Are Instant Pots Allowed in Dorm Rooms? – Everything You Need To Know

When you move to the college dorm, everything is all about convenience, especially food. Rather than cooking full-fledged meals, people that live in dorm rooms prefer to use an instant pot to make their food. This is a smart electric pressure cooker that speeds up cooking up to 6 times and uses 70% less energy, so you can enjoy quick meals without using too much of your electricity.

It’s because of this that many people in dorms like to use instant pots. They are convenient and consistent to use. But, there’s always the problem of whether or not instant pot is allowed in dorm rooms. This is because, since it’s a kitchen appliance, they are usually unallowed in dorms.

Instant Pots in many cases are allowed in dorm rooms though this is something you need to check with your college and rules while living on campus. While Instant Pots are one of the safer appliances they may still be restricted due to health and safety reasons.

If you’re worried about whether instant pots are allowed in your dorm room and how you can use it safely, then you can check this guide for more information.

Are Instant Pots Allowed in Dorm Rooms?

The answer to this question, in most cases, is yes. Most dorm rooms allow appliances such as instant pots because of their unique features. For one, it has no open heating element and so there is very little chance of causing a fire. Then, instant pots usually come with an automatic shut-off which turns the device off when burning is detected, so this is another safety measure.

With these two features, the instant pot can’t cause a fire. Instant pots are also very quick when cooking, so dorms probably know that it would be convenient for their residents.

Also, instant pots only take a medium amount of current, and so if the electrical outlet does not have enough, the appliance can burn the circuit breaker. It doesn’t have too much difference when compared to the electric kettle, and so dorm rooms that allow instant pots usually include enough power in their electrical outlets to take the load of the instant pot.

Instant pots use 70% less energy than normal pressure cookers, so the dorm doesn’t have to worry about electricity bills.

Since it’s very hard to cause a fire with instant pots unlike with other appliances like hot plates, then they are allowed in dorm rooms. In some cases, the instant pot is allowed only in the shared kitchen in the dorm and not in the rooms themselves. It’s all dependent on the rules that the dorm has for all residents to follow.

Are There Any Rules On Instant Pots In Dorm Rooms?

Whenever a dorm allows instant pots, they usually have rules that the residents have to follow to use them properly. Before paying for the dorm room, you should ask the rules that they have to guide the usage of instant pots.

The main rule in most cases is that they can’t be used in the rooms. Instead, they only allow you to use the instant pot in the kitchen or kitchenette that you share with other residents. If each room in the dorm comes with its kitchen, then you can also use the instant pot in your room, although it’s in the kitchen.

Some dorms also restrict the time limit that students are allowed to use instant pots. For instance, they can say that students cannot cook after a particular time in the evening, or there can be a time frame for using the kitchen. This is probably because the aroma of the food from the instant pot can disturb others late at night if you’re cooking.

Another rule that your dorm room might have concerning instant pots is that they must not give off over a certain number of watts. This might be because of electricity bills, as having an instant pot that is too powerful can increase the rent for dorms. So, if this is one of the rules, it’s best to check the instant pot before you purchase it so you meet the watts requirement.

While following the rules provided by the dorm, you should also keep different safety measures in mind. Although instant pots are generally safe, it’s not overkill if you still stay safe and prevent any accidents from happening.

Here are some safety tips you can follow:

·         Don’t Fill the Instant Pot Up:

When using the instant pot, don’t fill it up to the brim with water or whatever you’re cooking. Too much liquid or food in the instant pot can cause harmful pressure levels, and if this clogs the vent, the instant pot can even explode.

·         Don’t Open the Instant Pot Prematurely:

The instant pot can do everything for you, so don’t open it while it’s still cooking even if you want to sneak a peek. It can cause an explosion. You should wait for the instant pot to build enough pressure and then depressurize, which can take up to 40 minutes or more.

·         Stay Away from the Steam:

When using an instant pot, you should stay away from the steam. The hot steam can cause a nasty burn, so don’t put your hand over the steam valve. You should also keep the instant pot away from children.

·         Lock the Lid Securely:

Before you start pressure cooking, you should lock the lid properly.

If the lid is loose or unlocked, the instant pot can explode and this will cause a burn. Double-check the instant pot and make sure you locked the lid well.

·         Don’t Leave the Instant Pot Unattended:

When using the instant pot in your dorm room, don’t leave it unattended. This is especially when you’re using high pressure to cook. Instead, stay in the room or kitchen while it cooks and put it off once it is done. Never leave your instant pot on when you’re not using it.

·         Check the Instant Pot Before Using It:

Before plugging in an instant pot or using it, you should check it thoroughly. Look for any frayed or exposed wires before you plug it in, so that you don’t cause an electrical accident, and ensure that the instant pot is working properly. You should take extra care if the instant pot is second-hand.

What Size of Instant Pot Can I Have in my Dorm Room?

The size of the instant pot you buy to use in your dorm room also depends on the rules that they give. The dorm can give restrictions to how big your instant pot is supposed to be, and so you should follow the rules provided and get the right kind of instant pot. If the dorm sets rules on how big the instant pot should be, they will probably check the appliance you brought, and you can get in trouble for using the wrong size.

You also need to consider yourself, even if the dorm room does not place restrictions on its size. It’s better for someone living in a dorm room to have a small and portable instant pot and not something massive. If the dorm requires you to cook in the kitchen instead of in the room, you’ll have to carry the instant pot to and from. If this happens, then you need something light instead of struggling with a bulky and heavy.

You should get a portable and compact-sized instant pot so that it would be convenient for you.

In conclusion, always check the rules that guide the dorm you’re going to live in before taking your instant pot.