How to Clean a Juicer Machine?

I enjoy making my juice at home as it is inexpensive, and I can make whatever I want at any time of the day.

Consequently, my love for juicing is balanced with my hatred of cleaning my juicer afterward.

But I cannot fail to appreciate the importance of making your juice at home.

It helps in detoxification, weight loss, improves digestion, and boosts immunity.

Luckily, I came across one of the fastest and the best ways of cleaning my juicer, and I want to share it with you so that you can also enjoy making juice at home anytime you want even if you’re a beginner juicer.

Here are the tips…

Steps by Step Instructions on How to Clean Your Juicer

Step 1; Unplug Your Juicer

You cannot wash your juicer while it is plugged in. It is very dangerous as it can cause electrocution or cuts on your hands.

Step 2; Detach the Components One by One

Many juicers have removable components, while some don’t.

If your juicer has removable parts, disassemble them to reach all the tricky parts that might be hiding dirt.

If you do not know how to separate each piece, use the manufacturer’s manual. It will help.

Step 3; Get rid of the pulp

Your juicer has a section that catches all the unwanted pulp while juicing (this can be an issue when juicing oranges). Remove it and empty the bin.

You can use a spatula to remove anything that sticks then clean to ensure no build-up occurs. If it is slimy, use vinegar or salt to clean.

Step 4; Rinse Each Part of the Device with Running Water

After removing the parts, use running water to rinse the juicer thoroughly. If it is too dirty, use mild dish soap in the cleaning process.

Step 5; Use A Brush to Clean the Parts

There are some parts where your fingers may fail to reach. Use a brush to clean those parts. A toothbrush can work well or a nail brush.

Step 6; You Can Soak the Parts for Better Cleaning

If you are too lazy to wash your juicer, you can start by socking it to loosen the grime. You can then use your soft brush or cloth to complete the process.

Step 7; Wipe Your Juicer Carefully

After your done washing your juicer, use a soft cloth to remove the excess water. Ensure you run it through the entire machine.

Step 8; Dry the Juicer

Place your juicer on your kitchen rack to ensure all the parts are well dried.

Step 9; Reassemble it Back.

Once all the parts are dried, reassemble the juicer one by one carefully to avoid cracking or breaking your liquidizer.

Step 10; Begin Juicing Again

Now that the cleaning process is out of your way, you can start juicing again and enjoy your juice.

If you’re juicing leafy greens and green vegetables this is probably the best juicer for greens.

Why Is It Important to Clean your Juicer?

If you are a fan of juicing, you will probably need to make juice several times a week (try celery juice if you haven’t before and this is definitely the best celery juicer here).

This is why it is essential to clean your juicer to have it ready anytime you need it.

I prefer washing my juicer immediately after making my juice to avoid build-up as if left it can stain your juicer, leave a bad smell, and impact the flavours of future juices.

The above steps should help you get done with the cleaning process in less than a minute.