What is Shoyu?

Many of you might have taken Shoyu but had no idea. I cannot miss Shoyu in my kitchen as my family loves it.

I add it to most of my foods because of its taste, health benefits, and natural flavour.

The good thing is that it is available in most groceries and health stores around.

Now let’s discuss in detail what shoyu is all about…

Shoyu is a condiment that is used primarily on Japanese cuisines to add flavour.

It is made up of four ingredients Roasted Wheat, steamed soybeans, water, and salt.

Wheat and soybeans are crushed and mixed with koji mould.

The three are put at a room temperature of 30 degrees then fermented for three days.

The koji mould grows well in humid conditions when three days are over; the mixture will be well covered with the mould.

The koji seeds produce enzymes that break down the soybeans and wheat into their final products amino acid and glucose respectively.

The final products are the ones that give the flavour and fragrance to shoyu.

The mixture is then added saltwater to aid in the process of fermentation.

It is periodically stirred to introduce air which fastens the fermentation process. This process goes on for 6 months, but others can go up to 3 years.

To get a well-refined shoyu, you will have to squeeze it through a clean cloth to get a dark brown thin liquid which is then heated to kill any microorganism that might decorate it.

The final dark liquid is what will bring that rich salinity flavour to your food.

Heath benefits

As I have told you, I like adding Shoyu to my food because of its health benefits.

Shoyu is made from natural products with no additive, thus suitable for the body.

It is rich in the dark pigment, which gives it an antioxidant and anticancer property.

It is also rich in minerals and helps individual indigestion.

Although there are fake shoyu in the market, the one with the above benefits must have been prepared traditionally and fermented for at least six months.

How I use shoyu

As for me, l know my shoyu taste.

The traditional Shoyu has a unique taste that cannot be replaced.

When I have pan-fried meat, l have to sprinkle some shoyu.

It gives it that deep shiny appearance and with small bite you can taste its rich salinity.

Also, my fish and vegetables cannot miss a sprinkle of it. It makes them tastier.

 I put some here and there on my food, and it makes every food appealing and delicious.

Which Shoyu Brand Is Best?

There is a variety of shoyu in the market. Kikuchi is the dark shoyu that is well known.

Then Usukuchi is thinner and sweet as this is added some sweet wine before it is packed.

Tamari is where no wheat is used; it is mainly for those who want a gluten-free Shoyu.

I love my food with a taste of Shoyu. It gives food flavour that makes you want to continue eating.

Also, it is suitable for individual health.

Flavours should not just be for making the food appealing but give the body some health benefits.

I enjoy playing with this traditional flavour in my food. I also try to add in different delicacies to see how it goes.