How To Use A Wusthof Manual Knife Sharpener

When doing your daily tasks with your knives, extra force may be required to cut. All you need is to make your blade sharp using a knife sharpener.

The Wusthof knife sharpeners are made with high quality as well as their knives. In the kitchen, it is essential to have sharp knives.

Your blades are maintained easily and fast when you use a sharpener

. To make your Wusthof knife effective and Sharp, you need to follow some instructions.

Steps To Follow When Using a Wusthof Handheld Knife Sharpener

1. Place the sharpener on the counter

You need to find a sturdy surface to place your sharpener.

The sharpener should be placed at an angle that is comfortable due to the movement of the knife.

A cutting board or counter is the best option to place your sharpener as it is not appropriate to use it in a midair position.

Safety and stability are vital factors that you will ensure when the knife sharpener is placed on the counter.

2. Hold your Knife in your dominant hand

To be safe, you need to ensure that your knife is in the dominant hand. Even though the knife sharpener is easy to use, your knife’s grip needs to be confident.

The handle of the tool should be on your non-dominant hand.

The position of holding your knife should be as if you are cutting through the tool.

3. Align your knife with sharpener blades

A proper position of your knife is needed once your grip on the sharpener and the knife is good.

The valley is created by two intersecting blades in the sharpener.

The blade of your knife should lie straight in the valley.

Your knife will be sharpened wrongly if the edge is passed through the sharpener at the wrong angle.

This kind of sharpener has the correct angle set correctly; hence you need not worry.

4. Slide your knife through the blades

After aligning your knife with a sharpener, you will be ready. Even though you are prepared to sharpen, you need to follow two easy instructions.

Apply slight pressure and sharpen only in one direction are the two simple guidelines.

You will damage your blade if you sharpen your knife while sawing back and forth. You need to put some pressure on some lighter knives, although heavy ones have enough weight to sharpen them effectively.

5. Repeat until the knife is sharp

You will be required to slide the knife a few more times to sharpen the blade sharp enough.

Three to four times are the recommended swipe you need to slide your knife through the sharpener.

The dullness of your blade may determine the swipe; hence they may be fewer or more.

The Wusthof knife sharpener has two sides: coarse and fine. The coarse side is used to reset the blade if the knife is dull.

After resetting the edge, you then finish with the fine side. The fine side may be used for routine sharpening.

Can You Use a Wusthof Knife Sharpener on Other Knife?

Yes, other knives can be sharpened using the Wusthof sharpener, although caution needs to be observed.

The steel of the knife should be lighter than the steel blades in the sharpener.

Because of that reason, you will not have any issues with sharpening your knife if the edges are softer than the sharpener.

It is advisable to use sharpeners with blades of the same brand; hence it is safer.

What is the angle for sharpening knives?

When you use the Wusthof handheld knife sharpener, you need to maintain a 90 degrees angle.

Holding the knife outside the angle, you will only make your knife dull and also damage it.

Depending on the Wusthof knife sharpener you are using, it has its specific angle; hence you need not go outside the angle.

How to keep your Wusthof knife sharp

You need to do some things to maintain your Wusthof knife-sharp even though it has excellent edge retention.

After several uses, you need to swipe the blade through the fine side of the sharpener to maintain the knife’s sharpness.

To keep your knife sharp, you may use the honing rod even though it does not sharpen it.

The honing rod will realign the blade hence keeping the edges sharp for a long time.

How To Use A Wusthof Manual Knife Sharpener

When cutting items with dull knives, you will be required to exert more energy which may be tiresome; hence it is vital to have sharp ones.

You may also get hurt while exerting the pressure.

You may also cut items at undesired angles with a dull knife. To make it easy, you need to have a Wusthof knife sharpener to make it easy to sharpen and maintain your blades.