My NutriBullet Stopped Working – What Is Wrong With It?

If you love working out as I do, you probably begin your day with a healthy drink or a smoothie that you make using your NutriBullet.

As always, you wake up early in the morning, mix your ingredients and start up your NutriBullet. Only to find out it’s not working.

What could the problem be?

What made your NutriBullet stop working?

4 reasons that can make your NutriBullet stop working

  • If you notice the blender is not spinning, it can result from the NutriBullet being unplugged or exposed wiring.
  • If the blades are not cutting, you probably might have overfilled your NutriBullet cup or the blades are dulled or food debris is jamming up the blades.
  • If your NutriBullet is leaking, it’s probably cracked, the rubber seal to the extractor blade’s may be destroyed or maybe you dint close the cup to the extractor firmly.
  • If your NutriBullet is not powering on, maybe the cup tab is broken, or the NutriBullet is unplugged or the blender code is spoilt.

How to fix a jammed NutriBullet

I can imagine the frustration that you might be going through as a result of a jammed NutriBullet.

I have been in that position once and trust me, its very frustrating.

Your NutriBullet is jammed up and you have no idea of where to begin from fixing it. jamming mostly happens between the container jar and the latch, which becomes stuck.

You can try fixing it yourself by looking out for NutriBullet’s plastic activators. They are usually white levers.

The activators should move down the moment you press on them.

You can try this out. If they don’t budge immediately, take some cooking oil or vinegar and hot water.

Moisten the plastic activators slightly and allow the mixture to soak for a few minutes.

By now, you should be in a position to press on the NutriBullet’s activators without a problem.

If you are still experiencing trouble with your NutriBullet, then it’s time you contact NutriBullet Support. You might require new activators.

Is your NutriBullet blinking?

NutriBullets have power lights that indicate the devices have problems.

For instance, if some blender parts are misaligned and the NutriBullet can’t be operated safely, the power light will blink at you.

I advise you never to ignore the blinking power lights as they indicate a problem with the NutriBullet. Check to ensure you have the correct cups and that everything is well-aligned.

If the light doesn’t turn off, contact the NutriBullet support for troubleshooting.

Fixing Your Broken Nutribullet

From my experience, NutriBullets are awesome blenders. However, they are prone to problems.

The blender can fail while you are mixing food, the blades can become dull or stop working or the rubber seals might break every time.

You can repair most of these problems on your own. So good luck in fixing your NutriBullet and getting it running.