What The L Symbol Means On An Instant Pot Display

An Instant Pot has basic display system and often uses symbols for meanings. One of those symbols is an L which usually appears next to a time.

The L on an Instant Pot means “low heat”. This symbol usually appears once the food has finished cooking in your Instant Pot. After this time you can use the L and adjust the time to keep food warm without cooking it any further.

The L setting keeps food above 60°C, which is when bacteria starts to affect food. This makes keeping the food warm well within health and safety standard.

The Instant Pot is able to cook food incredibly quickly. By keeping the appliance on the L setting you’ll be taking away the stress of making the food for a certain time. You can cook it earlier in the day and keep it warm in the pot all day.

When keeping the food warm on L setting it is key to remember how long you have before cooking a meal. If you have plenty of time and really want a meal to stew then the low setting is perfect because you can then choose to throw all the ingredients into the Instant Pot, the Instant Pot will cook it quickly and then let the pot do its magic by keeping it warm whilst you carry on with the whole day.

Benefits Of Using The L Setting

Some food scientists and chefs recommend cooking many recipes on a high temperature first and then reducing the heat to allow the food to soak up any juices. So the Instant Pot is perfect for this, food can all be cooked quickly but then the L setting can keep food warm for up to 10 hours and this still keeps the flavour even though it is just keeping it warm.

One of the major benefits is that when you use your Instant Pot it surprisingly uses less power than your standard oven. So, you are saving money and the environment when you cook with an Instant Pot.

When you leave it on the low setting for a long period of time you are saving a ton of electricity but creating just as good food as you would cook in the oven. Some would argue even better food than what you have cooked in the oven because the food has had more time to interact with all the different flavours you have going on in the pot.

If you are one of those people who is hesitant to cook whilst you are away from home because you fear everything will burn, then how about testing the waters by cooking overnight with an Instant Pot. It can be a really good way to get used to cooking for long periods and allowing the food to stay warm for when you want it. 

However, when leaving things overnight it is best to avoid starchy products like rice and pasta because they will become too soft and lose their flavour. 

How To Know When To Use L Setting

Recipes for cooking with your Instant Pot can be found all sorts of websites and many recommend using the low setting. The main reason is for tenderising your food particularly your meat items. It makes it juicier and more succulent and that is because it keeps the flavour in the pot which in turn is soaked up by the meat.

One of the best recipes out there to cook on the Instant Pot is the cowboy stew from Slimming World as it is full of flavour and all the vegetables can mix with one another. It certainly tastes better than just boiling them! Keep this stew in the L setting and you can enjoy it throughout the day or just for when you want seconds.