How Long It Takes To Ignite A Traeger Grill

Traeger grills like many other grills still need to be preheated and ignited to make them ready to cook. Much like any other cooking appliance Traeger grills need time to heat up and need to be ignited to work.

There are many factors that determine the ignition time of a Traeger grill from the size and shape. However, It takes 4 to 5 minutes for a proper functional Traeger grill to ignite. This is due to the time it takes smoke to set. 

In this article, I will be talking about how long it takes to ignite a Traeger grill, how to do it and how easy it is to do.

How Long Does It Take To Ignite A Traeger Grill?

So many factors determine the ignition time of a Traeger grill from the size and shape. However, It takes 4 to 5 minutes for a proper functional Traeger grill to ignite. This is due to the time it takes smoke to set. 

It is pertinent to note that many factors determine the average ignition time of a Traeger grill, the common ones are weather conditions and grill type (as Traeger grills come in different models). During extreme weather conditions(e.g cold), it takes more time to get to the setpoint or ignite, 10 to 15 mins isn’t off the mark.

Although if you set the grill’s temperature to be higher than the normal set point, it might overshoot. 

Additionally, Traeger grill models vary, this also comes to play when it comes to the ignition time. The two distinct types are open lid start-up grill and closed lid start-up grill, each Traeger grill model falls under any of the aforementioned grill types. 

If your Traeger grill is the open lid startup model, it will take 4 to 6 minutes for the fire to establish, if set to the recommended temperature, if the setpoint temperature is low, the ignition time will be longer, likewise, if you are out camping or simply having a timeout with friends, wind or related weather condition can affect its ignition time.  

The closed-lid startups take a little longer, approximately 10 to 15 mins to ignite. Also, if the igniter is modified inappropriately, the ignition time may be extended. 

Is It Easy To Ignite A Traeger Grill?

Even though the Traeger grill model varies, they are all easy to ignite. Whether you are a beginner in the grill and barbeque niche or an advanced chef, the ignition process of a Traeger grill is simple. Just follow the instructional sheet to set them at the appropriate temperature for preheating and you are good to go. 

The closed lid startup and open lid start-up are relatively simple to ignite. 

Although, it is important to take note of the fan sound, so you can distinguish between the flame and other operational sounds to enable you to know if your grill is functioning properly. Adjusting temperatures before ignition is also a straightforward process,  as the automated built of the grill performs adequately at stabilizing the temperature.

With these features, there is no need for an expert operator to ignite your grill. 

The electronic-powered nature of the Traeger grill is easy for both newbies and advanced users to get a hang of. The operational process is easy, as the automation system performs adequately. Most of the grills come with a power switch to get ignited, less manual effort is involved.

Generally, it is a simple process, just plug it into a regular electrical outlet, and power it on. 

How Long Should A Traeger Grill Take To Ignite?

Two to five minutes should be ideal, but with internal and external factors that come into play for some Traeger grill models, it should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes. 

Do note that for some models, it takes time for the auger to push the pellets while the fan circulates, this can extend the time of fire ignition in some cases. 

Although for some models, even with a properly primed auger, it takes up to 15 minutes for the grill to ignite. One can also try testing another method by setting the temperature low, this enables the grill to startup gradually (apply caution). 

If the weather is extremely cold, and the grill is utilized outdoors, the cold temperature can cause the grill to ignite after a long time or overshoot upon ignition.  To achieve a stable time frame during grill ignition, try setting it on an average temperature following your instructional sheet that came with the grill.

Also, if you just got a new Traeger grill, it should take 6 to 10 minutes for it to ignite, this is due to the electrical automated framework it operates with. 

How To Ignite A Traeger Grill

While most Traeger grill models have the same ignition process. Endeavor to read the instruction sheet that comes with the Traeger grill or check online using your model number. 

Due to its electrical features, it is important you put off the power switch before you plug in the grill.

For general ignition tips, read through our clear and concise instructions below: 

Prime your auger tube with pellets and ensure the hopper has sufficient pellets also. Before filling wood pellets, check Traeger’s recommendation for your model firepot cause pellet stoves differs in size, so fill accordingly. 

Next, clean up the temperature probe and turn the main switch on. Now open the grill lid and turn on the power switch including the grill. Within 4 to 6 minutes the fire would have established, with a sound change in the engine area. Close the lid, check the appropriate temperature to set in your model and that’s it. 

Note: New models ignite faster, so pay attention and be properly guided, endeavor to close it faster as it has an advanced grilling technique. 

For Specific Traeger Grills: Closed lid startups and open lid startups, the ignition process is related with minor differences examined below. 

For closed-lid startups, set your temperature and preheat closed for 15 minutes. While the open lid startup requires the lid to open till you hear the fan running and smoke setting, it will take approximately 5 minutes for it to ignite. 

Remember, always unplug electric grills when not in use to avoid turning them on accidentally.