Is a Range Cooker Worth Buying – Here’s What You Need To Know

Having the best appliances in your kitchen is important since you are likely in your kitchen cooking every day. And, if you have a big family or like to cook for guests, you want to have something easy to use that gives you a lot of cooking options and space. 

A range cooker is an oven and hob combination that is not built into your walls or counters. They tend to be bigger than other cooking appliances, but they also offer more great features for frequent cooks. They also have larger and sometimes multiple ovens for cooking larger meals.

If you have a large family, or you often have guests over for dinner, you will likely find that having a range cooker will undoubtedly make your life easier. It will allow you to cook your food in an organized and stress-free way, all the while offering you plenty of options for cooking styles. 

In fact, lots of people who work in professional kitchens love range cookers for the simple fact that they make their lives easier. It is much more convenient and enjoyable to cook when you have an appliance that will do everything you want it to – and if you can make multiple dishes at once without any added hassle, that’s a bonus, too. 

While they are bigger traditional cookers, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages if you have the space in your kitchen to add a range cooker. The fact that range cookers are larger than other conventional ovens just means you have more space to cook, and more room in your kitchen for other things. 

This article explains what a range cooker is and how they differ from other normal cookers. Then, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of range cookers and whether or not they are expensive. Finally, we detail some range cooker alternatives and determine whether or not range cookers are worth buying.

What Is a Range Cooker?

A range cooker is a kitchen appliance that combines an oven and a hob. Having these two kitchen necessities combined into one is useful because it saves space, makes it easier to cook when you are using both of them, and they are in the same spot. 

These cookers are often found in professional kitchens and are great for frequent cooks since they offer many cooking features.

Range cookers tend to be bigger than other types of oven appliances partly because they combine the oven and the hob. They are also larger because they offer more features than standard ovens. 

Range cookers have more cooking settings and heating features and have options to quickly cook certain types of food. Your range cooker may also come with multiple ovens, a large hob, and sometimes even a grill. 

Range cookers also tend to look nicer, and they are used in fancier kitchens since they have so many features that chefs appreciate. If you want to get a range cooker in your kitchen, you should have no problem finding a color and style that matches your kitchen aesthetic. 

Range cookers also have good storage space, which makes up for any cabinet space you may lose from the size of the range cookers. 

What Is the Difference Between a Normal Cooker & a Range Cooker?

Now that you know what a range cooker is, You may be wondering what the difference between a normal cooker and a range cooker is. Normal cookers and range cookers both cook food, but there are a few differences in what you can do with a range cooker and a normal cooker.

The biggest difference between a normal cooker and a range cooker is that a normal cooker does not have a stovetop component. A normal cooker only has the oven part and goes into the wall, whereas a range cooker has a stovetop component. 

The stovetop component means it has to go in line with the countertops since the stove part needs to be clear and accessible. 

The benefit of having a normal cooker over a range cooker is that you can save space with a normal cooker because cabinets can surround it. And it does not take up counter space because it does not have a stovetop.

Furthermore, normal cookers tend to be smaller than range cookers in two ways. First, the oven area tends to be smaller since it fits into the wall and has to go in line with cabinets. You can usually only fit one dish into a normal cooker at one time which can slow down the cooking process if you tend to cook bigger meals or meals with multiple parts.

The second way the sizes differ between normal and range cookers is that sometimes range cookers have multiple ovens. So even if one of them is the same size as an oven that you would find on a normal cooker, you will have one or two other ones that you can use to cook other dishes simultaneously. 

Using multiple ovens makes it so that you do not have to extend your cooking time since you do not have enough oven space. 

Advantages of a Range Cooker

Range cookers have a lot of advantages over other types of ovens and hobs. Not only do they combine these two kitchen appliances to save you space, but they sometimes have other cooking options like a grill so you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. 

If you often cook for many people, if you have company over for dinner parties, or you have a big family, having more space to cook more food is a great feature of range cookers.

They also save space because they come with more storage for your pots and pans, and it is convenient to store these items right by the range cooker where you use them. Additionally, having the hob on top of the oven gives you more space in your kitchen, freeing up countertops.

Another advantage of having a range cooker in your kitchen Is that you do not have to worry about finding a separate oven, hob, and grill that all fit in your kitchen, since all of these components are combined into one.

Finally, range cookers are not built into the wall or cabinets like some other types of ovens and stoves. So if you want to rearrange your kitchen or move, you do not have to sacrifice your range cooker to do so. 

Disadvantages of a Range Cooker

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of having a range cooker in your kitchen. One of these disadvantages is that range cookers are quite big, especially compared to other options for ovens and hobs. If you have a small kitchen, you may have trouble finding a range cooker that will fit your space.

Even the smallest range cookers tend to be between 70 and 90 centimeters (27.55 and 35.43 inches) wide. So if you do not have at least that much space in your kitchen to add a range cooker, you will have difficulty finding one unless you want to find a custom range cooker that could be more expensive than buying one. 

Additionally, having a smaller range cooker likely means that you will have to sacrifice some of the features that make a range cooker as beneficial as they are.

Furthermore, range cookers tend to be more expensive compared to other cookers. We will go into more detail in the next section, but the cost might deter some people from adding one to their kitchen.

Although range cookers do have a few disadvantages, if you have a big enough kitchen, they are still top-quality cookers compared to many other ovens and hobs.

Are Range Cookers Expensive?

Range cookers are expensive compared to other kitchen appliances. This is because they combine multiple cooking options into one appliance. Instead of paying for a separate oven, hob, and grill, you get them all together. 

While range cookers may seem expensive compared to other cooking appliances, they come in a wide variety of prices. The price varies depending on how big you want your range cooker and what kind of features it comes with. 

The larger the range cooker, the more features it tends to come with and the more cooking space it usually has. These large-range cookers are more expensive than the smaller ones, but that is because of how much more cooking space you have. 

If you are on a budget, you can still find a nice range cooker with basic benefits, like a hob with multiple heating options and an oven larger than that of a normal cooker.

You will also pay more for range cookers that are more durable or have a nicer look. If you want a specific look from your range cooker or know that you will use it a lot to cook large meals, paying for a nicer, bigger one is worth it. You do not have to pay too much if you are not picky about which kind of range cooker you have.

Range Cooker Alternatives

If you do not think you need a range cooker in your kitchen, there are some alternatives. Some alternatives to range cookers are not quite as big, and they usually do not have as many features as a range cooker. So if you are looking for a cooker and these are not your priorities, you should try one of these alternatives.

One alternative to a range cooker is a built-in oven. Built-in ovens are nice because you do not have to sacrifice counter space to have them since they go into the wall with your cabinets. A built-in oven will sit snugly within your cabinets and won’t be in your way if you have a small kitchen, or if you don’t want your oven to be center stage.

Built-in ovens do not tend to be as flashy as a range cooker, so they are a great option if you want something more subtle. They can also be built into the wall higher instead of sitting on the ground like a range cooker which might be easier for some people. 

Another alternative to a range cooker if you want something even smaller is to get a toaster oven. Toaster ovens are compact, and they sit on top of your counter and plug into the wall. They have significantly less cooking space than a range cooker or a built-in oven, but you can store it away to keep your kitchen looking tidier and your countertops clear when you are not using it.

Finally, you can get the countertop hob if you do not need an oven, but you need a hob. Having a hob that sits on your countertop or is built into your counters is nice because you do not have to sacrifice any of the cabinet space to install it as you do with the built-in oven mentioned above.

Are Range Cookers Worth Buying?

As long as you have the space in your kitchen, a range cooker is worth buying. If you have a small kitchen, you should consider the alternatives to range cookers that we previously discussed. 

Range cookers are worth buying because they have many options for how much you can cook. Range cookers come with many options to help you cook your food, such as quick-cook options, larger heating ranges, and different ways to cook your food that you will not find on normal cookers.

With all these added options, you may find that you are cooking more and adding some variety to your cooking. You will also have a lot of cooking space to cook big meals without having to plan out which dish can go in the oven and when. 

Being able to put every dish into your range cooker simultaneously, thanks to all the space, will save you cooking time. Being able to cook more food faster will also help you appreciate cooking and not see it as a chore.

Finally, a range cooker is worth buying if you want to add some style to your kitchen. Range cookers come in various styles and colors to fit the look you are going for in your kitchen. Having so many options is great, especially if you renovate your kitchen and want a specific style.

Now that you know why range cookers are worth buying, you may need help finding the best one for you and your kitchen. This is a personal choice, and you will find that there are many add-ons and color choices available to choose from.

Check out this YouTube video from Consumer Reports which explains the key features you need to consider when buying a range cooker and how to choose the right one.