How to Sharpen A Bread Knife (In 3 Simple Steps)

Spending time in the kitchen is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences I have encountered.

Making people happy through cooking is my all-time favourite virtue. That is why I love helping when it comes to kitchen activities.

Dealing with kitchen tools is a lot of different experience that you should master. A bread knife is one of the vital kitchen tools (and a sharp carving knife too).

The primary use of a serrated bread knife is to slice bread.

However, some cooks misuse bread knives when other kitchen knives have dulled beyond utility and when sharpening isn’t happening.

A serrated bread knife should be for bread only!

That said, a bread knife can be dull. While the serrated structure may intimidate many to avoid sharpening, bread knives need to be sharp before using.

The key to having a sharp bread knife is maintenance. You can sharpen your bread knife in several ways, and all depend on your preference and choice.

Below are some of the most common methods of sharpening bread knives.

Using ceramic sharpening rod

This is the best option for people who prefer an inexpensive sharpening approach.

However, you need to put more effort when using a ceramic rod, but you will love the outcome.

The ceramic rod is more rigid than steel and uses 1000 fine grit.

To use this sharpening tool, you need to follow the below steps to achieve the required sharpness.

Step 1: The knife should be positioned away from you for protection.

Step 2: Pass the ceramic rod through each serration individually.

Step 3: Using long strokes, you need to pull the rod instead of using a down and up motion. You can use a leather strop to get rid of burrs by passing your knife over it.

Using the tool and knife sharpener

This is the easiest and quickest way to sharpen your bread knife. Knife and tool work well when your bread knife is not too dull.

However, it is the best quick-fix solution to provide a temporary sharpness. You can go for a 6000 grit belt to get a polished and sharper blade.

Steps involved in using the tool and knife sharpeners include:

Step 1: Read the tool and knife sharpener guide since different brands follow different methods. Also, check the type of bread knife in your kitchen to avoid alteration of the tool use.

Step 2: Install your 6000 grit belt on the sharpener.

Step 3: Let the knife’s non-serrated side go over the grit belt gently in a pulling motion.

Using electric bread knife sharpener

The electric knife sharpener is the most preferred and effective way to sharpen a bread knife.

The main reason behind its popularity, is the fact that this equipment is made with an in-built guide that makes sharpening more convenient and manageable.

However, it might not be economical to purchase it since it does not sharpen other knife types.

This sharpener uses finer grit to achieve a refined and polished blade. To use a bread knife sharpener, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Read, understand and follow the sharpening guide since some models have different sharpening techniques.

Step 2: Position your bread knife on the tool according to the guide. Pull your knife on both sides approximately 5 times through the sharpener. You should alternate sides as you draw out the knife to get a sharp and even blade.

A serrated bread knife was made primarily to cut the bread without losing the bread shape and form.

Using the above three methods step by step, you will be able to sharpen your bread knife and enjoy finely sliced bread in the morning.

Knives hold a special place in the kitchen as they play an essential role in meal preparation.

Therefore, sharpening should not be a debatable topic regardless of the knife type.

Sharpening bread knife comes differently, and all depend on the type you see as convenient. Sharpening your bread knife regularly will extend its useful life.

Knives are dishwasher safe (but are blenders?), especially bread knife but tossing them in water frequently can dull the blades quickly.

Too much water can loosen the handle. Clean your bread knife by hand!