Trim Healthy Mama: Breakfast Ideas

Ahh… breakfast – the most important meal of the day!

And, if you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama plan, it’s a super simple meal to ‘THM’-ify!

Best of all, it’s the easiest meal to plan without resorting to a bunch of specialty ingredients.

Just remember to toss the ‘white bread’ products and keep your carbs separate from your fats (like that yummy bacon and eggs!). Add in a few fuel pull breakfast ideas and you’ve got a list of go-to breakfasts that will be perfect for your morning.

To make things even easier, I have a printable list of meal ideas – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! Scroll to the bottom of this post to grab your copy.

15 Trim Healthy Mama Breakfast Ideas

So, what do I consider a ‘not special ingredient’? If it’s something I can easily find at my local grocery store or Walmart then I figure you can easily find it too.

And, since breakfast foods are fairly similar it’s pretty easy to create a healthy breakfast – just by changing a few of your usual foods and the way you combine them.

Below I’ve divided the breakfast ideas between Fuel Pull, Energizing, and Satisfying and see the book for more information on these fuel sources and appropriate ingredients).

If you choose 1 or 2 ideas from each section you will be all set – just keep ingredients on hand for those meals and your Trim Healthy Mama way of life will eventually become a habit.

5 Fuel Pull Breakfast Ideas

These 5 fuel pull breakfasts are perfect for those days you are doing plenty of running around, exercising and heading to the gym. These will give you a boost in your day, full you up but not make you feel waited down or heavy.

1. Fuel Pull Oatmeal

Oats contain phytates, which prevents your body from absorbing minerals. But when you soak oats overnight, those phytates break down, allowing more mineral absorption and easier digestion.

Soak your oats overnight and top with things like dried berries, nuts, protein powder, or peanut butter for an instant hit of nutrition. 

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2. Mix & Match Smoothie

Smoothies are wonderful because you really can add anything you like. From fruits and veggies to oats, to yogurt. You could make a different smoothie every day of the week and never get bored.

The best part of smoothies is the way that you can use them to fill gaps in your diet. If you struggle to get enough protein throughout the day, add some protein powder to your smoothie! If you want to get more leafy greens in, add a handful of spinach. There is endless versatility with smoothies. 

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3. Berries and Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt and berries is a wonderful breakfast that will help you get plenty of nutrients and probiotics first thing in the morning.

Roughly 25% of the calories come from protein to help you feel full and satisfied all morning. You could also add honey, nuts, or chia seeds of a little extra goodness. 

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4. Scrambled Egg Whites With Non-Starchy Veggies

Egg whites are almost entirely protein, and they are a great, low-calorie way to pack in the protein at breakfast time.

Non-starchy vegetables such as mushrooms, capsicum, or broccoli can provide loads of flavor, as well as some great vitamins and minerals, without as many hard-to-digest starches as vegetables like potatoes, which can leave you feeling lethargic.

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5. Cottage Berry Whip

Cottage berry whip feels like a decadent dessert while containing a healthy serving of fats and proteins to fill your stomach.

It’s as simple as blending cottage cheese, fresh or frozen berries, and your choice of sweetener, so you can make this in the morning in less than 5 minutes.

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5 Energizing Breakfast Ideas

These are 5 energizing breakfast ideas, perfect for those days you need a good breakfast to give you energy to have a productive day.

1. Trim Healthy Mama Pancakes

Pancakes are a favorite for adults and kids alike, and this healthy pancake recipe will be a smash hit with the whole family.

These also keep well in the fridge, so you can make them in bulk for a quick grab-and-go breakfast. You can also top them with berries, yoghurt, or whatever healthy topping you fancy for an easy breakfast that’s full of flavour. 

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2. Oatmeal

Healthy Mama’s energizing oatmeal recipe is soaked overnight, similar to the Fuel Pull version, except that it’s a larger portion, and the water to oats ratio is different.

Energizing oatmeal is perfect for those days when you need fuel for a big day, and you can add whatever healthy toppings you like to add to make it extra flavourful. 

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3. Sprouted Grain Toast With All-Fruit Jam

Sprouted fruit bread is a great bread alternative because it’s easier to digest, and the minerals present are easier to absorb.

All-fruit jam is a great topping because it’s full of great vitamins from fruit, without all the sugar that comes in regular jam. Put them together, and you get a filling, healthy breakfast full of goodness.

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4. Greek yogurt, Berries, and Granola

Greek yogurt, berries, and granola together serve up macronutrients in perfect proportions for a meal that will give you plenty of energy to face any day.

Yogurt is also packed with probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut, and berries are full of antioxidants and vitamins. 

Read how to make Greek yogurt, Berries, and Granola by Brianna Thomas

5. Sourdough French Toast and Canadian Bacon

Aside from being delicious, sourdough is also high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate, Niacin, and antioxidants.

When you make french toast, you are adding all of the health benefits of eggs, and creating a nutritionally well-rounded meal. Adding Canadian bacon, which has less fat and fewer calories than regular bacon, is the perfect accompaniment, and makes for a scrumptious meal. 

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5 Satisfying Breakfast Ideas

These are 5 satisfying breakfast ideas that are easy to make and do that fit well with the Trim Healthy Mama recipes.

1. Eggs and Bacon or Sausage

Eggs are a great little package, with a ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and protein that will keep you full all day long.

You can cook the eggs whatever way you prefer, and add either bacon or sausages. Just make sure that the meat you buy is good quality, and free from excessive preservatives. 

Read how to make Eggs and Bacon or Sausage by The Spruce Eats

2. Cheese & Vegetable Omelet

For a filling breakfast that takes no time to make, you can’t go past an omelet. Add cheese and non-starchy vegetables for a meal full of protein and good vitamins.

Make sure you make your omelet with a higher proportion of egg whites than egg yolks to bring the protein level up, and the calories down. 

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3. Crustless Quiche

Crustless quiche is not only healthier, but it also saves the time and faff of having to make dough. Quiche is also great for making use of any leftover veggies or meats because pretty much everything tastes great in a quiche.

Plus, you can cut it into slices and freeze them so don’t have to deal with making breakfast on busy mornings.  

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4. Nut-Based Granola and Greek Yogurt

Nut based granola is high in healthy fats, which will help keep you full and fuel your brain and your body all day long.

If your granola includes dried fruits or oats, you can get even more nutritional goodness. Pair that with Greek yogurt for a dose of probiotics, and you’ll be energized for hours. 

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5. Mix & Match Smoothie

To make a mix and match smoothie that keeps you full for hours, you can add oats, yogurt, avocado, dates, or other sources of healthy fats and proteins.

You can also swap the liquid from water to milk, non-dairy milk, or juice. The sky is the limit with smoothies, and if you add heavier ingredients you’ll feel good all day long. 

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As you can see, eating the Trim Healthy Mama way for breakfast doesn’t require a huge change. Pick one or two go-to breakfasts from each category, keep your kitchen stocked with the necessary ingredients, and you’ll create healthy habits for success!