Where Can I Buy a Grapefruit Knife?

This is a question that many people have. Grapefruit knives are kitchen utensils that can be used for more than just cutting grapefruits.

A grapefruit knife is an all-purpose knife that can be used for slicing, dicing, and peeling fruit of all varieties.

For a long time, I was looking for a grapefruit knife, but I finally found one the other day and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new grapefruit knife, look no further, I have some tips on where to buy one, read on!

1. Amazon.com

The first place I would recommend going to look for a grapefruit knife is Amazon. This website is great for all kinds of things, and the prices are usually pretty good as well.

I recently went onto Amazon to see if they had any grapefruit knives, and they did, along with tons of other kitchen utensils.

The reviews on Amazon provide some great insight into whether or not a certain product is worth their price tag from anyone from professional chefs to homeowners.

They have just about every item that you could think to add to your kitchen, and they deliver quickly and efficiently too! So if at all possible, I would start with Amazon.

2. Gourmet Grapefruit Knives

If you don’t mind paying a little more for an item that will last longer, then I suggest purchasing your grapefruit knife from Gourmet Grapefruit Knives.

The prices are kind of high, but they’re not too bad, and you can purchase a knife for one grapefruit or a whole set.

They have all sorts of knives and utensils on their website, including citrus zesters which you can use to get more juice out of your fruit!

3. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Next, I would recommend checking your local Bed, Bath & Beyond. This store isn’t quite as high-quality as Gourmet Grapefruit Knives, but they have some cute knives that look good in your kitchen.

They have a wide variety of choices that I’m sure will fit anyone’s taste and budget! This store often has great deals on all sorts of kitchen utensils, including knives.

And they are one of my favorite stores to go to, so you know I’ll be stopping by there soon!

4. Walmart

Another place I would recommend looking for grapefruit knives is your local supermarket.

Stores like Walmart are another great place to look for all sorts of kitchen supplies, including grapefruit knives.

And if you don’t have a big store near you, they might be worth checking online.

5. Sur La Table

Sur la Table is a great resource for all sorts of kitchen utensils, including grapefruit knives!

They have an amazing selection that you’re sure to find one, two, five, or more than pique your interest!

I know I’ll be checking them out as soon as I finish writing this article!

6. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is another fantastic place to go in search of your new grapefruit knife! You can find all sorts of different knives here, and they also have some pretty great deals.

Plus, you get the bonus of shopping at a store that prides itself on selling high-quality products, which makes me feel much more at ease with my purchase.

7. Your Local Grocery Store

I would recommend visiting your local grocery store! Sometimes the best deals are right in front of you, so why not check out what they have to offer.

You might be surprised at what great deals you find at your local grocery store! Every grocery store is unique with special deals and sales, so I would go to the store you shop at most often.

8. eBay Stores

If you’re looking for used or discontinued products, then eBay is the place to go. I also recommend checking out eBay Stores because they have many items at discounted prices, which is great for the consumer!

Just like Amazon, eBay has excellent reviews on all their products, so you can get a pretty good idea if something will work for you or not.

9. The Grapefruit Knife Company

Last but definitely not least is the grapefruit knife company. The name alone tells you that they are an all-inclusive resource for grapefruit knives!

They have many options to choose from and are on the cutting edge of bringing new ideas to the table when it comes to these types of knives. They sell knives of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

So if you are having trouble figuring out which grapefruit knife to buy for your needs, The Grapefruit Knife Company is one of the best places to go!

They also have several videos on their site that can provide some insight into cutting grapefruit with ease. I know I’m definitely going to check out their site when I get back to my computer!


There are many places where you can buy a grapefruit knife, so don’t worry if you can’t find one in any stores near you.

There are great places to get a grapefruit knife online. Just be sure you’re getting a grapefruit knife that fits your needs and budget.

Anywhere you choose to go in search of a grapefruit knife, I’m sure you’ll have a great experience and find one that’s perfect for you! So please don’t wait any longer and order one today!