Electric Kettle vs Stove Kettle – Which Is Better?

There are two different power sources for kettles, electricity from a power outlet and gas or electricity from a stove. However, have you ever stopped to consider which appliance might be better for your needs?

I believe an electric kettle is better than a stovetop kettle as it is safer, easy to use and portable. However, a stovetop kettle may be preferable for those who don’t have much counter space and don’t plan to use the appliance regularly.

In this post I’ve broken down how both an electric and a stovetop kettle works as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each appliances so you can make your own mind up about which power source might be preferable for your new kettle.

Of course, the power source isn’t the only thing you might want to consider when purchasing a kettle. You’ll also want to think about the material the kettle is made from (often a more significant factor in electric powered kettles than stovetop kettles).

How An Electric Kettle Works?

Electric kettles are supplied with electricity which powers a heating element situated inside the kettle (where the water goes). This heating element is known as a resister and resists the flow of electricity.

Inside the resistor, the electricity is turned to heat which in turn heats up the water inside the kettle. The majority of electric kettles then have a thermostat inside which triggers the power transmitting to the kettle to be disconnected when the water inside reaches a certain temperature.

Benefits Of An Electric Kettle

The advantages or benefits of using an electric kettle include;

Energy Efficient – It costs around $0.02 in electricity to boil a full electric kettle. This is significantly less than the amount and cost of electricity (or gas) it costs to boil water using a stovetop kettle.

Safe – An electric kettle is a relatively safe appliance. While all kitchen appliances come with some risk, the auto shut off of power when the water inside reaches a certain temperature prevents the water from causing too much damage.

Portable – Electric kettles are small and can be plugged into any electrical wall outlet making them the perfect kitchen appliance to take with you when in a hotel or an RV.

Variety – There are multiple different designs and materials which kettles are made from which makes finding one that suits your taste and the design of your kitchen relatively easy.

Easy To Use – Once plugged in you simply need to flick a switch to allow for the power to transmit from the wall socket into the appliance.

Once the kettle has boiled the power will stop and the on button will likely click into an off position. From there all you need to do is pour your boiling water into a cup or pot.

Affordable – Despite the lack of versatility an electric kettle is a relatively affordable kitchen appliance which can be purchased for as little as $10.

Fast – Electric kettles boil water much faster than a stovetop kettle. This contributes to the electric kettles ability to be more affordable to run and of course, provides you with the ability to have a hot drink or hot meal much quicker than boiling water from a stovetop kettle.

Drawbacks Of An Electric Kettle

Lack of Versatility – An electric kettle is designed to do one thing and one thing only and that is boil water.

While they are a relatively small and affordable appliance they still take up space on your countertop which could be problematic if they are not an appliance you use often.

Best Electric Kettle

Here are some of my favourite electric kettles available on the market right now;

Pohl SchmittThis 1.7-litre kettle is made from glass and stainless steel. The kettle has rave reviews, is incredibly affordable and even has internal LED lighting for that extra dash of style.

MirocoThis 1.5-litre electric kettle comes in a sleek black design and is double-wall insulated to help keep your boiling water hotter for longer.

KRUPSThis 1.7-litre sleek black smart kettle isn’t the cheapest on the market. However, it comes with a wide range of additional features, perfect for those who love electronic gadgets.

How A Stovetop Kettle Works?

A stovetop kettle is a more traditional kettle found in America. The kettle works by sitting on top of a gas or electric-powered stove and boiling the water through the metal element underneath onto the water inside the pan.

Prior to the introduction of electric kettles in the late 1890s, this was the only way water would be boiled. Although instead of a stove the pan of water would often sit on top of a fire.

Benefits Of A Stovetop Kettle

Affordable – A stovetop kettle has no electric components and is therefore often more affordable than an electric kettle.

Durability – A stovetop kettle is more durable again it’s almost impossible to break as there’s no electric of power elements. Even if the pot becomes slightly dented it’s still relatively functional.

Suitable For All Conditions – Obviously, for an electric kettle to work you need electricity. However, for a stovetop kettle to work you only need some kind of flame, this could be from a gas stove or even a camping stove in the likes of a power outage.

Can Be Put Away – You can store your stovetop kettle in the cupboard when not being used, which is great if you enjoy clutter-free countertops in your kitchen.

Drawbacks Of A Stovetop Kettle

No Temp Cut Off – There’s no thermometer or power stoppage system situated inside a stovetop kettle which means the kettle should be monitored at all times to prevent excess boiling or the water overflowing.

Takes Longer – It takes longer to boil a kettle in a stovetop kettle when compared to an electric kettle which can lead to excess power consumption – and therefore additional costs.

Best Stovetop Kettles

Here are some of the best stovetop kettles on the market right now;

ChefbarThis 1.2-litre stainless steel stovetop kettle has a gooseneck design and is both stylish and affordable.

Le CreusetThis small stovetop kettle is designed and manufactured by the highly popular kitchen brand Le Creuset. They offer a range of different colours, but the quality comes at a price.

Mr Coffee CartertonThis stainless steel stovetop kettle is one of the most affordable of its kind on Amazon right now and comes with rave reviews.

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