potholder if necessary to hold the stainless bowl.

It is advised to err on the side of caution and avoid using your steel dish in your air fryer if it is unmarked. Because air fryers may be expensive, you don’t want to take any chances with them. It would help if you also thought about your security.

However, you can be sure that the steel bowl can withstand the high temperatures produced by an air fryer if you’ve used it before in an oven at those temperatures. Keep in mind that we are discussing temperatures exceeding 400 °F. Therefore, you should feel confident using it in an air fryer if you feel comfortable using it at high temperatures in the oven. Just be sure to use your air fryer according to the manufacturer’s directions.