How to Dispose of Old Knives Safely (In Five Simple Steps)

Are you planning to buy a new set of knives? Is your concern about how to dispose of your old knives safely?

You don’t have to worry. I was in such a predicament when one of my old knives broke beyond repair just as I was preparing my favorite beef stew.

Before I found myself in this situation, the effort to sharpen my old knife had become fruitless.

As a result, I found myself smashing my tomatoes instead of slicing them down to my ideal size.

That is why the decision to dispose of my knife was not an option for me.

I decided to google for better ways one can use to dispose of this kitchen equipment.

After successfully disposing of the knife, I found it necessary to share my finding.

This guide will share the five steps you can use to dispose of an old kitchen knife and why safe disposal is necessary.

Five steps to dispose of your old kitchen knives

Disposing of an old knife needs a lot of caution. Also, it is essential you be concerned about where you are disposing of your knife and who will handle it after you throw it away.

Although some people may prefer to hummer and dull the blade, the solution is not reliable in the long term.

That is why we recommend you follow and adhere to the following steps when disposing of your knife.

How To Dispose Of Kitchen Knives Safely

Step 1: Wrap it up

When you are preparing to dispose of your knife, look out for a bubble wrap or cardboard.

Then wrap the blade of your knife with either of the above material tightly.

However, if you do not have bubble wrap or cardboard, do not worry yourself as you can substitute with old newspapers.

Step 2: Use a tape

Using heavy-duty tape, secure your newspapers or cardboard around.

Step 3: Secure your knife in a box

Placing your wrapped knife in a box will prevent causing any occurrence of an accident on the person handling your trash.

Also, placing your disposed knife in a box protect your children and family from getting direct contact with the knife.

Step 4: A metal container is appropriate

It is advisable to place your wrapped knife in a metal container or puncture-proof plastic bag.

Ensure the lid is tightly fitting if you did not place your wrapped knife in a box during this process.

However, there are appropriate containers you can use, such as plastic milk, coffee cans, or bleach jugs.

Step 5: dispose of your container in the trash bin

After you are completely done with the above process, throw the box holding your wrapped knives in the trash bin.

When your waste collecting company picks your trash using a magnet, they will separate and extract any metallic object.

Why safe disposal is necessary

Nowadays, if you do not know, some laws govern the use of knives.

Most professional chefs who carry their knives when commuting to their workplace are aware of these laws.

This law exists to reduce any imminent danger that can cause major or minor injuries.

Furthermore, if you throw your knives directly in your garbage, chances are they will cut through the trash bags and cause severe damage to the personnel who will be handling the trash.

Nonetheless, it is also good to think about stray animals such as dogs, birds, and cats that depend on trash bags for their meals.

Leaving knives open risks harming these animals.

Please Dispose Of Your Knives Safely

Although most quality knives last for a lifetime, there are many reasons why you may need to dispose of your knife.

Whatever the case, never dispose of a knife straight in your trash.

Just adhere to the above steps, and you will minimize any imminent danger that may arise when knives are thrown directly into the trash bags.