What Does Papaya Taste Like?

We have all heard about the different confusing reviews about papaya.

Some people say the papaya fruit has a sweet taste and they love it, while others are against the sweet taste and say it is disgusting.

Papaya fruit or pawpaw is a tropical fruit plant that grows in three sexes, male, female and hermaphrodite.

The female is the one that reproduces after pollination.

When ripe, papaya fruits is yellow or green on the outside and has a sweet taste and melts in your mouth.

However, the unripe papaya is very bitter, and one can’t stand to eat it.

Does Papaya smell like vomit?

Papaya fruits are known to smell like vomit since it contains enzymes called papain, similar to human digestive enzymes.

Papain has a strong odour, but this does not affect the taste.

The enzymes are known to help in the digestion of food in the body.

The smell, however, is not noticeable to everyone, while others will sense the smell from afar.

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Does papaya taste like vomit?

No, papaya does not taste like vomit.

Papaya taste is similar to an exotic mango or cantaloupe melons.

It is a sweet taste but not very powerful. When ripe, they have a buttery texture, and when put in the mouth, it quickly melts.

However, the unripe papaya is seen to have a bitter taste.

Their odour is powerful, and one is not able to withstand it. The unripe papaya is one used in Asian cuisine as a recipe.

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What does papaya smell like?

The smell of papaya is not very pleasant since it smells like vomit.

The papain enzyme is responsible for the smell and does not reflect the test.

As a new person, the smell might make you feel disgusted and prevent you from eating the sweet fruit.

However, you can mask the smell while making smoothies by the use of lime.

The papaya will add a sweet taste, and it will be worthwhile.

How to eat a papaya

There are various types of papaya; some are green while others have are yellow.

The inside part of the fruit usually is salmon pink or orange. They are seed inside the fruit.

Eating the papaya is you cut it in half, remove the seed by using a spoon, and eat the inner part.

The sweet part will be the inner part, and you can use a spoon to eat it or peel it off.

Both the green and yellow papaya will have a mouth-watering green taste that will change your view of the fruit.

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What does a papaya salad taste like?

The papaya salad is seen to be smooth and sweet.

They are mouth-watering and lack the papaya odour in it. For green papaya or unripe papaya, they often go well with shrimp or meat.

They have a crunchy taste, and a little sweetness is added to it.

So, What Does Papaya Taste Like?

The fruit is sweet but has an odour that is caused by the papain enzyme that some people think smells like vomit. 

Papaya is one of the best fruits. It contains a lot of nutrients and health benefits to the human body and when eaten.

So don’t be afraid to try it, it’s particularly delicious when used raw in a Thai spicy Papaya salad.