Can You Freeze Soup In A Pyrex Container?

Yes, you can freeze your soup with a Pyrex container. Contrary to popular belief, Pyrex containers are freezer-safe and will handle freezing temperatures. However, it would help if you were careful with a couple of factors, especially those involving extreme temperature changes over a short period.

For example, you shouldn’t put a boiling Pyrex dish just coming out from the oven into the freezer. It causes a sudden change in temperature that could make the container crack or break. The way to freeze a pre-cooked meal in Pyrex is by cooling it in the fridge for a while.

You could also set it aside on a table and allow its temperature to drop. You should follow the same method if you want to reheat food in Pyrex; it will enable the food to defrost in the fridge the previous day before reheating in the microwave or oven.

Use tight-fitting lids for your Pyrex containers as the seal is an essential factor before storing them in your freezer. A broken or damaged seal will all air get into your dish and cause freezer burn that will affect the taste and look of your food. 

Also, leave a tiny gap at the top of your container so when the soup freezes, it doesn’t spill over to the edge. Soups have a liquid base that will expand when you freeze them. So, ensure you place the lid on the container, and it fits properly before placing your soup on a flat surface while it freezes.

This way, you can mitigate against any spills and keep your freezer clean.

How To Freeze Soup In A Pyrex Container?

Frozen food in Pyrex containers requires a bit of care and attention. Follow these steps for freezing your soups in Pyrex containers.

Step 1: Transfer your soup into the Pyrex container and set it aside to cool. Use smaller containers and divide your soup into smaller portions if it gets too much for the container. They will help you quickly reheat your food conveniently and be on the go in a short time.

Step 2: Please leave a little space at the top of your container to allow your food to expand, especially since it is liquid. This will make sure your soup does not get wasted, and your freezer does not get messed up.

Step 3: Put your soup in the fridge with the Pyrex container to help reduce the temperature further and get it ready for the freezer.

Step 4: Once the Pyrex container is cool enough, transfer it to the freezer and make sure you appropriately position it with the lid tightened. If you have multiple containers, it might be better to remove the shelves from your freezer and put them on top of each other because Pyrex containers stack well.

Step 5: Label it with the type of food and date for proper identification.

How Long Can Soup Stay Frozen in A Pyrex Container

The Federal Food Safety Information says you can freeze your soup for about two to three months if you took appropriate care to store the soup. This care includes preparing properly, storing, and defrosting before reheating. However, this does not mean you should store food in Pyrex containers for up to three months – not if you can help it.

The longer soup stays frozen, the less fresh it will taste when you reheat it. Also, your soup could be susceptible to ice crystals that could form in the fibers of your food and compromise the taste and texture.

How To Defrost Soup In A Pyrex Container?

The best way to defrost your frozen soup from the freezer is to take it out a day before you intend to use it. You can place it in your refrigerator or a flat surface hours before you want to use it.

Your soup will gradually defrost until it reaches a temperature adequate for you to use. After that, you would need to reheat your soup before eating it.

Top Ways to Reheat Frozen Soup

Microwave: Everybody has this in their kitchen, and it is a fast way to get your soup ready. Once your soup thaws, empty it from the Pyrex container into a microwave-safe container and cover it with a plastic bowl. Poke tiny holes in the wrap for proper ventilation and microwave your soup for about 30-60 seconds, pausing at intervals to stir to ensure consistency.

Instant Pot: This is a quick and efficient way to reheat the frozen soup. Pour the soup from your Pyrex container into your instant pot and warm it up with the pressure cooker function. Cook it for up to 5 minutes and if your soup is cream-based, stay away from instant pots.


You should have no problems storing your soup in a Pyrex container before keeping it in a freezer. Remember to avoid sudden temperature changes, not damage the container, and split your soup into smaller containers if it is too much to accommodate one.

Also, when you are defrosting, you should do it gently and let the temperature reduce gradually by first putting the Pyrex container in a fridge. Pyrex containers are one of the best ways to store soups, and we will recommend them anytime.