Are Slow Cookers Allowed In Hotels? – What You Need To Know

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in hotels or you’re traveling with a large family, you can’t always eat hotel foods or order room service. Many people want to cook at hotels but they don’t know how to start or what to do, which is what this guide is for.

Slow cookers can make different kinds of food, so you can get your recipe ready if slow cookers are allowed in your hotel. These foods include prawn and chorizo paella, beef stew, chicken curry, sausage casserole, pulled pork, braised ox cheeks, and more, perfect for personal or family use.

Are Slow Cookers Allowed in Hotels?

People who want to cook in hotels always ask this question, but it depends on a wide range of factors. Many hotels don’t allow their guests to come with kitchen appliances since they provide room service. They only feature a microwave in the rooms that you can use to make food. But some other hotels come with a kitchenette or a group kitchen for you to cook in, and you can bring in slow cookers safely.

Even if slow cookers aren’t around, many people try to sneak them into hotels and this can cause them to get kicked out. Foods cooked in a slow cooker usually have a strong smell that can disturb other residents in the hotel, which can cause you to get found out.

Slow cookers are allowed in some hotels, while they are disallowed in many others. Before going to any hotel, you should call ahead to ask them if they have a kitchen where you can cook or if they allow slow cookers in their room.

If it’s a motel you’re going to, there’s a good chance that you can use a slow cooker there. It’s always best to ask because you don’t know if their electric outlets have enough power for kitchen appliances.

So, when wondering if slow cookers are allowed in hotels, it all depends on the hotel you’re going to. But, don’t get your hopes high as they are usually unallowed.

Is It Safe to Use Slow Cookers in Hotels?

If the slow cooker is allowed in the hotel, then there’s a good chance that it will be safe to use it there since they will make arrangements for those who want to use it. A slow cooker might not be safe to use if its power is too much for the electrical outlet in the hotel. It can cause an electrical accident, damage the slow cooker, injure you or even cause a fire if left unattended with the wrong electrical outlet.

It’s generally safe to use a slow cooker anywhere, as the chances of causing a fire with a slow cooker are very slim. Most slow cooker models don’t go above 200 to 300 watts, which means they give off low current and low heat. Even with this, it’s best to stay safe by following the safety tips for using slow cookers.

1. Inspect the Cord

Before plugging in your slow cooker in the hotel room or kitchen, you should check both ends of the cord in case there are exposed or frayed wires.

If there are, don’t try to fix it with black tape. Instead, don’t use the slow cooker at all, or it can cause an accident.

2. Unplug it When You’re Not Using It

Whenever you’re done with using the slow cooker or you’re not using it at all, don’t keep it plugged. Make sure you unplug it after using it. After unplugging it, ensure the cord is neatly kept away. Don’t fold it in a way that the wires can become frayed.

3. Keep the Slow Cooker on a Stable Surface

Ensure you keep the slow cooker on a straight and stable surface, whether it’s on the table or the floor. You should also store it in a stable place so that it doesn’t fall.

When you’re using the slow cooker, ensure it isn’t being used close to other flammable objects like curtains, towels, and cooking oil. You should also use it away from your sink or countertop, and don’t put anything under it.

4. Be Extra Cautious When Using It

This is especially if it’s a hand-me-down appliance, as this can damage the electrical outlet or cause an accident. You should check the electrical outlet before plugging it in, and ensure it doesn’t give off so much smoke that can alert the smoke detector.

5. Keep the Room Ventilated

This isn’t exactly because it’s a safety risk, but because slow cookers give off a lot of smoke and smell that can alert others about the fact that you’re cooking.

The smoke can also alert other neighbors that you’re cooking, and if you’re using the slow cooker secretly, this can make you get kicked out.

Are They Allowed in Hotel Rooms?

The chances of the slow cooker being allowed in the hotel room are way lower than it being allowed in the hotel kitchen. Although you might be allowed to make food with the slow cooker in the kitchen or kitchenette provided, the slow cooker will most likely not be allowed in your hotel room.

It’s always safe to ask the hotel management either way, but don’t keep your hopes high, as the hotel might not allow you. This is because electrical outlets in the room might not be as powerful as those in the kitchen. Also, the smell of your food can affect or disturb other residents in the hotel, especially if they are sensitive to smell.

So, you shouldn’t use the slow cooker in the hotel room if it isn’t allowed, as the hotel might not have provisions for this.

Are There Rules Against Slow Cookers in Hotels?

In most cases, there’s not just a rule against slow cookers but a ban against kitchen appliances as a whole. Even if slow cookers aren’t a fire hazard like other kitchen appliances, there are still rules against using those not provided by the hotel in many cases. You should call the hotel in advance and ask if there are rules against slow cookers before you bring them in.

There might not be rules against slow cookers, but hotels that allow kitchen appliances can give rules to guide the usage of these appliances. For instance, there might be rules that you can only use the slow cooker in the provided kitchen and kitchenette. The hotel can also give a time limit for you to use the cooker so that the aroma of your food does not disturb the other residents. It’s best to ask for the rules and follow them strictly so that you don’t get kicked out of the hotel.

When it comes to using slow cookers at hotels, it all depends on the rules and the hotel. If your hotel is lenient when it comes to slow cookers, then you can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals by yourself with your family when you book a room in the hotel.

Before booking your room, ask the management so that you don’t haul your slow cooker and food ingredients all the way there, only to be told that you’re not allowed to use it.